Complaint for Find A Grave and Razoo

Find A Grave and are two websites which state that they are philanthropist intended. However, what they are doing is using information gathered under Freedom of Information to prey upon the charitable instincts of their website visitors. Find A Grave is NOT a non-profit, and they are soliciting donations on memorial pages. When one clicks on the "Support This Memorial" in the shape of a heart you think you are making a donation which will support a memorial site. Instead you are putting money--for profit--into the pockets of the members of Find A Grave. Any business or organization must gain permission from a non-profit org in order to solicit donations. Otherwise, under our laws it is not a lawful practice. Also Find A Grave shamelessly places Ads which are pay-per-click. Find A Grave states that one can remove the ads if a donation is made to Find A Grave. Extortion! appears to be billing itself as a non-profit. They are also doing the same thing but presenting a bit more understated. The same complaint applies to them. They took my ancestor's grave and mostly I don't like that they are taking funds away from the Foundation which we had to fight our way through all the red tape with IRS to get recognized. To maintain that, all non-profits have to maintain a certain level of donations to stay viable. We are very small and need all the direct help we can get. These websites also do not have a process in place whereby someone could prove how much or how little they are getting from the general public clicking on their pages. Do not support them in any way is my request. Write complaints to your Attorney General office. Protect the memories of those who are gone from these predators.
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This is a scam. I made a credit card "donation" to Big Cat Rescue in Tampa, only to discover on closer reading that Razoo is the internet version of a scam boiler room.

Stay away!!


Razoo is a scam- plain and simple they are a for-profit company who pay geeks like me to get them to appear first in google for charity searches. They then accept donations on behalf of the charities (they get them from a national database) but they never ask the charity if they can do this- because they don't have to if you read the fine print, they money doesn't go the the charity that you are looking at or want to help, it goes to a new little charity caled the "Razoo Foundation".

Let me repeat, any money goes to a foundation that they set up, and if you are good at lawyer speak you can read their terms and notice that they do not have to donate your money to any charity if they don't want to, thy can do what they please it is just their "normal practice" to screw people and charities out of their hard earned money. I wish more american's were smart enough to realize this conflict of interest that is going on and never donate money through this sketchy website.

For proof read their public documens, They took in 15 million from donors in 2012 but only gave out 13 million way more than their advertised 2.9 percent, they took the rest and spent some else ware and saved some because they can, for now. Let's do something about this.


I agree that many people are competing in a game to achieve numbers a member that goes by the name of MONKEY MOM. Is copying a on line local cemetery database to boost her numbers.

That is how most of them get high numbers. Taking false credit for the work of others rather than go out and do their own local cemeteries. This lady does not live in the state nor has she stepped foot in front of a stone in my state. I know because she is using my son as a number and wont delete it she would rather torment a mother who lost a child then lose a number....Transfers though have nothing to do with their number count even if they transfer they still have the same amount of numbers that they copied from other peoples work and death indexes.

It does however have everything to do with CONTROL!!!!! which goes hand in hand with policing ancestry trees for people using grave photos


When a member of findagrave refuses to transfer a memorial in which they are NOT related to the deceased that proves that they are only in it for the numbers.

They can deny it all they like, but the ones that post *** like "blah, we adhere to the 4 generations, blah, of the bada....well that only means they didn't create the memorial out of any concern for the family.

They are denying the wishes of the family, the family by the way that has LOST someone. The family that had to bury a loved one. The family that grieves and mourns.

These creeps that say "we do a lot of work to go out and volunteer out time and blah, blah, blah"....and then refuse to transfer - are cold, calculating, soulless individuals that that don't give two shites how anyone feels. Karma is big momma though, and she always collects!


Jim Tipton does prey on the charitable Not only that his administrators abuse the photo volunteer system by deleting pictures. he Fosters an environment for abusers to prey on the vulnerable sick really.


No one ever stated the *** is non-profit. They do not ever say this, it is free.

Why do you expect someone to work and do what they do for free?

Most sites charge an arm and leg and do very little. You go out and survey and photo a cemetery and see how hard it is.


If, on other hand, it is like twitter then it\'s cooler. twitter doesn\'t own your tweets, doesn\'t want to own them and can\'t take the entire body of tweets and all the accounts and sell them to someone. (At least as far as I know)


I would have a concern with the business model if it was like Ariana Huffington's, the Huffington Post: everyone writes for free (one even won a Pulitzer Prize this year) and Ariana makes a mint.

She was razed bad for it at this years Washington's Correspondents Dinner.

Is Findagrave the owner of every last thing uploaded to their site? If so, that is becoming an extremely valuable database that they can sell or leverage. Until the advent of the internet, I never heard of people working for free for for-profit companies like they do now.

If each photographer owns their photos, and each poster owns their posts, then that's a different story. findagrave then earns on advertising only.


Wow, I had no idea how these collectors worked. I found my family's grave and sent a thank you note to the person who photographed and posted it, thinking she was just a volunteer who had contributed a bunch of local gravesites where she lived.

So, if I wanted to provide extra information to post on that entry i would have to either do it through her or get her to give it up?

Do these collectors make money somehow? Is that why some of them do it?

Transfers are where a family member contacts the collector and says, Hi, I want to manage my family's entry on findagrave? And what is happening is some of these collectors are saying no? How twisted!

Well, luckily, at the moment, I am glad that someone else is busy doing the work and am not planning in the near future to ask for a transfer.

Otherwise, right now, the site has been remarkably valuable in some genealogical research I am doing on my family. It's truly amazing how many records are up and posted.


I had never even heard of Razoo until now. By looking at their website, I don't see any connection to Find A Grave.

It must well exceed six degrees. It seems to be a place for a group in need of funding can streamline the giving process.

Find A Grave is provided free of charge to users whether they contribute or not. You can look at graves til the cows come home and never pay a cent.

Technology and bandwidth cost money and with 80 million memorials, I bet it isn't cheap. By offering pay-per-click advertising, it keeps it free to the consumer. If you choose to sponsor a memorial, you remove the ads from that memorial and your five bucks offsets the loss of pay-per-click revenue. I am afraid you misunderstand the definition of extortion.

You are not having money taken unlawfully by any stretch of the imagination.

If you click, you pay nothing. If you voluntarily sponsor, you do so by choice because you want the ads removed.

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San Diego, California
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Pissed off Consumer????

How can one be a consumer if they did not pay for services? Referring to findagrave....its free ya know. Disgusting the pettiness of those who don't agree with their site. Do you pay for the services????? Do you expect something for nothing???? Do you just want a site to store your family data on??? Get a page on rootsweb or better yet..PAY for webspace for your familytree. If you PAY you're a consumer.....have you paid????? Most who complain are those who have been banned or don't get all the leaves of their family tree handed over to them.....Golly Gee, get a life...............create something useful.,
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If F.A.G. members choose to have their contribtuions deleted the administrators should remove them even is another member has foolishly sponsored the memorials.

