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I submitted a few famous memorials, some with pictures, some with full burial information. I would say that I've submitted 15 or so famous memorials and they approved almost half. Some are no longer shown, those that are still up they have denied me credit, removed pictures I submitted and replaced them with photos submitted by some of their "top contributors". When I complained I always got a rude response and it usually ended this way: we're not a public site, we have the last word and what we say goes.

Fair enough, however encouraging people to submit memorials only to refuse good solid submissions (and then submit them on their own) denying credit, swapping photos and bio info is disrespectful and bad business. I was so frustrated with Find A Grave's behavior that I changed my sign-in name to "Not A Top Contributor" and for doing so they banned me outright.

The sad part is I have a PAID memorial to my dog that now only I can see but can no longer access contributor tools.

If they don't want me as a member fine but at least have the decency & maturity to grant me access to my paid dog's memorial so I can remove it IF I SO DESIRE. (I mean I paid for it right and this site is supposedly about respecting the dead, right)?

There's a small circle of friends who rule that site and if you're not one the top contributors they treat you with profound disrespect. All I ever did to *** them off was to change my to log in name to NOT A TOP CONTRIBUTOR as a way of silent protest and for that without communicating to me I'm banned (for life, 7 maybe 9 years thus far). Talk about thin skin.

I guess If your not part of their little inner circle...

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Similar experience. Hard researched, well documented entries that stood for years will be stolen and even credited to others, without warning or explanation. Internet grave robbers, a new breed out of Utah.

to ls raghleigh #1542673

I guess Utah owns all the sites! Some big genealogy researching going on there. AND IT'S ALL SEEMS TO BE PART OF THEIR CULTURE THERE.

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