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That same ***, Anthony Jerome, "AJ" Marik deleted 5 years of Biography work I did on a grave I found belonging to a Medal of Honor awardee with the help of his only grand child. *** had created a memorial with NO grave, a violation of their own guidelines. I had just heard that the Congressional Medal of Honor Society had vetted all my research and were beginning the process for getting a marker placed. All my hard work was finally being vindicated with a marker! I went to update my memorial and it was GONE. The *** memorial still out in La La land with all the old bad information. So I write Katrina asking what happened to my memorial in such and such Cemetery. Then I get a response that my email was forwarded to AJ the archivist and if my issue had not been resolved to email. Well of course nothing was resolved so I emailed AJ back and got this from him.

"The memorial for Mr. Siegel that you created in 2010 was merged into the existing memorial. Find a Grave does not allow duplicate memorials under any circumstances."

So I checked the memorial link he sent and it was now in the correct cemetery they had deleted mine from but had none of the information mine had and they had even deleted their incorrect death date and left it blank. He did not even transfer the flowers.

Now *** had always led me to believe if you find a grave and create a memorial and there is another one that has NO location and is just out in La La land that the memorial in the CORRECT location will have the other merged with it. Well there was no merging at all in this case just deleting and flat-out lying.

Well karma is coming for AJ you my friend! You keep beating your dog and one day he will turn and *** your ***.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

Monetary Loss: $300.

Preferred solution: Merge the bio information, flowers, and photos as you should have!.

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Your cryin' and whinin' about words on a computer screen that you admit that was your *** mistake. Seriously, dude, you need to grow up.


You grow up!!! Practice what you preach!


Memorials that are deemed "famous" have different rules than non-famous. You may not like it, but that's the way the site works.

All memorials for Medal of Honor recipients are considered "famous" so are managed by Find A Grave. Most (about 98%) of them have already been entered. Did you search for the person before creating your duplicate? It sounds like you did since you mentioned the other memorial was "still out in La La land".

(It wouldn't have been "still" if you didn't know about it.) If you knew where the grave was located, you should have submitted an update to the existing memorial.

The bio you wrote was not added to the original/famous memorials because it did not meet those guidelines.

Writing about the situation on your profile bio was the wrong move.

It's dissing your host on their own site. Flowers are intended to pay respects to the deceased, not air grievances.


It is about respect Anthony Jerome Marik, not a "Famous" rating. You have no respect for those doing the work and simply want to flex you muscle, typical of people like yourself.

You did not even contact me. It was only recently confirmed correct so why would I contact you with information that was not confirmed, so you can take credit for it when it is? Is that why you take the "Famous" memorials, for the control? Does that give you a high?

You have no empathy or simply humanity for those dedicated to "Accurate" history that spend money they do not have to do the job. You power mongers don't give a hoot about the guy helping you rather then taking care of them selves because it is that important to us. As a human, John Otto Siegel was a real piece of work and hurt far more people then he helped but his story still should be told. He still deserves a marker and to be remembered for what he did that was good!

You just denied that. You not only disrespected me but Siegel and his family for whom I have be helping with this. Because your in a positions of power you do what you want, right or wrong, rule or not. You simply don't care.

If you did, as 30 second email message would do the trick and would have prevented all of this. I wanted what was right, not the memorial. I gave all my memorials away, only you refuse that too. People truly care, unlike you.

This is all some people have, unlike you. All the other people that left flowers on my memorial, I guess they were not worth transferring? The photos too? Make all the excuses you want AJ, what YOU did was just wrong and as an Admin should have been handled better.

I am nobody, I make lots of mistakes but I am not an admin. I am just somebody that PAID money to sponsor graves that you have also now blocked me from.

And why the need to lie to me and say you merged it? Why not just say it was not the way you want it and suggest something.

Why lie about merging the photos, the flowers, the family links?

Why do you feel the need to lie about any of it? I messed up, no lie, so why do you feel the need to lie about something like that and only become truthful after you have been "Dissed" as you call it?

And what was your reasoning for deleting a public message left for me that simply asked me not to delete my work and to try and work with you? That had no impact other then letting people know something had happened and you just want to hide if from the public. I understand your shame but I can accept it, acknowledge what I did wrong, try to make it right and improve.