F.A.G. is stealing members photos, memorials stealing obituaries, obituary photos. They continue to violate Copyrights just so Jim Tipton can profit from the deaths of our loved ones. F.A.G.

does not provide a service they are NOT free and they ARE a for profit company yet they do nothing the members do all the work while Jim Tipton profits millions every year from thefts of copyrighted photos and obituaries.

F.A.G. equals Copyright Violators equals Federal Law Violators!


When members choose to no longer have their contributions on the website adminstrators should remove them and when members choose to get a refund they should do so!! I know of a member that has had many of the memorials he created sponsored by other foolish members and tried to get them deleted F.A.G.

refuses because they are profiting from them....Jim Tipton is a thief and many of F.A.G. members are thieves!

F.A.G. find a grave equals Copright Violators equals Federal Law Violators!


To: NOYBNE, Don't tell me or anyone else what they can and cannot complain about...The fact is find a grave is not free and it is a for profit company...though the only one profiting is Jim Tipton that is profiting from the deaths of our loved ones! Members are stealing obituaries stealing obituary photos and Jim Tipton is profiting from those thefts.

F.A.G. provides no service but profits from others time and deaths!

NOYBNE get that whether or not people choose to sponsor, waste time, gas, batteries NOT the issue about being a PISSED CONSUMER!!!


Find a Grave is VOLUNTARY. You CHOOSE to sponsor, you CHOOSE to pay for gas, for cameras, batteries, for internet service.

No one at Find a Grave is putting a gun to your head and forcing you to do those things. YOU CHOOSE TO DO THOSE THINGS. Don't like it? Don't volunteer to do those things.

Simple as. But don't whine and complain because of something you CHOSE to do.


many members "pay" for f.a.g. some with sponsoring, some with gas to visit cemeteries some for internet, some for batteries some for cameras some with their time so yes we are PISSED "CONNED"SUMERS!!!!!!


ps: the Only disgusting pettiness is members that are jealous of other members and get them banned by their friends that are adminstrators. Like Deb "go play in a microwave you pest" Dash...funny how she can have that as her montra but claim the site is "family friendly".


I fooolishly sponsored 10 memorials and created thousands of memorials as well as thousands of photos. I trying to get a refund for the sponsorships and get all of my memorials and photos deleted.

I believe since over a 100 of the memorials I created and posted photos for have also been sponsored that is why Find A Grave refuses to delete the memorials and photos since they are risking losing thousands and thousands of dollars from future sponsorships. If a member is banned all of their worked should be deleted from the site too.

I love pissed consumer because this forum doesn't have an adminstration that favors their friends over others like the Find A Grave forum. Which has nothing but members complaining about other members and trying to get them banned.


Yes, members sponsor memorials, members provide pictures, grave locations, etc...while F.A.G. profits from the deaths of our loved ones.

F.A.G. provides no SERVICE but they profit from volunteers pictures, sponsorships. Members use their gas, time, batteries, camera, internet, electricity etc... but F.A.G.

Jim Tipton pockets the money generated from F.A.G. members. Find A Grave provide NO SERVICE. Jim Tipton steals members pictures, memorials ie..contributions.

Members steal obituary listings and obituary pictures violating COPYRIGHTS. FIND A GRAVE IE..JIM TIPTON IS NOTHING BUT A THIEF!


The Fundamentals of Find a Grave seem to be to help, People like my self, find the final resting place of loved ones and family members. I separate the two because in my case I am looking for Great-aunts, Cousins, Great-Great grandparents so my mother and see their graves before she passes herself.

Many people have spent countless hours scouring Cemeteries to update this site and some are even willing to go the extra mile and take pictures for those who may not be able to make the trip cross country to see the beauty of their resting place.

I can understand people being upset about accounts being banned because of other people's pettiness. Or the fact that people can say slanderous things online(yes those should be removed, just keep it as a location/picture database) But to those of you who are here because you think it is a "forum to vent" Or because you don't want a picture of your family members grave online it is time you grew up, stepped away from your computer, and stopped treating the internet as your personal play ground to get even with people that are not on this page.

Mr. Tipton may be making money off of this site, but he has to, in order to keep it running. Take a moment to think how many millions of photos, data, and information in general is in his site. That costs a pretty penny to keep running. Do you really expect him to take on that cost himself??? Would you??? NO! He is doing a service for you free of charge. If you choose to "upgrade" a memorial that just helps him keep it running but it is a choice you make for something YOU want to see and use. There are online obituaries where you can leave comments about the person who died. Those only stay up for 30 days unless some one PAYS to have it kept on there every year. charges you a monthly subscription just to view the information on the site. With Find a Grave it is completely FREE to view, Find information, see photos, and "leave virtual flowers".

Head stones don't have your social security numbers on them, and they are out in the open anyway, so they are free range to show in photos.

I am trying to find my great uncle's grave site, as I can find no records any where on the net, I will be taking 2 days a month to slowly walk the cemeteries in my area to find him and I intend to catalog everything I find along the way so that people in my area, or any where in the world can find their loved ones too. The people that can help us are dying out rather quickly so I intend on helping to grow what is already a great site. I will also submit them to the historical society here in my area. They will love it! As should many of you. But unfortunately society has made every one mad at the world and looking for a conspiracy around every corner.


yes by being a volunteer you are using your time and gas only to have your pictures removed because the person that maintains the memorials wants it removed regardless of who requested it. also there is the sponsorships of memorials at 5 bucks a pop, which they keep along with all the memorials and pictures you have contributed when they play favorites and boot you which they love to do.

its one thing getting banned from the site because a administrator is biased but another when years of contributions are left on the site though the member that contributed all of them is not.


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Charlotte, North Carolina

Find A Grave

All the information I have given to them and now I can not get any information without Ancestry wanting to charge me. That is the last time I will give any additional information to this site. This doesn't seem right to me. I didn't mind giving the information but I will not pay or join Ancestry to get any more information I will find another way to get the information I need to do my research. How does everyone else feel about this? It takes all the fun out of this site that was one time free access.
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I did not know how upset people were getting about me using different names on this website. I assumed because the site tracks the town and state people would be able to identify my posts.

In July something was wacky with the site.All my posts are listed under Madison Wisconsin from July 1, 2012 to July 27,2012 On July 28 it changes to Minneapolis, Minnesota. I will now stick to using one name to help you all out but if I forget remember all of July Madison WS and Minneapolis Minnesota to date.


I understand your frustration with the site if your confused about what is going on you can go to the help section and email someone who wont respond. You can read the FAQS and try to find the answer that way but they typically do not apply and are not enforced. You can go to the forum for help to be told you are *** and to go read the faqs.


This site does not come up on any search engine. It has been like this for sometime. What's wrong?


Find A Grave is now and will always be a free site. Ancestry is not free, but I still pay a monthly fee to access their files.

*** and Ancestry are not connected in any way.

If you don't like how either of them do business, then don't use their sites! Very simple!


Two site, not connected.


