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Find A is a scam and this site needs to be shut down by the authorites " graves or plots are owned and purchased and with that fact and note now up, find a grave. com should think about privacy and concent before posting people graves. concerned very much with Regards, Concerned Read more

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My experiences with Find A Grave volunteers has been wonderful. They have been expediently responsive, cordial and most helpful. No complaints at all from my standpoint. God bless the majority of volunteers who, without their efforts, would stifle interests in family histories.

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Find A Grave used to be a great site but when Ancestry bought it and signed the agreement to never charge people they figured they could cash in and run a gazillion ads which makes a contributor's experience so frustrating. I was handed a TON of information that I've been trying to but on for almost a month and have gotten absolutely nowhere. I've even changed my computers setting to allow pop ups on the site and it was a waste of my time. I... Read more

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Trying to connect to *** Having a problem connecting perhaps my email has changed some time ago.Also don't remember the password I used. Tried to find a phone number no such luck with that either. Also belong to Ancestry which is great help other then getting on to *** I would really appreciate help you could give me. Would like to edit an item on another cemetery listing if possible to get to be able to do such .Please help if at possible as... Read more

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My husband and i were married happily when he passed away. I have 5 stepchildren (from his only other marriage)and 1 natural child One of my stepsons created a findagrave for my husband and listed ONLY his former wife (his mother) she has since deceased and only included his siblings who have passed away. Is it a criteria to ONLY enter deceased family? I dont know the correct way to contact you regarding my question/concern, so Im linking it to... Read more

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I am over this site.They respond to bullying.I sponsor and have been a photo contributor fors years for a loved one(s)w/no problems.Last yr.,another relative who is full of hate towards me-but has better "references"decides to come on board.All of a sudden my pics from over the yrs are deleted, and they send me an email thanking me for my"contribution"that i didnt even to bother to fully read.I knew exactly what it contained.Money talks,***... Read more

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I just signed up for an account with Then I tried to access information which they agree to provide only to be shown a page on updating my account. This page was nearly impossible to delete. Then, when I tried again to access information about a deceased person, I was told the page could not be accessed. This happens consistently every time I try to obtain information from death records. I actually wanted the service so that I... Read more

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When I tried to register with a valid email address, I got error message saying invalid email address. The verification process to prove "human" status is confusing. There is no way to contact the administrator except by US Mail service. I'm required to enter at least 100 words, even though I don't have that much to say. In order to reach that requirement so I can submit this, I'm going to have to write a lot of gibberish. Here it comes. abc... Read more

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I contacted Find-A-Grave this morning as I recently learned that this notorious DieHard was now PIRATING my memorials - taking memorials I had created, somehow deleting them and creating her own, leaving out much of the information I had posted such as bios, but certain to reuse the pictures I had posted. I went ballistic since this was not my FIRST ordeal with this heifer! I contacted Find-A-Grave, and not only was I REPRIMANDED for my... Read more

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Some of the information in the biography about my deceased relative is untrue. When I asked the "biographer" how she did her research, she told me that she "googled" the name. She cut and pasted some material which I had written, she used Wikipedia, and she made up the rest! She did not use any primary resources. This makes me wonder how many other of her "biographies" are also inaccurate. I am going to try and get her "biography" removed.... Read more

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