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Recently I have many issues with ***. First the contributors hide behind their screen name and are in it for the numbers.

The top 50! They should eliminate such rewards as we are talking about other peoples families!! The contributor will not get back to me or make changes. They don't know most of the people of the memorials they manage.

I have sent in requests that never are answered. The contributor puts inscriptions in memorial that are NOT inscriptions!! They put what they may assume! This one put in a person as a wife and it was his niece.

I have the proof. Documents, etc. Gave vol and page numbers etc and they still didn't change it. They had a person as a son instead of a brother.

The mother would have been 11 years old when she gave birth!! Don't these people put a little more research into a memorial...I requested my Aunt which doe not fall into their GUIDELINES!! She was like my grandmother. She lived with me when I was little, I took care of her well being when she was older and was next if kin in charge of her funeral.

We talked daily. This person doesn't even know her, her personality or her childhood or adulthood...and yet this person refuses to transfer her memorial to me. She never had any kids and died at 99 yrs old. If a person is in charge of a funeral that should suffice for having that memorial.

This contributor has almost my whole family. I emailed *** and they eventually transferred my grandparents but I am still waiting on the others. And of course I can not have any aunts and uncles. If some other relative wanted to take over the memorial I would not have any qualms with that.

Its people that don't have a connection with the memorial yet are so uncooperative. I must say I have made many request recently and I have never had a problem with any of them. It's the "one bad apple". I research any info that I put on *** to make sure it is accurate and I find that with a contributor that adds info that is incorrect should be removed from *** contributions.

They should have to document their findings if they are not related. Too many mistakes take people down the wrong path. Because of this contributor I went back into my searches and researched all over again thinking that I missed something. After the time and leg work involved I found that it was the contributors error.

And the contributor will NOT fix it. *** needs to reevaluate the guidelines and rules. I am thoroughly disgusted!! I had to email *** to get my daughters memorial transferred to me also.

And this contributor even added an inscription in this memorial.

There was none!! How can they do this and not be held accountable for it?

Product or Service Mentioned: Find A Grave Genealogy Record.

Reason of review: poor guidelines.

Find A Grave Pros: Finding information in cemeteries.

Find A Grave Cons: Unresponsive administrators, Posting incorrect info.

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To the OP- I feel for you. I also agree with every single point you wrote about.

What a low down dirty shame that such greedy and grievous behavior and actions are not just tolerated- but are also encouraged and rewarded. SMH!

Their so called "rules" are seriously flawed. False, and/or unverified information from strangers should never be allowed for memorializing.

That greedy "contributor" is a real POS- shame on that grave robbing ghoul for not relinquishing a member of YOUR family; whom they SHOULDN'T have any claims on after a family member comes forward.

I think no matter how distant of a relative is down the line, should trump a stranger's claim anytime!

You have every reason to be disgusted and upset with *** for allowing this type of appalling disrespectful ownership of your relative's memorial.

Why would that hoarding ghoul have memorials for members of your family that are complete strangers to to them?! That is indeed "ghoulish" behavior.

The whole *** site needs to be held accountable for promoting such idiotic behavior these rabid "number cruncher's" amass!


This is the info of the memorials this person has- Can you BELIEVE this!!!!

III (#47426837)  member for 5 years, 4 months, 21 days

Contributions to

Find A Grave

 • 482,718 Memorials Added

 • 482,312 Memorials Managed  • 1,712 Memorials/Week  • 1 Photo  • 3 Virtual Flowers  • 1 Fame Rating




Are you in it for the numbers with a reply like that? O MY GOSH!

I think she is write about those who spend days on end adding numbers to their family memorials with flower-gifs. Talking about a very dizzy group of knuckleheads!

I'm giggling out loud!-- being BLUNT about it -- they are not all there in the noodle area.


I think you meant RIGHT. I agree with you!


they are not friends they are greedy hoarders only looking-out for themselves. it is race to see who can create the largest numbers on their memorials.. Dancing on the graves of the dead for selfish gratification!




The gifting, flowering, knuckleheads there are also some big time stalkers who like to make trouble. A few old lazy bags there like running other people off the website.....

These silly hags have no other life but to only sit around all day looking for prospects who will leave flowers for their memorials. [It is all about how many numbers they can collect and receive for their deceased] Ignorance at its best!


Those people do not function in the real world.


There is one strange woman there who cuts and pastes lyrics and phases from memorials of other contributors, she does this constantly -- and then she adds what others have written to her own pathetic made up profile page. The woman is a complete fake and tell many lies!

Actually-- she is a foreigner who is a complete phony and definitly full of BS! Blah ,Blah , Blah!


A small group of weirdos of about 30 people there every day race to see who can get the most flowers gifs left on their memorials. These oddballs flower each other consistently every single day.

It is the strangest thing!

Talk about bored people with no lives to speak of. Pathetic!


It's a mental disease called Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder. It's a small group of people who do this stuff.

Mental disease out of control. Feel sorry for these folks!


Ya got about three wierdoes on there who flower memorials all night long every night! These strange ladies are memorial groupies and are all about BIG HUGE NUMBERS ON THERE memorials.

GREEDY PEOPLE!...................... SENSELESSNESS ............NUCKLEHEADS!


Some fakes need to be run off the site! Some have more than on account and use phony names and talk to themselves for attention.


Yes, oh my gosh! There are those members who cut and paste what others write.

Not even original with what they write! Fake and phony! I have seen a woman who copies stuff other people write and then acts like she was the one who wrote it first. BIG *** & LIAR!

Hides behind a fake name too. Some kind of a reaper of some sort!


Most of the Cut & Paste people are the easy-click Ancestry genealogists who wouldn't know real research if it reached up and slapped them in the face.


They hide behind phony names like dragon fly, super snoop, and deranged angel LOL!

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