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My fathers listing has so many errors. It is ridiculous that this website allows just anyone to input the information. Someone needs to shut this sight down.

Product or Service Mentioned: Find A Grave Genealogy Record.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

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MB&Friends has been removed 4 times . She then stared useing her mothers account .Then Creates another account MDC-Angleswith her real name then that wastook off she created 4 Doc then they stop letting her add to it she then made DOC.

To get back on she created 425 in less than a month but was transferring back to FindAGrave as soon as she created them .Then 3 months after she was shut down on the MBFriends she was let back on again . Also Harold Clark and 2 more. years ago she was reported to Katrina she told a member that MBFriend had been warn about moving the graves .Also They are a account used by Michelle I feel that was hers also plus many more .She will report on member through her other accountsTo save her top account. Please visit her family graves leave a flower on Dochterman grave She is a nasty person to work with I now washed my hands but so many still have to deal with her !

The curators have now removed all there information but they let this person put living family they will track you down on Facebook, Katrina just didn't really know how bad mbfriend was or I don't feel she would let it go on!

Also when Shelly wanted some one removed she would add flowers to Debbie Dash family graves, A lady said her Boss reported it And the flowers that MBFriend left on dash family change to another member number that it a fact save on a Facebook page !Facebook has a findagrave page say anything you want about fag but Katrina is also on it . Katrina comes from a family that connects to the Smiths Mormon of the church ,So I can't understand why she would feel this is ok for what MBFriend is doing ,Maybe send the request to the Mormon Church and ask if they could help Go public with it .They want to work on mission This is a mission to stop bullying After 14 years of MBFamily I think if MBFriend done one of the Curators kids wrong that when it will stop Hey I am not a *** member just think its wrong Being they connect to the moron church and stand for people to be treated so wrong ,


I just lost my mother and set up her find a grave site. I went to complete my fathers, and I found out it is managed by a stranger, and even worse they want money, it is small, to release it to me, it has my photo of the gravesite and additional information.

I am furious. My family is upset and I am going after them with all I've got.

@Michael Cota

There are some sick and greedy strangers there who have more than 15 thousand memorials. These lowlifes will not let a family member manage or write a correct biography. Some old bag there we know has a seizure for even asking for a family member and then she proceeds to causes problems for the family member who want to manage a family members memorial.


Find-a-Grave is a good website. However, there are a few contributors there who like to cause problems, play games, and run good people off the website. Jealousy is a big factor.


Hm..there are few old women there who create and leave strange flower gifs for their *** little group bored house wives, who make daily circles with each other leaving flower gifs every single day .....these twists are extremely hateful old biddies! These bored old hens like to report everyone they DO NOT LIKE on this site and then make up stuff that is not true just to cause problems for each other. They are jealous wanna-be-somethings that enjoy running members off the site.


Whats with the 10 people there who leave flowers for the same people's graves everyday? These people flower each others memorials consistently every day when they are not causing problems.