Sgt. Richard Arvine Overton Born May 5, 1906 in Bastrop Co,Texas.

Create by- Jay Lance Picture by- Gtrg Raike Cemetery by- Fluttergirl My question is this Memorial should not be posted this man is still living as of today and he is over a hundred and ten years old.

what is this man see this Memorial site how could he take this at his age this is very disrespectful and I feel this should be taken down. This man is still alive living in Austin Texas

Product or Service Mentioned: Find A Grave Genealogy Record.

Location: Austin, Texas

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It is against *** rules to post living people, you need to contact adm. and tell them


My heart goes out to the family members that see's there love one on *** and is disappointed.


Certain members in my area were creating memorials for living members of a deceased person, derived from the Obit.

I was trying to get these deleted but Findagrave rebuffed me and change the rules allowing members to create memorials for living people.

It would appear that they would prefer large numbers despite errors.


They allow it because they are building a human data base, This site has NO PRIVACY rules nor respect for anyone-Not even the deceased! The 20 flower people there only flower each other all day long in a circular motion lol-lol!

AND they chase off some members from the site!

These crazy folks cause problems with many contributors who they feel inferior to. Lowlifes!


Well folks! The biggest problem on *** is a little senile group who go around leaving flowers for the same memorials everyday.

These folks are hilarious to watch and they think *** only consists of 50 deceased people total on the whole dang website. They are a very small little group of gossips and grumblers and definitely going senile.

It is kind a sad to watch them. My heart goes out to all these pitiful and poor souls.




Some people there create their memorials before they die and they are well prepared for the great day in the hole in the ground.


But this man is not aware of a team member has did this. World War Veteran that is still alive and who knows this man may out live the person that created the memorial. I think the team member is anxious to get credit for this Memorial he even have the cemetery where the man is how does he know that this man is going to be there in the cemetery which will create a false Memorial because they could take his body back to Bastrop Texas instead of Austin I still say this is disrespectful to be a war hero and they already have him posted as deceased


This War Hero doesn't know anything about this website. He didn't create this. Very disrespectful


Maybe he is one of those self- proclaiming genealogists on there and just wants to make a record of himself! I'm not talking about the guy who boasts about everyone he related to, Never mind that disrespectful guy or whatever he thinks he is!

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