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My genealogy research started with findagrave and I am deeply grateful to the patient, wonderful folks who helped me during that time. There are still many users on the site with only good intentions of helping others. Having said that, in the past 5 years I'd say, there has been more unpleasant people making user experience dreadful. Some things I've seen : --A woman flipping out and harassing people for fulfilling photo requests and... Read more

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I have posted thousands of pages and all of my own familys. The thing I don't like is that the site isn't blocked from someone taking your photos and posting them all over without permission. Billion graves has it set up so no one can take the pictures. I don't care about the headstone photos, but my personal family pictures I believe it should be required for people to get permission. All of my pictures are all over Ancestry from people who... Read more

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Alma King's memorial (Find A Grave Memorial# 138185591 )shows a link to her supposed husband, Matthew Cole (1760-1810). However the person who posted the memorial included a notice from the Burlington Free Press, January 17, 1845: "Married ..on Wednesday evening last, Dr. Matthew Cole of Williston, to Miss Alma King, daughter of Dea. Lyman King, of this town." Alma King obviously married a different Matthew Cole but the creator of the memorial... Read more

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12:28PM Find A Grave - Face Book: Hello. I have enetered a new memorial and when I go to the, (next step) it is not working. I have back stepped on several occasions but nothing... Can you please help me with this? This is the link that I am trying to get to the next step. Thank you for your assistance. Glendy... Find A Grave - Millions of Cemetery Records and Online Memorials This... Read more

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There seem to be so many ads popping up, so I wonder if that is what is slowing the website and making it unresponsive. I can't type in data because it keeps stalling. Can Ancestry fix this or are they more concerned about having ads all over the screen? I pay no attention to the ads so stop the overload!!!! It is very discouraging to use the site, especially since it was people like us that built the data base. Now Ancestry is making money... Read more

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When I first started to use Find a Grave it was free, then Ancestry bought it, now they are charging & you have to use Ancestry. I am 85 yrs old & don't have that kind of money but used to see how many of my family was still alive so I could get in touch w them, now that is gone any way to take a persons money thank you. I am a person of little words but here goes. please bring back a site where a person can find a grave so a of my means can... Read more

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I have tried to add my father's name (125461965) to my sister's memorial (59096098). It is currently in pending status and has been for several weeks. How long does an edit remain in pending status before it is finally approved and placed on the memorial? Thank you. Member #49044040 I am adding words to reach 100 I am adding words to reach 100 Sass fm,..mbknlkmM jkhgrzrtwZthrc,Jan.lmLi c Read more

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I recently lost my husband a couple of months ago. Somehow he was on Find A Grave, without my or any other family member's permission. There with photos of him, one of which I have never seen. They had him buried in a particular location where we are planning to bury him before he was buried. They even had his birth date wrong. Apparently, some of his information was taken from the local newspaper obituary. Find A Grave needs to have some... Read more

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These are the most disrespectful human beings on the planet! They are making money off of all our family members graves!! They do not ask, they tresspass to do it, they edit and rewrite obituaries to accompany their fabricated stories about historical cemeteries. With no remorse or an ounce of respect. This has to be stopped!

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Find a Grave contributor #47672485 has posted a supposed memorial for numerous individuals states that the bodies were lost or lost at sea. This information is not correct. He has, also, listed several people as siblings to an individual along with parents that are not correct. He refuses to correct the information even though DNA has proven the information is not correct and there are numerous other sources which prove the information is not... Read more

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