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The tin-pot dictators (admins) and their forum "pets" are at it again! Some of the self-imagined forum "royalty" were so offended by the word "hoarder" (I guess the truth hurts)that they whined and complained to the admins about it, and the admins, instead of telling them to deal with it, obligingly changed the program so that unless you put a space or some kind of symbol between each letter of "hoarder," it changes the word to "contributor." There's some talk of doing the same thing for the word "numbers." More troubling than the censorship, is that someone (I think it was Jackie, AKA Diehard) said that they found the word "hoarder" to be as offensive as the "N" word, and that statement didn't seem to bother anyone, outside of a couple of people.

Another instance of censorship (IMO anyway) has recently been implemented in the so-called "Help" Forum.

The dictators have decreed that once they determine that a question has been "adequately answered," they will lock the thread.

Way to stifle free speech, Find-A-Grave!

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Yeah jimmy tipton now let ancestry run the site like it should be can't wait to see you leave and take all you hateful administration to hEllll with you. I still get a chuckle out of the FACT that tipton neglected to inform f.a.g.

members of the sale of f.a.g.

to ancestry all those foolish members found out through ancestry not the all mighty forum. :grin :grin


Hooray for Jim Tipton and the great site he created. For those of us who enjoy genealogy, this site has been amazing.

Thanks, Jim, and congratulations on your sale. Ancestry has picked a good one!


Hey Anonymous : The only *** is you. You think everyone should bow down to you.

Wrong !!! You are a real piece of work. How many memorial pages have you got from Find A Grave that were Stolen and passed on to you by you Buuudy ? One of the top Memorial Hoarder has almost 2 Million memorial pages.

Now is that hoarding or not? Dahhh Now if this dumb *** dies nobody will transfer them , Nobody will manage them , No corrections will be made because there is nobody at Home at Find A Dummy. Except you !! You will be there with your hands out begging for more.

Nobody cares about your ancesters.. Oh -- You worked so hard !! What about anyone else ? Is their time worth anything or is it all about you ??

Messing it up for you ,, I can only hope so. Get a life !!


Let me tell you blooming idiots a thing or two. Us "hoarders" have worked our buns off adding t this site.

Then here you come along, wanting SOMETHING FOR NOTHING and mess it up for all of us.

This is a cemetery registration site....get over it, we don't actually hold dead bodies. How *** can you get?

We added names to cemeteries, you can find this same information all over the web.

Try rootsweb tombstone transcription project, genealogy trails, type in transcri0ptions in your search ENGINE and get busy if you are too lazy to go out and actually walk and photograph cemeteries.



JWG throwing a hissy fit like a seven year old? She seems to be very good at that.

I'm glad my mother taught me better.

Maybe if she stopped hoarding people wouldn't call her a hoarder? Seems simple, but that would just be way to easy.

@Southern Belle

JWG now has no control... ha.. I love it

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