I find it appalling that they could walk up to someones grave without permission and take a picture of it and put online for all to see. Immediate family know where their loved ones are buried, so what do you need a website like this for.

This is an invasion of privacy.

Very disrespectful. This website should be taken down.

Location: Waterbury, Connecticut

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Have you checked Google's StreetView for your address? I'll bet your home is there.

They didn't ask you for permission, did they?

And they don't have to. No one needs your permission to photograph a grave that is in a cemetery open to public visitation.


These people actually have the audacity to go someone’s gravesite, a person they don’t even know and violate their privacy by taking a picture of it and putting it up on a website. They did the same thing to my grandmothers resting place.

Never got our permission, just did it anyway.

We were horrified to see it online. We did not want certain family members to find her grave in fear of them doing something to her grave and these *** put it out there for everyone to see.


What gives them the right to take a picture of someone’s headstone. Why don’t they just take their flowers too while they’re at it.


Privacy laws do not protect the dead. Headstone photos are fair game.

Good luck with your 'lawsuits'. lmao

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