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    • Ability to search for a gravesite 8
    • Photos of grave markers 7
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    • Unresponsive administrators 8
    • Customer service 4
    • Posting incorrect info 4

For the past couple of weeks I have had an annoying pop up message when I am ready to close/leave a web-page - every time, every one who matter who it is. It is like the annoying recycle bin question when you want to empty it. In this case: "Are you sure you want to leave" , etc. - and you have to check leave or you will never get off that page. What is with this; who started this and why? How to get rid of it? Are we all so suddenly ***... Read more

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Searching on line for my grandfather's ancestors when I came upon the find a grave site. Went to it and listed as my grandfather's parents were the wrong people. He was raised by his grandmother because his parents died very early in his life. The people mentioned as his parents were alive in the 1940's when his parents died in the 1910's. They share the same last name and whoever took the picture and submitted the information made a huge... Read more

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I have used this site for several years with very few problems. For several months now I cannot use *** at all. Like today I clicked on search graves it went to the information page and totally stopped. I could not even get out of the page or type anything. I had to X out. *** is so slow many times at a total standstill. The line will be flashing, but no letters or numbers are appearing as I type. You can't go back or forward to other pages etc.... Read more

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I get nothing when I try to get on Find-a-grave except a bar with my name, member number and that I have been a member for over two years. How the @#$% can I get to a grave site when nothing happens? There is nothing to click and the screen just sits there. Any ideas? Good grief, I used it for several years with no problems until took over. I wonder how many other people are in the same situation and have just given up. What do I... Read more

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There are too many contributors that are amassing management of memorials just for the numbers. They don't care if the memorial is correct or complete. When asked to transfer the memorial to a family member they fail to respond or just plain refuse. The administrators at Findagrave have set the ridiculous policy that family members must be within 3 generations for a mandatory transfer. If someone has an ancestor, say a 3rd or 4th Grand Parent on... Read more

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Find A Grave, Find A Death,, and all the rest have my deceased wife Constance Frances Marie Lake married to numerous sordid characters. Including a robert carlton-monroe as of May 29, 1972. Most of them claim that carlto-monroe was a royal navy captain from england. Those accusations are hog wash. The robert carlton-monroe married my wife's mother Constance Frances Charlotta Trimble Keane. Who used my wife's identity... Read more

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Recently I have many issues with ***. First the contributors hide behind their screen name and are in it for the numbers. The top 50! They should eliminate such rewards as we are talking about other peoples families!! The contributor will not get back to me or make changes. They don't know most of the people of the memorials they manage. I have sent in requests that never are answered. The contributor puts inscriptions in memorial that are NOT... Read more

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Hello, My name is Bradley Lakin-Allen. My Grandfather "Jack Wesley Allen" is buried at The Rockton Township Cemetery in Rockton, Illinois. His memorial id on findagrave is: #114851197. Unfortunately my Grandmother Norma Jean Lakin-Allen passed away on May 8, 2016. My Grandfather Jack Wesley Allen passed away tragically in 1954 in plane crash at the age of 23. The Rockton Township Cemetery Office was so kind to create my Grandmother"s memorial on... Read more

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Total strangers can post your personal info and your deceased loved ones' info without your consent! I am trying to get two pages taken down which to my horror I discovered contained my info. I do NOT want my parents' graves on the *** internet or my name, bday, etc. Who do these ghouls think they are? I read another person call them tragedy whores and that's right. Google yourself and get your info OFF find a grave if you find it, and for the... Read more

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I have had issue with other find a grave members. Find a grave allows contributors to hide behind anonymity. Recording this information for posterity should require transparency. I used to really like find a grave but no longer. They did not read my e-mail to them and are unresponsive to e-mails. They merge work that has been done by one person into someone else's work.

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