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There is one thing about Find A Grave that drives me crazy, and that is that they allow so many pop-up ads that the website constantly freezes! Every single time I use Find A Grave, I find myself having to close out of the website numerous times and then go back in because of the pop-up ads causing the site to freeze.

It is beyond me why Find A Grave allows all these annoying pop-up ads. I find it outrageous that such a website allows this!

I will add here that my Pop-Up Blocker does no good! I am sure that I am far from the only Find A Grave user with this complaint!

Product or Service Mentioned: Find A Grave Website.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

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VERY DISRESPECTFUL. One day I went to the memorial for my 4 year old cousin.

Yes that is right, he was 4 years old when he died. As I hit the screen for the edit button an ad for "male enhancement" popped up, but it was too late. The ad was so quick I accidentally went to the site. I had to close the tab they retype everything to go back to the memorial.

I had to be careful as another pop-up appeared in the same location. Making money is more important than the memories of deceased people.


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Remains true in 2019. All of my browsers freeze and are extremely slow on the find-a-grave website.


I feel the same. I’ve been using FindaGrave daily for years, and it’s getting worse.

I have to close the tab, reopen, then try and find where I was.

It’s awful. Any ideas for getting rid of the ads on an iPad?


Use Ad-blocker plus with Chrome browser. Problem solved. Then you don't need to come to this site and mitch and boan!!


Fantastic level of kindness offered ... smh.

Not everyone is tech savvy or can add ad-blocker plus with a Chrome browser via their phone.

Amazing how people feel so emboldened to be snide online.


I totally agree its becomng such a problem i cant use the dsmn website, i keep winning a 1000 dollars, but cant accss anything. Pissed off also


Use an advertisement blocker.


Please, do tell us what browser and popup blocker you're using, so others can be sure not to get the same one! I've never seen such a collection of hysterical posts, about some problem real or imagined.

Ask yourselves what you could do better, and only then start complaining. Peace.


Okay hot head......get a grip!

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