Keep getting a request to delete dup. Who in the *** is he does he have authority to view my records. {{Redacted}}

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His 2 accounts are gone so findagrave done their job ! The 2 Accounts had help from some one with a On and off switch .2 many graves was removed to easy findagrave person had to removed the graves then Chris and Forest hill same person just adds them back right then to their account with no thought they knew they wasn't getting in trouble they done a 100 times Chris and forest was someone that worked or had worked for findagrave thats how Chris and Forest Hill did it , they still had the codes to turn off the grave under a fake name Big thanks to findagrave Jenn Tracy ,Jena , Mark, Peter ,Dodge , Marie Tayne Jim Ben ,Katrina thanks for what you do


has no one ever ask for help from the Washington post. New York Times Or maybe Oprah .Wright the Senators in Utah on how that company is been run Its really something to see so much going on .

so many putting work in to a site .A few that can kill someone or same as and they get a pass. If your account is removed 5 times and you gets back on .Then makes and runs 7 accounts !Something is not right .just look what's went down with facebook. email the show who do yo think you are . email the road show tell them what's going on .The ancestry company in from the U.K.

Look up the company. Long lost families . Some will go to Facebook and bad mount findagrave but the curator have join the sites .

Report it to Facebook I do not think it's Jim and his wife I think it's the ones that work for them they get a raise out off getting to boot someone off . The curators have removed their photos and transfer their graves to other family member but ever one done knows who they all are 3 years ago Shelly sent emails out telling everyone who they was .Then seen that was a no no she changed her name Russ is the best one he is not so into his self mark is good to .Tracy will always help out too.Randy Shelly shared his kids pictures with her Facebook friends and his mothers obit.I was in shock my friend was in a off Facebook group with the Deb And Shelly And a guy named Ray where they was sharing curator information That they was calling on


Reason being that duplicate memorials are unacceptable.

They display lack of respect



Chris was doing this to ever one, He had 2 accounts Chris and forest Hills, Member after member was saying i do not know what happen, Most of the members had2 findagraves for the same person, i think it was a bug . I read what chris was doing .

He would tell someone they had dup then . He would delete theirs then he re make it himself . Also he would get mixed up on which account he was on ,He would ask on Chris page then next time come back on the forest hill, He was not a nice person sometime i thought it was the ratto lady . On her reg Page she said her spark was gone for findagrave.

. Wow to say that. Chris would said and did to the guy that posted the page just do i do not care why you done it .

Sad to see a member thats been on fag over 16 years talk to members that. So please do not judge members becaues sometime its not their fault Thanks everone lets just work for the good of findagrave I see member after member that are bullys is getting the boot chris and forest hill did they should have.


tell me someone that hasn't made a dup very easy to do .I have and searched the cemetery and name and still done it .please give the person a chance to removed it , No one that works for findagrave would have been talked to like Chris and Forest Hill talked to the members . Or they would have turn there page off on the spot take it to Lynn Tanya Jim Margo Not every women has to bow down to Man it's not cool or funny @ me too


It seems the problem is a basic misunderstanding of the site. It's a public site; anyone (and everyone) can view your entries.

Duplicates are not allowed. If yours is the later memorial, you need to delete it. Read the FAQs (which includes their rules and policies) and follow them.

By using the site, you are agreeing to abide by their rules. If you can't do that, don't use the site.


Chris was just being very rude to every one. Sure your right about the duplicate .But it was more than that .He was a trolling members graves on 2 accounts Or more.

Most of the ones that had the duplicates Had done it with out knowing .Say Judy had 2 graves for Mary Hall .Thats what was happening .Not that Judy had a grave and then Tommy had a grave for the same person. Chris would get your grave delete pow ,Then Forest Hills would make it .Then about a week or so Forest Hill would delete his then Chris would create it .But how was Chris getting this done so fast Facebook He was friends with a curator on Facebook.It takes a while for them to get back to you as edit . Be kind to others that person was not .

Or He Chris was ACurator that got busted out by another curator . Who knows


Sure glad Chris and his friend are gone. It was uncalled for how Chris who ever he or she was treating members like dog piles .Thanks to Jena Tracy Jenn and all the team that puts a your out on rude mean members It helps all FindAGrave when these 3 work on a edit thank you team findagrave


Chris was very mean to membersThanks to the top team members for removing him and his friend wink wink They was the same person Thanks Tracy Tayna Jenn Jena Strong women rule at findagrave. It was Debbie ratto or Chris mills why they are still there