Find A Grave is still free. There are Ancestry advertisements on Find A Grave, but you don't have to use those links.


You do not have to pay to access Find-A-Grave.

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Tyler, Texas
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Find-a-Grave corrects errors, rarely does.

It will be a sad day if Find-a-Grave ever sells out to But recently they have added ads by Archive, so I doubt that will ever happen. The vast majority of people I have had dealings with on Find-a-Grave have been great, while the reverse is true for those I've dealt with on It all depends on what type of person you are as to which group you will fit in with best. I see as very impersonal, with billions of records, many of them duplicated and never sorted out or corrected. Find-a-Grave, on the other hand, is quite personal and very dedicated to eliminating duplication and correcting errors. Read the FAQs before you join--it's their Website and they are surely allowed to have some guidelines for members to follow. I find it amusing that PissedConsumer won't allow Find-a-Grave's acronym to appear (capital F capital A capital G, which is how it appears in many cases on their own Website)--PC has certainly been taken to absurd lengths here.
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I think it is even more sad that my findagrave stalker has pulically posted her stalking activities. Placing in bold that JIM TIPTON COULD CARELESS THAT SHE IS STALKING PEOPPLE then uploaded it to twitter and face book. I then sent a screen shot to Tipton and the number of times the stalker uploaded it to twitter and facebook


That is not sad it is hilarious !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Any website that promotes sociopaths to represent it does it's ownself in hahahahahahaha!


Ancestry Pays Jim Tipton to put ads on his site. Ancestry searches are now showing findagrave results but they also show roots web obituaries also.

Ancestry Pays Jim Tipton to post Ads for them.

He claims x amount of people visit his site a day so give me money and i will postr your ads. Its no different than when you see commercials in your favorite tv show the show brings the people to the ads.


F.A.G. has NOT sold out to Ancestry.

#517387 does correct its errors. It corrects errors made by people transcribing.

I think its the other way around.

Findagrave takes forever to correct erros and sometimes doesn't at all. I'm glad findagrave "sold out" to ancestry!


they already sold out to ancestry


Anonymous, To move the memorial to another cemetery, go to the page, and down just bove the cemetery's name it says Burial:[edit]. Click that, then select Cemetery Burial (likely already chosen), then use that cemetery search feature to get the one you need.




find a grave should sell then all of the people who sat at pc. or laptops could see how they have been used then they can feel like a fool.


Some folks are so anal and have no life. I just give in and let them have it.

This is no different than my tale. Years ago I did 100's of cemetery surveys and folks never step on the soils and they are posting away. I have a person who pirated all the cemetery in Morgan, GA and will never make changes.

Always an excuse and I surveyed the cemetery and have to appeal to *** to add my links. I do not care for the glory, but a person should have to have shown where they go the cemetery fact from.

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Bozeman, Montana
Find A Grave Website
New Reviewer

Quit complaining about ***

Attenshun, losers. I've been sent here by my colleegs at *** to tell you losers to quit yer ***. Just be thankful yer relations are listed on *** at all. For a long time I've been a majer force at *** along with my favorite moderator who you might know as the woman who wears a lampshade on her head. I'm writing this from my hospital bed, becuz of those *** hippy wall street protesters. A while back I posted a comment in the 99% thread telling a woman anarchist that I was glad she was pepper sprayed. Well, then a few days later the Seattle police pepper sprayed an 84 year old hippy woman. That got me so excited I started dancing a jig to celebrate and the rotten floor at my house on Pettijohn Creek Road gave way and I went crashin down, breaking my hip. Danm thos occupy protesters. Oh, well, every cloud has a silver lining. While layin here in my hospital bed I watched that heroic cop at UC Davis pepper spray cannisters of that stuff on those students sitting on the ground. Sure those students were peaceful, but who knows what violence they were capable of. Better to spray 'em first. That got me so excited I *** near wet my bed. Now you all quit yer ***. Pray for me in my pain and misery. Lucky me, I have government health care--can you imagine what this would have cost me if I had to pay for my own health care??? *** socialists.
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Whoever wrote this is a troll and a coward. If you have a problem with me, act like a civilized person and lets discuss it. Making *** up like this is juvenile, and impresses no one.


I did not know how upset people were getting about me using different names on this website. I assumed because the site tracks the town and state people would be able to identify my posts.

In July something was wacky with the site.All my posts are listed under Madison Wisconsin from July 1, 2012 to July 27,2012 On July 28 it changes to Minneapolis, Minnesota. I will now stick to using one name to help you all out but if I forget remember all of July Madison WS and Minneapolis Minnesota to date.


you and deb dash can both play in a microwave you pests!








hahahahahahaha! OMG!!!!OMG!!!hahahahahahaha!!!

please stop!!! hahahahahahahaha :grin


Pathetic. I know who you are, and you are not going to get a rise out of me.

Your posting was silly. You are a real credit to the progressive movement pal.


Wow you got no life seriously did you just ramdomly come about this site because you had no one to tlak to serious go complaint somewhere else.


Wow. Your "colleegs" sent you here? Are you telling us that you are the "smart" one of the group?

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Hood River, Oregon
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I think.....

I think that if you are going to enter grave information on Findagrave, that you should have personally gone and seen the grave or read the cemetery yourself. There are too many people inhaling *** off of other websites and then going on to Findagrave and adding the information without ever knowing whether or not it is correct or if the person is actually buried where they claim they are. Furthermore, if someone is known to have an unmarked grave, you should never list them as being buried in ANY cemetery unless you have IRREFUTABLE PROOF that they are buried there! Sadly, in this day of McGenealogy and Name Collecting, this never occurs to some people.
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I did not know how upset people were getting about me using different names on this website. I assumed because the site tracks the town and state people would be able to identify my posts.

In July something was wacky with the site.All my posts are listed under Madison Wisconsin from July 1, 2012 to July 27,2012 On July 28 it changes to Minneapolis, Minnesota. I will now stick to using one name to help you all out but if I forget remember all of July Madison WS and Minneapolis Minnesota to date.





Anita, let's remember one thing: YOU behaved badly and were subsequently banned for YOUR behavior. Don't worry about what others do.

The only thing you can change now is how you deal. Rather than learning a lesson from the experience, you continue to behave like a petulant child.


Check out Billion graves because that is how every grave is added. the person cannot add it unless there is a gps tagged photo


Dear: Read the FAQs...The FAQS on findagrave are listed but do not mean anything. Please stop running around quoting the faqs like they are upheld and enforced on any regular basis.

To be honest I feel bad for you if you actually believe that they are..ADMINISTRATOR TANYA:I'm sorry if the first added memorial for Stephen Jewett was added to the wrong cemetery, and yours was added to the correct one. We may remove the memorial for Stephen Jewett from Find A Grave, but then you will not be able to create another one. NOTE 505 FIREFLY ADMITTED TO SELECTING A RANDOM CEMETERY DUE TO NOT KNOWING WHERE HE WAS BURIED.. Her public bio reads....

