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In the Find A Grave page for Ellen Quigley, my paternal g aunt, who married Closson Scott, my paternal cousin (I am genetically related to both the husband and the wife) her name is given "Mary Ellen Scott". In fact all census, Kansas City archdiocese, and family records indicate her name was Ellen and she was called "Ella". Her sister, my grandmother, was Mary Quigley. She also married a... Read more

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Neil D Scheidt  40,496 Memorials Added 40,409 Memorials Managed This guy makes so called memorials without birth/death dates, or a photo. He uses the same blank double stone photo for most of his memorials. He prefers to make memorials mostly for Revolutionary soldiers. It's a sick twisted game for him. He's trying to build an army of deceased veterans. He believes he is the only descendent of... Read more

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I saw most of my deceased family on Find A Grave...Memorials posted without the consent of my family. I looked up the contributors that generated these memorials... FJHansel, BJ Waters, Green Hills Stones Calling, and Donna Railsback-Braly...ALL OF WHICH HAVE NO RELATION TO MY FAMILY. APPARENTLY, this practice is encouraged by the administrators of this peculiar website. The family members do not... Read more

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My two and a half year old grandson was murdered in 2014. Sarah S.R. created a death record ONE DAY after it was discovered that he was murdered. Stop allowing these people to post what they think they know about murder victims. The least you can do is be sure there is no pending litigation regarding the deaths of people who are posted on your site. This person did nothing but pull information... Read more

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I have sent 2 more applications to parkview cemetery in liv. mich. and I dont get them shown after you send them in. why? what is the problem. You show me the new memorial and after I click on it. You show me all of my contributions including the ones i just sent. But when click on the cemetery they still tell me no on by that name is listed here! I'M really FRustrated over this. I have sent... Read more

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I had contacted them on a few occasions requesting that my fathers and grandfathers memorial be transferred to me and after months of time I still have not gotten a response. It states that you may request your ancestors of 4 generations to be transferred to you. Your parents and grandparents online memorial. Don't believe that. There is no contact phone number for a reason. And they do not... Read more

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It would be nice to see people who are well known in the neorologies. 2016 has started out with all unknowns. If you have to put unknowns in, do not put them in necrologies. People like Bob Hope, Natalie Cole, and Ronald Reagan, these people are well know everywhere, not just in one little home town USA or any other country. Necrologies should be used for just what it means, not a dog who died in... Read more

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I'm sick of the pop-ups on find a grave site.I can't do anything because of this( www.congratulations lottery) popping up and interrupting my searches. Please get them off so I can use your site to search for graves. Read more

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i filled out application for person and submited it. and you said you sent it. the cemetery has not accepted it. i was adding my former pastor rev. horace l petty who has been buried at parkview memorial gardens in livonia michigan in 1998. i filled out the application just likesay and submited it. you accepted it and submited it to the cemetery. I saw your submision but it has not been accepted... Read more

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I was unfairly and unjustly banned from Find A Grave (twice). While I was never a prolific contributor to the site I did add the following famous names: illustrator Charles Addams, author Robert Benchley, actress Joan Marshall and spy Sidney Reilly. Find A Grave often denied me credit due & refused to include photos to my submissions. Considering the amount of time & research I invested,... Read more

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