Maybe you are human?

You don't like it when someone calls you out. You don't like people seeing what you did. When you screw up you simply try to cover it up. Well I apologizes for my childish move, that is what it was and a lot of people suffered for what I did and I hate myself for it.

I can say that. You on the other hand, will never lower you self to apologize for anything. Then you would have to admit you are not perfect that you do make mistakes. You think your better then everyone else, that is why you do this.

Well your just human no matter how much fame and power you have in your life. One day you too will be one of these memorials thanks to those of us that dedicated much of our lives to it, not just as a hobby. We feel its important.

Karma is alive and well and one day you too will feel pain, I hope you learned something worth while.

I did! Good luck with your future.


I'm not AJ - not now, not when I posted the first comment 12/17.

Thank you for admitting you were childish and in the wrong. The duplicate was indeed merged.

When a duplicate is merged into the original, the flowers from the duplicate become the most recent rather than integrated with the flowers that were on the original - in other words there are 2 groups of flowers in reverse date order. Look at the dates the 3 "most recent" flowers were added:




That 2011 flower was from the dupe. If some of the photos are missing it is probably because they were deemed inappropriate -- such as documents, scans of an obituary or newspaper articles, photos of houses, etc. (Refer to the FAQ about What kind of photos can be added to a memorial.) If you have proved where Mr.

Seigel is buried, the VA will provide a marker. Getting a VA marker does not depend on having a F.A.G. memorial. I have worked to get markers for 3 unmarked veteran's graves, including 1 Civil War vet whose grave was unmarked for over 100 years.

NONE were on F.A.G.

before the marker's were placed. Although I hope you feel better after venting here, I doubt anything is going to appease your hurt feelings.


Yes, I DO feel better. Thank YOU for being more of an adult about it now rather then those that choose to simply join in the ugliness showing there ugly side and faning the flame.

Logic wins the day in the end. I suffer from mental illness and I am trying to manage my medication. I have sought help after this, no thanks to the other childish reply's. I AM the only one at fault, and apologies once again for my actions.

I am sad that "what the world has come to", is that most people don't care.

They would rather berate someone that has apologized and admitted there wrong. I guess it makes them feel better about themselves.

I all ready hate myself for what I did and it seems that the ugly side out there would rather hear on the news about how I snapped and killed people before being killed by the police. It seems the only way to make it in THIS worlds is to be mean and cruel and kick a person when there down.

Best of luck to you.


And you didn't have any *** respect for the site you were using. If you knew the rules, you didn't follow them = disrespect.

If you didn't know the rules, you didn't bother to read them = disrespect. Grow up, dude. They didn't owe you any email because they put all the info in their FAQs. It was up to you to read it.

You wouldn't be blocked from the site if you had acted like an adult. You screwed up. They fixed your screw up. And you want an apology.

For what? For doing their JOBS? *** unbelievable.

But that is what the world has come to - the one who effed up gets butt hurt over being corrected and then expects everyone else to make them feel better. Seriously, dude, grow up.


To Anonymous Dec 28, 2015 #1084740


If you don't put a period after each letter F.A.G. it thinks it is offensive so they censored it from my report.

No bad words! They have sense deleted my account after I continued to write about what had happened on my page and they continued to delete my bio and even public flowers people left about it this issue. Nothing bad AJ just doesn't want anybody to know about it I guess.

You can't delete if from my facebook page! I will do my best to let the public know about AJ's handling of this history and Find-A-Grave's backing of this lying bully of an admin.


That is bigoted and narrow-minded! Give a break! No one cares but U!


To those who are offended..................:(

A lot of people use the initials F.A.G. for findagrave.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with doing so. Only few troublemakers out lurking around would be offended over such a *** thing!!!!!!! Good H-L it is *** for people to throw a child's temper tantrum over something so ignorant.

Some people need to get a life and quit being offended over juvenile things and need grow a set of brains and grow up. :(




That you feel the need to display his full name yet hide behind your own made up name speaks volumes about you and your intentions.


I think AJ is Hot!!! I have no shame in my game !


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Report him to Margo the Head of Ancestry .Then see how many graves and emails he stills As he makes a joke about women on their knees to men .