Find A Grave Contributor: Alb. Firefly (#4690****) ... Rude folks, your address will be blocked and your corrections and comments ignored.

She has a zero tolerance policy for angry comments from people that get upset when she buries their loved ones in the wrong country city state and or cemetery for her name collecting game.READ the FAQS how do you add a name when you do not know where someone is buried ????? I am pretty sure it does not say add name to random cemetery for 2 1/2 years. read the faqs and get back to me :p What is findagrave? Find a Grave's mission is to find, record and present final disposition information from around the world as a virtual cemetery experience.Memorial contributions to Find A Grave should fulfill that mission - registration of the final disposition.

If the memorial contribution corresponds with only the main mission, then the memorial fulfills its purpose as part of Find A Grave's mission.You should never deliberately create a duplicate memorial.

In regard to duplicates, a memorial with a correct known burial location will always be preferred over an unknown burial location.oh so the lady who intentionally adds names from death indexes to wrong cemeteries is going to get mine deleted for making it in the correct cemetery? Now do you see how silly you sound


GiveMeABreak said "If a member will not add pertinent information to a sight they are managing what choice do you have other than to add record?"

Well, let's see...I think that might be covered in the FAQs. Yep, it's the one called "What if I suggest a correction and the contributor doesn't respond?"

Another of the FAQs states "You should never deliberately create a duplicate memorial." When duplicates are reported to the admins, 99% of the time the newer is the one that disappears. If you are a habitual offender, you may find your account disabled.


Karen, none of it is wrong????

There are people who post who have nothing right on the grave site. They don't even put a birth and death date.

Then they state plainly in their bio, they are changing nothing and will not give up the site to someone else NO MATTER WHAT. What are you supposed to do?

Don't get me wrong I really really like this site and I will continue to use it and place graves I KNOW to be correct. But it is not right when you are contributing just to add notches to your bio!

If a member will not add pertinent information to a sight they are managing what choice do you have other than to add record?


I had problem with 2 cemeteries in my OH hometown. City located in THREE counties but hospital & 2 cemeteries location in one.

After numerous switching counties back & forth, presume at notification of other *** members, I told them I had verification of research woman at local library and I'd be happy to send them a copy of map showing county lines. They have corrected it. Now to individual graves....I have some of mine completely deleted because someone else posted one & complained to admin that mine was duplicate. Most of mine are family, including my son.

Now I don't bother to report duplicates. Few times I've contacted poster asking if they are related....then proceed from there. I am sad to see that number of people of taken copies of obits & vintage family photos, then posted on their Ancestry family tree indicating it is there original. Oh well, guess that is sign of the times.

One last commend, I am saddened to hear the info is being used at will under Privacy Act. Sad.


@Brenda: You must be doing something wrong if F.A.G. admins "rarely deletes duplicates".

They have deleted every duplicate I have submitted. Do you follow the protocol in the FAQs?


No, *** is not that swift at correcting memorials or duplicates. If they were not allowed to begin with, then the errors would not be as plentiful as if the person had actually been to the cemetery.

And newbies creating a whole new cemeteries without checking. So we spend major time merging the cemeteries and *** rarely deletes duplicates.

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Kylertown, Pennsylvania
Well, I would guess thata certain person had me blocked from Find-A Grave this morning just because I asked her to e-mail me so we could discuss an issue she had with two of my posts.I did not duplicate one of her posts. They belonged to someone else. I realized I had...
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#TheyBlockedMeToo Yep and they are still blocking people. I did nothing wrong just left a few virtual flowers anonymously. Well, I did not mean to make anyone angry.

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Las Vegas, Nevada
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Find A Grave Complaint

Find A Grave this week must have blocked me from their website...not a clue WHY???... NO communication on WHY??? Is this really how these work? Can't even contact them to find out what the issue was/is? They just cut you off without an can they be so unprofessional...I would think letting people know there is an issue is better customer service than just blocking people.I would like to find out what happened...Does anyone know how to contact these people? Has anyone else had a problem like this? How did you remedy the issue...
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When a person is blocked how do they do that?

Do they email people and explain to them why?

Do you just go to your account and you cant look up your memorials?

What does the "blocked" or Banned thing mean?


Sounds more like it was an issue with your own computer... than with Find A Grave.

They can close your account, but not literally block you from entering the site. Either way, glad the issue is now fixed for you.


Find A Grave fixed the issue. Still do not know what happened.

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Richmond, Virginia
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Findagrave "buried" my great grandmother in the wrong place

find-a-grave hoarders strike again. someone who never met my beloved greatgrandmother had her info wrong--had her buried in the wrong place. I went through the trouble of making an accurate page and the hoarder (38000 graves and no photos, meaning she never got off her fat behind and did any real research) was extremely rude to my polite and gracious thank-you-but note, demanding my photos and demanding I get off the site. And find a grave defends this sort of behavior. They need to limit everyone to no more than 4000 memorials, about the maximum an enthusiastic genealogical researcher might have of their own family or local small graveyards they might have photographed. Or they need to say "no memorials without actual photos of grave or person or both" Horrible site, horrible people.
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I agree. I can't even get my grandparents from a hoarder.

She just wants everyone with her (and my) name. It's disgusting to be so greedy when you are not even related.


Jane I think that is wonderful that you do the work for them. We need more people out there like you.

Its kind neat that hoarder's have their own clean up crew. This should enable them to continue adding names from death indexes to random cemeteries.


Oh, the wailing and gnashing of teeth! You know, sometimes cemeteries are known by more than one name, sometimes they change names and sometimes adjoining cemeteries overlap and can cause confusion so stop reading malicious intent into honest mistakes. That's why there is a suggest a correction feature. I get them and I send them, all in the interest of improving accuracy.

As far as the so-called hoarders I have created over 10K memorials and have no problem transferring them to family members. Furthermore, any allegations that some are anal about losing numbers is fallacious because a person always the credit for creating a memorial even if it is transferred.

So remember, ignorance is not bliss. Get the facts so you don't look foolish.


What I run in to the most are people competing for the most contributed No they do not walk cemeteries and take photographs they search the web for online indexes and then copy and paste a name. I walk cemeteries taking pictures and the time it takes to photograph edit pictures and research each persons name is time consuming.

I have about 3,000 memorials contributed and 5,000 photographs added and i work from local cemeteries and local church records that I go down to the church to get transcribe burials and add them. Or I collect a list of names with no photo and go find those names to add a picture for people


Are these adults leaving these comments?


Most time its someone who thinks that know where some one is buried. My g grandfather was a real pain.

When he did no one wanted to claim his body so it went to a medical school.

The person who posted it was going by the schools records I had the death cert. She was very nice and correct it...

There are some good people and then you have the rotten ones who ruin it for all other...


