Frederick, Maryland

Findagrave... Some person keeps contacting me and telling to take my information off the finderagrave site, and says it is all duplicates when it is not (very snotty and angry emails).

This person is slanderous and writes rude remarks on my ancestors comments. Very unprofessional and one angry busy-body.

There is no way i can contact this person except through findagrave.

I just wish they would quit contacting me with their BULLY emails. Frankly, I am ready to pull all my information from their site, but perhaps this is what they would like me to do so they can claim my grave information.

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It is bad business for a website to profit from the gravestones, plots and obituaries that family provided and paid for through cemeteries, funeral homes and newspapers. The f.a.g.

sites members are notorious for stealing pictures of family members and copying obituaries.

All violations of copyrights. They have done this with the victims of Sandy Hook and Boston bombing victims.


Tipton is a THEIF and a ***. The SOB needs to be locked up. And all those *** hoarders/collectors are nothing but pitiful, miserable little self-loathing maggots with no life of their own.


Hi you "pissed consumers" feel free to show my family the same inconsideration I show yours on my F.A.G. website.

Tipton Family Find A Grave Memorial# 5555157

F.A.G. Memorial# 5015504

F.A.G. Memorial# 18017725

F.A.G. Memorial# 48701761

F.A.G. Memorial# 29073528

F.A.G. Memorial# 29072867

F.A.G. Memorial# 29072562

F.A.G. Memorial# 29072343

F.A.G. Memorial# 29072562

F.A.G. Memorial# 29072867

Jim Tipton (#1)

Nancy Tipton Davis (#47039278)

Jennifer Tipton (#50913)


Is the petition still ongoing I would like to sign. I am a victim of find a grave and have been verbally attacked by a member and emailed vicious threatening emails.

I did forward the emails to their email provider and the emails have since stopped. But I would like to file a criminal case against them and the owner of the website.


I have spent hours walking to cemeteries and many more looking for gravestones

to have people copy my photos and post them under their name.many ,do nothing more than copy and past obituaries and request photo's they copy and past for their own credit.


INDEED, They have some very old, grumpy, pushy, busybodies with bad attitudes working for them. It is ashamed that some of these characters steal stuff from others who work hard at putting their family names on this site.

These thieves are indeed uncivilized in every which way, and as well do not work well others.

Absolutely no manners whatsoever! Some of these characters have nothing better to do with their boring lives but confiscate material from others -- very sad for a company.

Blue Genes
@I have dealt with a hag!

I completely agree! I have had some really bad experiences with them including having all of my work deleted.

We are talking over 10 years worth of work that was just deleted for no reason and without warning. I've contacted them many times regarding this but have never even gotten a response.

@I have dealt with a hag!

The major problem is a woman who calls herself Diehard.

She is CRAZY. She is an old woman with nothing else to do but go through people's memorials.

She pretends to be admin friends. They cant stand her.


Sorry you had a bad experience most people go in to that chaos unsuspecting and unknowing that the site is full of crazy people. The irony is they ban the victims of harassment.