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This new Find-A-Grave site is a disgusting mess, with the info. all over the place.

The format is terrible, definitely not as legible as the old site.

You have to move all over the page to possibly find what you might be looking for.

I really fail to see, how that this new site is protecting our Privacy.

Just a lame excuse for change, most likely so that pages couldn't be printed off so easily.

New Memorials are added in the same way so what's that got to do with our Privacy.

I think this is a great dishonour to everyone who has worked diligently to make this a wonderful site.

I would be happy to see the old site left accessible. Please reconsider.

Product or Service Mentioned: Find A Grave Website.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Totally agree


Have you ever bought a house? When you did, I'll bet you decorated it the way you wanted rather than how the previous owners had it.

Suppose some of your guests were also guests of the previous owners.

If these guests tell you they like the old decor better, even though it was 20 years old, would you go back to that? That all sounds pretty ridiculous and yet, that's exactly what you're wanting from Find A Grave.


Put the "new" site in the trashcan. It was obviously designed by those who neither use nor contribute to Find A Grave.


You are absolutely correct. The old site is a 100% better and much easier to work with. THE new site is ATROCIOUS !


They finely took down the old website. People are quite upset !

This was the unthinkable thing to do. What a shame!

It's time to put up a memorial for the old website . The new site looks dang bad!


Eh....I have heard that the whole complaining crew on fg. are going at it full blast about how horrible the new website is.

Also, the flower-making donkeys who never quit griping about anything or everyone on this site. They hate all the lame changes happening there, and their whole intent for being there is to only bully, grumble and continuously tattletale on each other and cause chaos.


You are talking about the mentally deficient who hangout there daily. All we want is the old site back.


at first you could go to the original posted website, now the have destroyed Americas historical records of individuals that built the country, society and each one of their descendants EVIL and hey meant to do this harm

@Richard Archer

I agree! They have also destroyed many ancient and accurate genealogy lines which is very weird, and beyond me why anyone would go there and destroy peoples TRUE genealogy history! DNA is helpful ,,,but some of these control freaks who are doing this need to find another destructive hoppy to meet their foolish and whacky agendas.


This makes no sense.


Yep, there are many genealogy sites who have voluntarily people go in and mess up everyones genealogy work and research. OUTSIDERS!

I can't quite figure out who these people are, but they love to sabotage records ?!

I hope they bring back all the old sites. All the new ones are a mess!