I agree that Find-A-Grave was a great concept originally. Lately the "hoarders" have started entering fictitious grave memorials. Last week I noticed a grave memorial for a great great uncle in a cemetery that I have personally searched numerous times and know there is no grave for him there. This gr uncle is buried in another cemetery in the same county where one of his descendants has entered a memorial and a photo. The person who entered that fake memorial entered one in the same cemetery for another gr gr uncle who died in another state. I find these fradulent practices appalling.

This person is using a local history book written within the last 30 years (hardly a primary source document) and based upon a statement that all of that family was buried in that particular cemetery, he is entering grave memorials.

No one at Find-A-Grave appears to care that the site is being ruined by these people.

I plan to start submitting my gravestone photos to the US Gen Web Archives Tombstone Project instead.


I know this thread is old now and noone may see my comment; but I still feel the need to apologize. Even as a researcher/volunteer I have found numerous errors on profiles and photographs as well.

There have been instances where I have acknowledged the errors; some were fixed and others are still floating around in cyberspace. I believe, honestly, that some of these errors remain uncorrected due to the lack of understanding on how the website works and the special features. It took several years before I realised that we had a messanger/ email account to interact with other cite members. It may be that the person who entered the information has either not seen the request, or they may not know how to correct/edit the information.

Even while I am creating lists to photograph, I manually handwrite the requests and I make notes from the profile such as other family members, notes from obituary, etc. I have found many errors that way just today. Plus I feel that extra information could assist while walking the cemetery in order to locate the burial site. I only photograph locally, and have done very few thus far, but will be heading out soon to take photos.

I feel that if I am willing to volunteer to take these photos then it is my place to double check and then check again.....before posting an image. These are our loved ones, our forefathers and mothers. Not all volunteers are about the numbers.

If I only ever assisted ONE family in their quest of genealogical information, then I would still feel that my work had been done. Hope that someone somewhere sees this and has a second opinion about people like nme, who do care!


Just because you can doesn't make it right. Yes the rules say hoarders can refuse to turn over memorials to actual relatives.

However, there is only one reason for doing that--wanting to rack up brownie points. If genuinely wishing to be helpful to others, as claimed, the memorials would be graciously turned over.

Most people are very nice, but a few *** people are out there spoiling the whole endeavor for everyone. Hoarding other people's dead relatives is *** and weird, no matter what the rules say.


How about all these low life geezers quit trying to claim that it's still only grave documenting website. If that were actually true, they wouldn't be allowing cremations.

Quite a few of these number snatching hoarders have tons of cremation memorials. Definition of hypocrisy.

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#256343 Review #256343 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Payson, Arizona

Deleted 87 memorials

I also becamea a member of findagrave and was very excited and put on about a hundred memorials of my family only. I put in many hours of work I found that a few of my relatives had been put on by other contributors and I agree with the previous person that many of them are hoarders. I asked this on contributor to transfer those memorials to me they were very basic some of the info incorrect. When this contributors and others refused to transfer my family's memorials to me I proceeded to make duplicates. I put pics, bios or obits and tried to make all of them consistant. Some of the other contributors did not like it because I had a few duplicates and harrased me. One person, made a duplicate and attached that to my memorials making it look like that my great grandparents had two children by the exact same name when I tried to get that peson to be reasonable and we could do a memorial together she refused wanted it her way or no way. She reported me and I was threatened that if I ever did that again I would be thrown off the website. About a month ago my brother called me about a certain contributor and what she had written in her bio saying that just because you are related does not mean you have the right to those memorials etc. Being an all around ***, so I posted a public message on her bio because I did not have access to her email, she told me that I was in the wrong because I complained that she would not transfer the memorials that I had not followed procedure etc. I asked her what right did she have to put other peoples families on findagrave did those people ask her to do that I certainly had not well it seems that the management termed I had been inappropriate and removed all of my memorials. Somewhere down the line the people that run this websited have determined that they are "God" and can do what they want well personally even though they destroyed a lot of hard work I do not want my name associated with such a website that thinks that they have the right to keep family members memorials etc away from their living relatives who only want to honor their loved ones. People should only be able to put only their family members parents grandparents etc on this website. My aunt found this website after I told her about what they had done. If they thought they were hurting me no way I lost a lot of work but at least my name is not associated with someone who thinks they have the right to play "God" Sylvia
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I nicknamed them this because it's true, they hoard these memorials on Find A Grave and it blows me away. I've been researching my family tree for 15 yrs.

now and have actually helped many many others without charging them to get started researching their trees. So a couple of yrs. ago I found Find A Grave and thought, wow, what a great genealogy tool and then I ran into a nightmare. I was born and raised in West Tenn.

and so were my parents so that is where my major research is and I ran into a big time memorial hoarder. These people on *** talk about the RULES of *** but they break them all the time, they've got a *** contest going as to who can hoard the most *** memorials to the detriment of us who have family buried in these cemeteries. I have seen mistake after mistake on these memorials of names, dates, etc. yet if I contact them most of the time they won't go to the trouble to correct the memorial.

They're not suppose to make memorials from obits and they're surely not suppose to put living family members names on these memorials but they do. This person I ran into seems to have access to obits on the spot and if anyone in West Tenn. dies she has a memorial page made on them from their obit before they're even put into the ground. I know this for I've found memorials she's made the day the obit came out in a newspaper.

I kind of ticked her off early on so she refused to transfer my maternal gr.mother's memorial page to me. She had made the memorial because she found my gr.mother buried in a national cemetery with her 2nd husb. who had served in WWII. I lived out of State and didn't go to this gr.mother's funeral nor was I close to her in growing up but that didn't mean I didn't want to own her memorial on ***.

I told another *** member about this in that area and she got the memorial in a round about way and transferred it to me.

So there are getting to be more jerks on *** than not who are into only hoarding memorials, they don't give a hoot as to who is buried there are their history... :roll




I'm sorry if the first added memorial for Stephen Jewett was added to the wrong cemetery, and yours was added to the correct one.

We may remove the memorial for Stephen Jewett from Find A Grave, but then you will not be able to create another one.


I love find a grave, thanks for helping me find my lost family. If that's not concrete evidence I don't know what is!

I love being able to leave flowers and notes.

Create your own genealogy website, that's the place to add all you want and own it. Link your find a grave family member memorial to it or save the picture and add it to your collection, where ever that may be, even a shoe box will work.

Love find a grave!!


I found several of my relatives on the site and thought it was wonderful. There is no way I could travel to the different states they are berried in.

I love the add a flower/note feature.

That is where I added additional information about my relative for others (mostly thinking of my current and future families to find/read). I agree, it is a great site and has helped a lot while working on the family tree.


they locked me out for about 9 months and when i told them i want them to remove the 30000+ pictures i had added they let me back in but they had transferred alot of my stuff to other people who were not even related. i am not going to say anything to them for fear they will lock me out again and tranfer the rest of my stuff


I found a relative's memorial with a bio completely incorrect.

The information was about the relative's mother and not her.

I asked that the bio be corrected and sent the correct information.

