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I had been a findagrave member for seven years. I'd posted hundreds of death certificates and created several memorials with pictures and nice write ups.

I noticed after Ancestry bought findagrave, their website started going downhill. Ancestrys website is pretty bad too and they've been promising they're going to an Oracle based platform to try to reduce the many many errors on their site. Anyway I took a genealogy break for about six months and then recently logged onto both sites. I discovered that findagrave's site was completely changed and it was RIDDLED with errors.

I got all kinds of error messages and it was kind of a shock. I sent email messages to findagravesupport@findagrave.com and edit@findagrave.com. I sent them screenshots attached to my iCloud mails of the error message and exactly what I was seeing. There were so many errors I probably sent a dozen emails in one evening.

The screenshots were so they could see what I was seeing. Not only did I send a dozen messages to them with screenshots, but I also lamented that they'd destroyed a website that operated flawlessly for over six years. So yes, I was complaining in my emails about what was happening. Not only were there many errors, but now the findagrave website actually REDIRECTS you to some "you have won a prize" etc and if you tried to get off that page back to where you were, the back button wouldn't let you navigate back.

The user was slammed!! The only way out was to close down that "free prize page" and type in the findagrave URL in a new browser window. So yeah, I complained a lot that night. And what did findagrave do???

They actually BANNED me that night without explanation. I assume it was for my complaining to them. Instead of being grateful they were getting direct feedback on a user's experience and were being sent actual screenshots, they simply decided to ban me for complaining to them. My only consolation is that I didn't give findagrave any $$, unlike Ancestry who has suckered me several times.

I thought they might have cut over to the oracle platform beofre buying another six months last week. But no, it's way iff as I'm still getting lots of error messages on Ancestry. Findagrave must be using the same incompetent programmers. I don't know about you, but I hate paying for a web service and then get riddled with lots of error messages.

So beware everyone, don't complain to findagrave. You might get banned too.

Product or Service Mentioned: Find A Grave Website.

Reason of review: management banned me due to my complaining.

Find A Grave Cons: Gestapo management techniques.

  • Disrespectful Staff
  • Banned
  • Complaints
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Maybe you had a really nasty attitude in your numerous complaints. If they were anything like your post here I can see why you were banned.


Been a subscriber to Ancestry for years and never gotten an error other than when something was removed and that is entirely understandable.

The email addresses you used weren't the correct ones to send feedback.

And we're limited to 5 emails per day. Was there anything else you did that was wrong?


And you "Good Citizen" are obviously a shill for the tin-pot dictators that run Find A Grave. Your posts prove that.


Indeed very true!


Oh, look, it's IowaOwl from the old forums who thought he was above the rules. Yawn.

@A lounge lizard

Just out of curiosity, what rules did you think I considered myself above? Seems to me that I mainly called out bullies who tried to excuse their bullying by claiming that they were just being "direct," or "blunt." And if you want a real yawn, check out the latest version of the forums, where some threads are closed after two responses, and any opposition to the "new" find a grave is swiftly deleted.

Imo, it's about as interesting as reading a phone directory.

Wonder if they still try to censor the word, "hoarder"? That always made me laugh.


Your (IowaOwl's) use of "Burial Unknown". You broke that rule a lot and then you changed those BUs to "Cremated" hoping that would prevent them from being deleted. Yep, that's against the rules so you thought you were above them.


The belligerent and disrespectful way in which you address other comments here is justification enough to ban you in my opinion. Provided your comments in the official channels have the same tone.

You can criticize while still being respectful.

The new site isn't perfect but neither was the old one. Just give it some time.