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At first *** appears to be a wonderful site for family memorials and family tree help... But BEWARE, what you write on their site NEVER belongs to you.

The admins who work for f.a.g, own everything, they can-&-do give your work to whoever they wish and you are NEVER NOTIFIED of it... Or responded to when found and ask WHY. All anyone has to do is write *** and ask for a memorial transfer that in 99.9% of the time is granted. Then that new person has the right to delete your writings, rearrange and/or rewrite all your hard work.

The only thing they cannot do is delete the original memorial, but they can sure-enough rewrite it... AND if you get mad, angry or upset, and notify the admin of that area (example: Raleigh County, W.Va.), you like MANY OTHERS can-&-do find themselves/yourself deleted off Find-a-grave with one click of that admins mouse, and ALL your writings at that time are taken over by ***... You have NO Recourse for assistance... NO Help is offered to you, even when you ask for it...

The admins rule, and there is NOTHING you-or-I can do about it...


Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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to Jennings2013 #1372459

If I could post a screenshot I would. Under the stars, it clearly states "Poster decreased review rating."

So any *** is from the original poster (Jennings2013).


Reply to post of 8-1-2017 by GoodCitizen ... Oh my gosh...

You condemned my writing about find a grave in Foolishness... Then you even had the audacity to decrease my review rating to 2.4, that all other readers found as 5-star, what a simple head you are... My post was as honest as it gets, and your accusation against my writing is as you write the one "full of misinformation." Examples... (1) You state find a grave policy, however find a grave does NOT in many cases live up to it itself....

(2) You say admins are just simply employees... NOT True as they override any and all text they want to, and they even kick you off the site, WITHOUT reason, of which I have proof and a witness of an actual happening, as it occurred... (3) Folks have NO help in defense of, or vindication for what a bad admin decides to do. Admins do whatever they want and when they want to.

You cannot defend yourself or the family treasures you post on find a grave, and that is the Complete Full Plain Truth of it... ! (4) You say they do not give "your work" to others without a reason... this also is FALSE, and again I have the proof and a witness of an actual happening as it occurred...

(5) Regarding Ancestry, yes they are now the parent company, and being so I sent them as requested, all my proof documents for them to see the wrongful action a W.Va. Raleigh County admin., asking them to please take action based on the proof to reinstate me on the web-site, and to deal with that admin firmly and swiftly. Ancestry replied they were sorry for what happened but they Do Not Manage or Supervise anything on the web-site, saying that Ancestry's involvement is just in the Name. Ancestry continued that the find a grave employees still run and maintain control, like it was never purchased by Ancestry...

(6) I also have many, many records that were STOLEN by that admin and I can also prove that. In many cases my name was deleted and that admin added her/his name in place of mine, using my original date of submission as theirs. In other cases where a memorial was transferred to me, and I wrote the life story... my name was again deleted, and the memorial reverted back to the person who transferred it to me, THEN that memorial was again transferred/given to another contributor of the web-site...

(7) In conclusion, it appears with your reply that you did NOT do any research, thus giving the impression that you might be an employee of find a grave yourself... I suggest before you ever write another negative reply, you come down out of your ivory tower and do some personal research, and thus find the Real Truths.

to Jennings2013 #1364383

What were your examples? You said "Examples" but didn't give any evidence to refute my statements, just more claims.

Yes, the admins ARE employees of Find A Grave (and thus Ancestry).

The admins do not "own" the memorials; Find A Grave does. You gave the SITE ownership when you used the website (policy previously quoted). Does an employee of Ford own all the Ford products? Of course not!

Employees are paid to do their job, according to the company's policies, and do not own the company's assets. THAT is a "Real Truth"!

Yes, the admins (employees) can override any text...primarily because a.) the text violates their policy in some way; or b.) they were asked to make the change by another member who provided documentation because the manager refused. Again, both of those actions ARE according to their policy.

I've been on the site for many years (ergo, experience IS my research) and seen a fair number of people kicked off the site.

Every single time it was because the MEMBER would not follow the site's rules. Again, the Terms of Service cover that contingency "If we believe, in our sole discretion, that you are acting inconsistently with the letter or spirit of these Terms, including the Community Rules, or if we are required to do so by law, we may limit, suspend or terminate your access to the Websites and Service at any time and without the need of obtaining a judicial resolution in this regard. We also reserve the right to suspend or terminate your access to the Websites for any reason. If your account is terminated for any reason, you will no longer be able to access information under your account."

They told you right there in plain writing that they can and would ban you "for any reason".

We are GUESTS of the site. We have to follow their rules, even when we don't like them. It's that way on just about every site but too few read the fine print to know they can't do anything they want. ALWAYS acquaint yourself with and follow the rules of any website you use.

Don't make up your own rules. Don't think you can do whatever you want.

You said "In many cases my name was deleted and that admin added her/his name in place of mine.." How do you know the name of the admin? I know the names of the 4 that are published on the website and 3-4 others from whom I have received emails.

There's no way for users to know how many admins there are or what their names are. You also mentioned "I sent them [Ancestry] as requested, all my proof documents for them to see the wrongful action a W.Va. Raleigh County admin". That statement leads me to believe you are confusing MEMBERS with admins because admins are not assigned locations.

It also sounds like you created duplicates and/or "unknown burials" and your memorials were MERGED into the legitimate memorials. That's standard operating procedure (S.O.P.) and covered in the FAQs. Yes, memorials that were transferred to a terminated member are returned to the previous manager.

Again, S.O.P. Banned members have another commonality: they NEVER admit they did anything wrong.

to GoodCitizen #1517386

What a person of subnormal intelligence

to Jennings2013 #1517379

I totally agree with this writing including the 'spot-on' conclusion that GoodCitizen needs to come down out of his or her your ivory tower and do some personal research thus finding the Real Truths of find-a-grave admins.


Your post is full of misinformation. When you add anything to ***A..G.., it is covered by their Terms & Conditions that say that you grant them "perpetual" permission to "host, store, copy, publish, distribute, provide access to and otherwise use such material, including, hosting and access on co-branded services of that material, and to use the data contained in that material as search results and to integrate that data into the Service or other services as Find A Grave or the Group Companies deem appropriate."

The admins of the site are simply employees.

Everything is owned by ***A..G.. and their parent company Ancestry. They do not give "your work" to others without a reason, such as a required transfer or merging a duplicate (because duplicates are not allowed). You are not notified because you agree to follow their policies.

It is not true that all "anyone has to do is write ***A..G..

and ask for a memorial transfer that in 99.9% of the time is granted." Rather 99.9% of the time, they only transfer if the relationship between the person requesting the transfer and the deceased person is one of the "required" relationships listed in the FAQs. If someone is banned from the site for objecting to a merge or transfer, it was probably because they were rude, crude or abusive to other members and/or the admins.

to GoodCitizen #1517384

What a person of subnormal intelligence !

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