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If they are going to make changes, then ask their subscribers what change(s) they would like to see, not what the administrators want changed.

And, add a damn phone number, so we can call in when we have a problem, and not just using an email address to contact you by, then wait 4 or 5 days for a reply. My problem is now, not 4 or 5 day later. *** by that time, I have already forgotten what my problem was in the first place, but you are probably hoping I will do that anyway.

And too, when we call in, make sure it isn't out sourced to a country like Pakistan, or India, where we, as customers, can actually understand what the person trying to help us is saying.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

I didn't like: Having to change my passcode.

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Do you ask your guests how to decorate your home? Didn't think so.


At least they take personal information off their memorials for those who are listed on a monument that are alive, unlike "Billions of Graves" who invade everyones privacy including the living ! They have some lowlife slobs there who accumulate names even for the living!

They do not understand privacy. Criminal behavior!

to Braindead #1507728

I agree.Actually f-grave is more of a genealogy website now which makes it much better. I appreciate the ones there who give family memorials to family.

And people who add memorials are still welcomed. People just need to learn to share and put family first over vultures who hoard graves for numbers. Just because you took a cemetery picture doesn't mean you should have all rights to another persons family.

No need to be greedy. Our world is too full of narcism!

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