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The only reason why I ever became a member of your website was because there is nothing in your FAQs for how relatives of the memorials you post can have the memorials permanently deleted.The first problem is you force people to join a sight because they did not give permission to have their family genealogy added to your site and would like control what you people are doing with their family history.

Now when it comes to my family we know all the lines stemming from 5 generations back where they are and went and no one in my family wants memorials for our relatives on your website. Not only do we not need your volunteers to tell us where our relatives are buried; but it invalidates us ever wanting to use the services of You are not just enlisting strangers to provide the information but enlisting family members to provide the information only for it to sold back to us, do you think we don’t know(?). And when it comes to this information it is NOT for public record like your site continues to claim, you and your contributors can not just “claim” the copy rights to it; it is not yours, you cannot own this information and profit off it like getting sponsors for the memorials.

My family started paying to have our genealogy done back in the 80’s and all the information you have been posting on here is information we have paid to have collected you can’t just walk in and say it’s public domain and claim the rights to it. WE PAID FOR IT, YOU SHOULD NOT BE ALLOWED TO COLLECT RESIDUALS ON OUR FAMILY HISTORY. Death records are not a matter of public record and there are no laws mandating the need for a public death notice. So, what are you people even talking about?

Quit bullshitting people that this is mandatory, that you are doing something compassionate and that you have the right to post this information without the knowledge or consent of the living relatives BECAUSE YOU DON’T. Lastly, but definitely not least. By posting memorials for people within 75 years of the death date without the knowledge or consent of the living relatives you are committing fraud, identity theft, handing out the answers to security questions and a whole bevvy of other things. Your site should be shut down.

You are arrogant of these facts bullying people into allowing their private information be posted anywhere you want and irresponsible with how you handle OTHER people’s information. If you do not revise your FAQs to allow living relatives to have memorials for their relatives permanently deleted and comply with state and federal public safety concerns in these matters your site will be shut down. Check out the vital records section for each state you’ve posted memorials from, and check out the identity theft section on the FBI’s website.

Do some real research for a change and COMPLY, COMPLY, COMPLY!You do not have the right to do this.

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While I agree with the privacy issue you raised, you stepped on yourself here by complaining about what you believe is and isn't public domain when you stated your family hired a genealogist in the 80s to do your research.

How do you think genealogists get information?From PUBLIC records which, sorry to report, death notices ARE of the public record.

Any information that appears in a newspaper is automatically public knowledge and public record.

Now, do I believe outfits such as should be charging for public information? Absolutely not! In fact, I'm surprised the website isn't buried in lawsuits for the gross invasion of privacy that occurs every day there.

But when it comes to public records, states are opening up their death records archives because they see genealogy as a cash cow and, hey, every little bit helps. (PA, notoriously stingy with their vital records, passed a law a few years back making public death certificates after 50 years.)

As for discrepancies between how long records should be kept private: As with everything with this country, things are not uniform.

Federal law is 72 years, the states do something else, and a city or town may do yet something else.So much for these states being "united."

If you're that upset with the website, take it to court.

to Anonymous #1315740

You said "no one in my family wants memorials for our relatives on your website"

Perhaps the local genealogy society wants a full listing of all the graves in a cemetery.Perhaps a friend from long ago (say, high school) who lost touch wants to know where your cousin is buried.

Perhaps someone is researching all the members of a military group (company, battalion, etc.) and wants to now where every member was buried, including your relative. Perhaps the high school alumni association wants to now where every deceased graduate of the school is buried. Relatives AREN'T the only people who want to know where a person is buried.

You said "all the information you have been posting on here is information we have paid to have collected you can’t just walk in and say it’s public domain and claim the rights to it."

As another person pointed out, you wouldn't have been able to collect the info if it wasn't PUBLIC record.

We can not own rights to names, birth dates and locations, death dates and locations or burial locations because we did not CREATE any of that data.FACTS are not subject to copyright.


WELL SAID! There needs to be something done for the respect and privacy of American families!

to JEFF #1330869

What privacy?When a person dies, there right to privacy ends.

Every single headstone in a cemetery, every birth/death certificate and every census form on Ancestry or similar sites is PUBLIC RECORD!The original poster of this complaint is WAY off base with their claim.

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