find a grave states view (all) interments they leave out interments (3) of my friends when they state view that to me means you (see) there names on there list but these idiots at find a grave can't see much of anything this is fraud where my (3) friends are laid to rest is avon centre cemetery in grayslake I went through the list there names are not on it they definitely are buried there find a grave staff couldn't find there way out of a circle and cause grief maybe its eaiser for them to lie there a brown spot on this beutifl land of ours

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I understand your frustration. I take photos and list the name b.

and d. In most cases that is the only information I have. I am asked to search for headstones to photograph. If you want it done.

Give accurate information. i have spent up to 10 hours looking for one grave. Older Cemeteries have very little information and in most cases no caretaker. I infromation in the request.

The more I have the better the result. Did you try asking for it to be added? I am currently searching for headstones from people who requested it over 3 years ago. I am going as fast as I can.

But, I do have a life, Kids and job.

I do this part time to help geneologist. A little appreciation for THE THOUSANDS OF VOLUNTEERS WOULD BE APPRECIATED!


OK, first of all, findagrave does NOT make entries in any cemetery. Regular people make the entries - either for their family or for a genealogical society (my case). Listings are NOT necessarily accurate, and the people adding people may not put in accurate information. In some cases, the only information is what is on the stone, which may not be much.

My point is, garbage in, garbage out. The fault is not with findagrave, it is with whomever is typing in the entry.

If your three friends are at Avon Centre Cemetery, ADD THEIR NAMES AND DATES YOURSELF! That's the only way they will end up on the listing.

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