It was not corrected. I sent a polite note and asked for a transfer since it was my relative. Denied. I emailed and left public messages but nothing was done. I hate for history's sake that this information about this person is completely wrong. What can I do? I wont make a duplicate because that would not be right.


Duplicates deleted, degrading to the site and taking up valuable webspace



Good grief, Find A Grave is a GRAVES REGISTRATION website. This is its PRIMARY purpose, to register the existence of GRAVES. No one is playing God, we find a grave and we register it. We document cemeteries before they disappear. So many gravestones are no longer readable, or are broken, damaged, and crumbling with time and the elements. We are getting them on the site to preserve them before they are gone.

It is NOT a family tree or genealogy site. You do not build your trees at ***. There's plenty of software out there for your genealogy research. *** ain't it. Read the FAQ's before you get your panties in knots over what you think should be the rules.

And you INTENTIONALLY duplicated original memorials. That's a huge NO NO. One person, one grave memorial. That's how it works. You go thorough the channels to ask for more information and links to be added. You DO NOT need to "own" or "manage" anyone and everyone you are related to. If someone will transfer a relative within the 4 generation guidelines, wonderful. If the relative doesn't meet the transfer criteria, then you don't need it. What happens if 3 or 4 great great grandchildren (5 generations, out of guidelines) all contact me wanting to "have their relative"....hmmmmm??? Who do I pick? And no, we are not hoarders. We are caretakers of the registration of the grave.

Yes, if you cannot play by the rules, you are not welcome.



Good grief, Find A Grave is a GRAVES REGISTRATION website. This is its PRIMARY purpose, to register the existence of GRAVES. No one is playing God, we find a grave and we register it. We document cemeteries before they disappear. So many gravestones are no longer readable, or are broken, damaged, and crumbling with time and the elements. We are getting them on the site to preserve them before they are gone.

It is NOT a family tree or genealogy site. You do not build your trees at ***. There's plenty of software out there for your genealogy research. *** ain't it. Read the FAQ's before you get your panties in knots over what you think should be the rules.

And you INTENTIONALLY duplicated original memorials. That's a huge NO NO. One person, one grave memorial. That's how it works. You go thorough the channels to ask for more information and links to be added. You DO NOT need to "own" or "manage" anyone and everyone you are related to. If someone will transfer a relative within the 4 generation guidelines, wonderful. If the relative doesn't meet the transfer criteria, then you don't need it. What happens if 3 or 4 great great grandchildren (5 generations, out of guidelines) all contact me wanting to "have their relative"....hmmmmm??? Who do I pick? And no, we are not hoarders. We are caretakers of the registration of the grave.

Yes, if you cannot play by the rules, you are not welcome.


No one on Find a grave owns memorials..They took the picture it's theirs. Get over it.

You create a page it's a duplicate and that is a no no..That can and will get you kicked off the site...Go find somewhere else to post a memorial for your dad there are others out there.... God Forsaken Woman? Oh please!!!

Grow up! :roll

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Sallisaw, Oklahoma
Find A Grave Website
Here is my letter sent to Find A Grave staff July 8th 2011. Dear "Find A Grave" Staff, The Name of your site makes it Very Clear. However, For Me, your Format was misleading. Your Format seemed to have been developed to share Family Heritage. With places for Birth &...
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Get off your soap box you should try leading by example. I sure did enjoy the work you copied from Charlene's memorials.You may not know her by her real name? you called her a toad after you participated in getting her account deleted and then you duped her families memorials.

does this refrresh your memory of who i am talking about you wrote:

A full out escalation of disgust came when I found she triplicated and plopped the Hill family in the three largest cemeteries. I knew where the Hill's where located and it really pissed me off to find them and then have to tell this *** toad

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Arlington, Virginia
Find A Grave Profile
New Reviewer

Find a has'nt responded to request

I recently became a member of Find a and was excited about adding family memorials. Unfortunately, I forgot my password. I emailed a request to Find a Grave and they said they emailed my password to me, but they haven't! I've submitted request repeatedly but I've never received a response. I can't access any memorials I've done, nor can I submit new ones. I'm just disappointed about what I thought was a great way to submit information for memorials and genealogy use. I'm retired grandma and was looking forward to doing all this stuff. This is first time for a post, all new to me. If anyone knows how to help or fix this, would appreciate it.
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ask for help.. oh wait you cant get anyone to respond and if you do ask for help they caqll you idiotic


Thank you for the suggestions. I will give them a try.


There is no need to post or interact with the other users on the forum though. Simply send a pm to the one of the listed mods/admins on the forum to take care of the issue stated above.


DON'T got to the forums. They will attack and belittle you.


Register on the Find a Grave forums and then send a pm to one of the moderators there with what you stated above. This seems to work the fastest. Good luck!

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Saint Peters, Missouri
New Reviewer

Forum Corpse Horders at it Again

Some unfortunate newbie unknowingly threw up the Bat Signal when she asked a simple question in the Help Forum. As usual the same Flying Monkeys swarmed her with the usual arrogant, nasty answers. They succeeded in driving her off the boards but then a few pages later 2 more unsuspecting newbies made statements/asked questions. Wait for 5,4,3,2,1 and cue the Flying Monkeys. The same people are back quoting FAQs, jumping around with their skirts over their heads trying to get attention from JIM TIPTON and the admins. "Look at me, look at me! I know the Primary, Secondary and Tertiary reason for Find A Grave! I obviously have a lot of time on my hands because I add thousands of Memorials, make me an Admin toooooo!!" It is actually hilarious to watch them try to outdo each other. These Hoarders (see Flying Monkeys) constantly whip themselves into a frenzy, usually it is kick started by someone mentioning that some people are "in it for the numbers ", Bat Signal goes up. From there the Hoarders steer the discussion to how virtually everyone (except them of course) on FindAGrave is there to fill in their family tree or somehow try and beat the system (Eye Roll). They go on for pages about the Photo thieves (don't post them if you don't want anyone taking them duh) , "Ploppers", "The Gimme Grabbers" "Dupers" "Name Collectors" and on and on…and on…and on but do not call THEM Hoarders. They are NOT Hoarders, oh no siree, they are simply adding data to a Grave Registration site because that's how JIM TIPTON (say his name with reverence, like they do, cause, ya know, you just never know when he could single you out and reward you with the coveted admin position but I digress…) intended the site to be when he first created it. (Viagra was intended to be a High Blood Pressure med, but I am fairly certain the primary reason has been superseded by the Secondary and Tertiary reasons, wouldn't you agree?) Maybe one of the Hoarders can plead with JIM TIPTON to disable pictures, linking and biographical information for each memorial since that is what is drawing the Game Grabbers, well I'm pretty sure they think of themselves as family or the very least descendants, but the Horders view them as thieves, just trying to steal one of their precious numbers….or photos. The Hoarders must be exhausted, constantly on the watch for anyone who might try to mess with their Hoard. If they weren't Hoarders they would always transfer to a family member "outside of guidelines" and if the original memorial was deleted after the transfer and resubmitted by said family member just to screw them out of the credit, so what? Apparently this happens to them ALL THE TIME. The idea is to register the grave right? It shouldn't matter who gets the credit. Apparently, it does because the Hoarders spend hours in the Forums seeking validation from each other by discussing ad nauseum the people who "won't take no for an answer" and "refuse to play by the rules". Their obsession with those who "refuse to play by the rules" is particularly ironic since not long ago there was a thread about certain cemeteries that will not allow pictures of headstones to be taken. Apparently the Hoarders are not going to "take no for an answer" they all went on about the clever ways to take pictures without the staff catching you, hilarity ensued when they took turns describing how sneaky they were in getting the picture of said head stone, good times. Fortunately the Hoarders have a double standard for themselves, they "refused to play by the rules" of the cemetery and were able to jack up their photo numbers too. Say it with me …H-Y-P-O-C-R-I-S-Y
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Totally agree. They're like the republicans of Find A Grave.

