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To hard to navigate .Go back to the old one much better may not be fancy but so easy to use .

Lots of times went to a grave site and it has the name of the person and when I get there someone else's grave comes up. It sucks big time. Don't know if I will stay member or not. If it doesn't get any better I will stop and delete every thing I have on find a grave.

Hard to use the new one with ancestry switching back and forth. In other wards right now your site sucks , In other wards I hate what you have done.

as far as I am concerned it nothing but a mess.Just keep the old site also .


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Agreed. The old format was easier to navigate. Not happy.


I agree!The old site is better!Who should be pleased by this site?

Well, of course it should be those who use it !

The public is what is important to this website, and not the ones who composed it and put up!Do what is right guys and try and please the contributors and not your computer chips!

to THANKS #1446816

New site is like a new pair of shoes and creates blisters, warts, bunions and whatnot!

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