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Total strangers can post your personal info and your deceased loved ones' info without your consent! I am trying to get two pages taken down which to my horror I discovered contained my info.

I do NOT want my parents' graves on the *** internet or my name, bday, etc. Who do these ghouls think they are? I read another person call them tragedy *** and that's right. Google yourself and get your info OFF find a grave if you find it, and for the love of God let the dead rest in peace!

My mom and dad would be so horrified to know they are stuck on the internet because of these grave robbers who get satisfaction from controlling the image of the dead, who cannot speak for themselves.

Sick, sick. Leave the dead and survivors be!

Product or Service Mentioned: Find A Grave Genealogy Record.

Reason of review: Invasion of privacy.

Monetary Loss: $1000.

Preferred solution: Remove pages created without consent of living parties listed. You do NOT have consent.

Find A Grave Cons: Personal info posted without permission by total strangers.

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What if you find info about your parents on another site (not affiliated with Find A Grave or Ancestry)? There are lots of sites that might have their cemetery info on it. You don't own your parents or anyone else's info.


I feel so bad for people who discover the Find A Grave site this way.

There are many members there who copy and paste obituaries the moment they appear on the internet. Those members visit newspaper, obituary, and funeral parlor websites daily.

It is all they do. Some have up to a million pages made.

The Find A Grave rules say members should be respectful of mourning family members, and generous to them if contacted. I have read complaints on this site today, of people who were mistreated by members at Find A Grave. That should never happen.

The rules also say that current obituaries are not to be used without consent of the newspaper. I can safely bet almost none ask permission, they simply race to be first to post it.

The rules also say that all mention of living people are to be removed from any obituary posted.

There are members who break all those rules but because they rack up the numbers, nothing is done.

In the end it is a site and survives on clicks and totals. The more pages they have the more clicks they get and the more financially stable or profitable they will be. If you contact Find A Grave and CALMLY tell them the situation, they will respond positively. If you want an obituary removed or the names of living people removed, tell them so.

Provide a link to the page or provide the memorial number in your email. If a member has been rude to you when you asked them to remove an obituary or the names of living people, tell the site about that. If you want to manage the loved one's page, join the site and ask the page manager for a transfer.

Tell them how you are related to the deceased. You do have recourse.


I agree with the person who wrote about F>G> tragedy *** The people who dwell on the wicked stuff done by others are absolutely sickening and disgusting! Let there be peace and dignity for those who have died instead of ignorantly making everyone a monument for evil death.

Enough of you people who do this awful and nasty stuff! Get a real life because you are truly insane!


Contact F.a grave and tell them you want your privacy and also demand it. It is your right to be private.

Your deceased parents deserve that courtesy too.............. Good luck!


I read the complaint on the (Tragedy *** Kind of a interesting blog............. You are right about that one!

It seems the problem is with some of those jokes there who leave flowers in some-kind of circus ring that happens there everyday.

Pretty funny! These folks are no doubt the loosely connected.