A lot of those members are a pathetic lot. Jim Tipton must be laughing all the way to the bank.


I did not know how upset people were getting about me using different names on this website. I assumed because the site tracks the town and state people would be able to identify my posts.

In July something was wacky with the site.All my posts are listed under Madison Wisconsin from July 1, 2012 to July 27,2012 On July 28 it changes to Minneapolis, Minnesota. I will now stick to using one name to help you all out but if I forget remember all of July Madison WS and Minneapolis Minnesota to date.

PS Its not very nice to call people corpse hoarders and flying monkeys :sigh


Hmmm.... Anita Bracken uses names like this: flying monkeys, cronies, corpse isn't that the kettle calling the pot black??

I found your blog and all though you claim anita bracken uses these terms I can not help but point out that there is no reference of her using them?

I see here that you created them.

you are using them. Do you have something going on that causes you to project your own behavior on to someone else and claim it to be repulsive.


Miss Kitty, (is that an homage to your 19 cats?) Little tin cup.....Oooooo good one, you really put me my place. I guess you have the last word on this, I simply cannot compete with your edgy wit.

Now that you have set us all straight you job here is done. Get off the computer for 10 minutes, go outside, breathe the fresh air, feel the sun on your face. You remember the sun right?

Pssssst, I'm a girl.


@ TheyWalkAmongUs you're right they do and you're one of them...Now be a good boy and hold your little tin cup out and I'll put some pennies in it for you!! :)


Aww gee...Listen to the whiners want some cheese with that whine? Sounds to me you(Koda and theywalk) have a serious problem...You know gimme gimme gimme then when you don't get your way you come here and whine and cry about it...Oh boo hoo poor poor you! Grow up!!


Oh and I failed to mention - that was done without a word to me. I didn't know it had taken place until I DISCOVERED it.


I only wish they WOULD "ban" me. They took my $15.00 for sponsorship of 3 memorials I created then gave them to a "HOARDER" because he wanted them for his "Cemetery Collection".

Those 3 were direct Ancestors of MINE. So now it looks as though I'm "sponsoring" (at $5.00 each) 3 memorials that it now LOOKS as though I didn't create.




@Kenny D.

From reading your comment below it is apparent that English is a second language. Just wanted to let you know that A LOT is two words.


[B]Richard Pea[/B] :cry I think you are leave alot out that you created duplicate memorials and your were warned, but you kept on pushing the issue, that is why you were ban, so stop sling false information. :x

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Raleigh, North Carolina
Find A Grave Forum
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Find A Grave: CemetaryPhoto Removal

Hi I went to add some flowers to friends and relatives virtual memorials on Find A Grave this morning, and found that all but one of 15 grave/mauseleum photos had been removed. They Had been taken and put up on my memorial pages by volunteer who had my permission to do so. I am dissbled and annot travel and those photos of my Mom, Dad, sisterAunts, and dear friends meant so much Others have have had their cemtary photos remove too Why did they do this If anybod could she light on thisit would be deeply appreciated T hanks Rose
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Please do not listen to the follow the rules and you will be fine i did listen to that and a lady who adds names from death indexes to random cemeteries had mine deleted in the correct cemetery and threatened the family members in her public bio probably the administrators mom 505 Firefly


I have been slapped for this before, but NBC news stated that if you load your photos to a digital web site like *** or Facebook, you lose your claim to that photo. *** can even sell that photo.

But on the same story, folks on this site are literally copying copyrighted books and posting here. They claim public domain. Public domain is for government officials, not ***. Public domain can be used everywhere, but that is just an excuse.

I would like for the Supreme Court to rule on this.

I expect in the very near future with enough complaints to the attorney general of each state, this will stop. If not the ones doing it will be fined or *** shut down.


It's pompous to believe that because someone has provided a (free) service to you that it entitles you to steal it and use elsewhere. Ancestors are not "property" but intellectual materials and photographs are.

Did you steal all your term papers, too, just because someone already published the information and you managed to get your grubby fingers on it?

I've never denied anyone using my photographs, but luckily - most people I've met have had enough tact to ask permission and offer to leave a credit to me.

Some photos have even been used in publications without compensation and I'm fine with that. A decent attitude, a little appreciation, and offering to respect their work goes a long way.


@Grave finder.

I received an email from that one of the photos I uploaded was flagged as copyrighted and that I should remove it. That blew my mind.

My ancestors grave copyrighted?! So I took it off my family tree and requested for ANOTHER volunteer to take the photo and mentioned that it would be for our family tree even BEFORE the new photo was taken. It was, and the person said no prob you can use it! But low and behold, after having this back and forth conversation with cluckymom at findagrave, telling her how dare she think its ok to photograph someone's family headstone and then MAKE them ASK permission if they can use it...well, I find myself banned from the forums and my profile deleted.

All I have to say is: Forget that madness.

I thought Findagrave was a godsend, now I know that site is all about people trying to CLAIM the rights of my ancestors final resting place just so they can have power over others. *** off.


"How Sad" --I am a photo volunteer and encourage others to use my photos. It makes me sick to see other volunteers mad that people use their photos.

I am here to help others, not get glory for myself. If you are so concerned about copyright and getting credit, you should stop photographing.


I am a volunteer on *** and I have readily given permission to anyone who has asked for them to use my photos on their own website or family trees.

The point is, the proper thing to do is to follow forum guidelines and get permission before using the photographs.


That there are those who choose not to follow guidelines established on a website. Someone is kind enough to go out and find specific graves and take photographs of the headstone -- without compensation, giving their own time, and gas to get there.

Then the recipient of the volunteer's kindness is repaid by someone disregarding the guidelines of the website and copies those photos for publication on a different website. Wow.

Really does encourage people to want to volunteer, doesn't it? Did you bother to even contact the photographer in advance and ask if they would mind?


File a copyright complaint with my ISP? Hahaha!

"Unbelievable", you are just plain nuts. No, she didn't have to take the pictures, but she did. If she didn't want me to have them, she could have let another volunteer do it.

The pictures are staying on my site. Get over it.


Unbelievable, your crazy rant is so precious, earnestly citing some ambiguous "FEDERAL LAW", asking people if they are "slow", I am picturing you as some old crone with dial up, neck veins bulging out while you furiously type your "threats". So cute.

Sadly it does not change the fact that no one cares that you and "many people are very actively filing complaints" Who exactly are you complaining to to? The Supreme Court? I don't think they take complaints. You can file complaints all day long, nothing is going to happen, you know it, I know it and the people "lifting" your pictures know it.

I think I may file a complaint about you to someone about your atrocious grammar and your bullying of the OP.

You don't want people to take your so-called copyrighted picture? (Puh-leese :roll ) Don't post them online to a site that gets upwards of 10,000,000 hits a day. It really is just that simple or ARE YOU SLOW?


The photos are copyrighted. As to who to complain to, the website or its ISP.

Hit them with a takedown notice. Any site foolish enough to ignore takedown notices is risking a lawsuit and copyright lawsuits are easy money for attorneys. Many are settled out of court or before judgment and it's why you rarely hear about the majority of copyright lawsuits.

Ask Roni Loren how much it cost to use photos they thought weren't copyrighted. Many volunteers are professional photographers and they have a full copyright protection on all of their works instead of the basic copyright.

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Reston, Virginia
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Find-A-Grave - Photos of Memorial Monuments

For those unhappy about finding photos of your family members memorial monuments and considering it infringement of your privacy: 1. When someone dies, they no longer have civil or legal rights 2. Find-A-Grave preserves history and does a wonderful service for those working on heir family history and genealogy 3. Anyone can walk through a cemetery or mausoleum and view the final resting places of the deceased. The cemeteries and mausoleums are open to the public. Cemeteries and mausoleums are not your private property. Others are not doing anything illegal by taking and posting photos on line. If you don't like what you may see on Find-A-Grave, don't go to that website to view the content.
View full review

The contributors are opening private family cemetary gates that are locked 24 / 7 and entering without permission. How dare you.

How *** dare you. I swear to god I'm going to sue each and every person for trespassing that I can lock onto using that website that have done so. Invasion of privacy, criminal trespassing, disturbing the dead, do any of these charges sound familiar? because they will soon enough.

The whole idea escapes me that a privately owned *** PRIVATE graveyard is being entered. How do you even find it? how? and then I see my grandmothers stone on the internet for your enjoyment?

this is recreation for you? you think you are researching geneology?

you are stealing information and distributing it across the internet. i'm thinking class action to shut you and everyone like you down.


Public cemetaries may be public but guess what sunshine. Private cemetaries exist where private gates are kept locked and meant to keep the public out. you are advocating invasion of privacy and disturbing the dead as well as criminal trespassing


Its not a crime to tell your child he/she is a piece of garbage everyday so everyone should do it?.... To all of you who think the site is great thats wonderful!

my question is why do you think because you feel that way it is a universal thought. Bad news the world is full of people that have different views and do not deserve to be attacked for having different views.

They need to be respected as do you. If what you do makes someone feel violated and then not only do you make them feel violated you come on here to make them feel like they are less then you is sad and thats all you are is sad


Rella and those so ate up with hatred we can only say a prayer for that God will ease their pain.


I am in agreement with Roland.Here is a chance to do something nice. If you take a photo think of how you are keeping a memory alive.

You may help someone find family members or people in the future to do genealogy. Pat yourself on the back. Its free. Can you believe That???

Something free!!!!" Those of you complaining about emails not being answered need to volunteer your time at the site. There is one person doing this.

Its stated right on the page. Stop stamping your feet.Be thankful.


Here's what my Bio page on Find-a-Grave states about my photos, mostly of my family, but sometimes of their "neighbors for eternity" too:

"Feel free to use any of my grave marker photos any way that you want to, as none of them have any artistic value which would be covered by the intent of the Copyright clause in the Constitution."

The people who irritate me most in life are those who are MOST LIKE ME--that has been a hard Truth to accept and learn to get past. I can't change them--I can only change my attitude towards them.


Get over yourself. I know that *** jumped out of the computer and beat you to find them.

No you went looking. Just like you went looking for this site. As far as hurt, what hurts will make you stronger.

Move on or throw away your computer. It is your choice for the computer does not turn itself on.


Excuse me, all the grieving folk. Let me tell you what this site is to me.

Its a way to find my entire family tree. Its wonderful, to find everyone I love be on this memorial list I have created. I have not asked any of my family members for the rights to do this. I have created a book of everyone in orders, every person gets their own page.

Invasion of privacy....nope! Look it as a way of your loved one being known to future family member searching for them. I was excited to find old photos and gravestones of my ancestors. I added photos of my great grandmother that many of my realatives have never seen.

I tell you why, she died in 1920 when you were lucky to have a handful of photos, if not just one. She had one photo and two coies...all owned by my grandfather, her son. Now with a click of a mouse ALL my family can see a photo of her and a story. The deal is this the greatest thing ever and someone always had to complain.

CRAIG, YOUR STORY WAS RIGHT ON AND EXCELLENT.I like the way you think. These humans finally have a chance to come out and be recognized again, when they have simply been forgotten. I loved the saying about" PEOPLE LIVE ON FOREVER, AS ALONG AS YOU REMEMBER THEM." Well, I tell you all those that whine, one day you will be dead and no one will have a memory of your loved one because you stood infront of the an incredible desire to let these people continue to thrive and be apart of this moment, cause a nice volunteer kindly posted a photo. Maybe the photo is not for you, but for your desendent that one day reaches back in the past and wants to see who this person was.



You're a perfect example of the type of rude person I'm talking about.

What I know about the forums is what I've read here; I looked at them when I first joined the site but didn't post anything. I haven't read them since.

I've always been pleasant to the people I've interacted with; I don't typically announce that I've fulfilled a request unless there's a need to communicate additional information; my photos are high quality. I don't think the problem is ME, and you have no basis for assuming it is.

Further, don't assume I'm a hoarder. I've always been happy to transfer memorials on request, and have proactively transferred memorials to people I know are actively researching a particular family or cemetery without being asked and regardless of their relationship to the family. I've never filed a complaint against anyone, nor have I denied anyone use of a photograph, nor have I caused any drama.

Your hostile reaction is EXACTLY the reason I stick to photography and don't interact on the forums.

I suggest you learn some manners.


Hey "Yikes" your pants are on fire. You stated that "you couldn't pay me to hang out in the forums", it that a really big lie or just a little omission kind of lie? As in you are happy to be a bully over there for free?

If all you do is take pictures on Find a Grave how would you know if people were rude or not unless you "hung out in the forum" where they go on about that very thing every 3 or 4 days. If your statement is based on experience and half of "you" don't even say thank you then I suggest you find yourself another little hobby if all you are looking for is praise. You must be very unlucky with who you take pictures for, I have always gotten a thank you. Hmmm, maybe it's, oh I don't know...YOU?

Get over yourself. Hoarder.

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