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My story is outlined in my blog at http://en.wordpress.com/tag/jim-tipton/

I have just reported the site to the FBI (Intellectual Property Theft Division), the US Copyright Office, The Los Angeles and New York Times, and intend on reopening my case with the Better Business Bureau (they reinstated my account, I canceled my previous complaint and then they blocked me again!) and the US Attorney General's office. And that's just to start.

These people are childish, punitive dictators.

And before you FindAGrave cronies start defending them...let me just say this. The IDEA of this site is great. I don't discount that it helps the genealogy world greatly. If you just want to go there quietly and upload memorials, never complain, never call out anyone doing anything wrong, never point out mistakes in memorials or try getting them transferred to you...you'll probably never have a problem. If you're a kiss *** to the admins, maybe you can become one of their pets.

I intend to work tirelessly to stop their punitive practices. If that entails the site closing down, so be it. I'll see what I can do to get a better site up and running. A site that strives to be accurate and doesn't care about owning "famous" memorials and high submission counts.

Come by and sign this petition against findagrave: http://goo.gl/WXQQq

Product or Service Mentioned: Find A Grave Account.

Location: Los Angeles, California

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Hate this find a grave page! It's invasion of privacy and makes up ***.


I highly recommend that every person who uses online sites such as Find A Grave and Ancestry.com for researching information on ancestors and relatives maintain files on their own computers to store information because none of us can ever know for sure when a website will cease to exist or when a website administrator will decide to delete pages. Simple word processing documents will work fine, you don't need complicated and expensive genealogical software programs.

Place all of your pictures and all of your facts in files that you have control over. Ultimately, you should not and can not rely on anyone other than yourself in this kind of matter.


Findagrave has an F rating with BBB of Utah.


Jim Tipton is a greedy man/child - looking for big cash and consolidation of his webpage . His crew slash and burn years of work by others. They are committed to making sure all credit goes to them and the Mormon LDS genealogy.


They don't work with the Mormon LDS genealogy at all. They won't share their data.

Can't blame the Mormons for this.

Go search for findagrave records on familysearch.org. They aren't there.


They are now. F Search has links to F** and ancestry, which are all in each others back pockets.

Those sites used to be good but now that they're all in cahoots, they've changed for the worse.



I would like to Sign Your Petition, but the link brings me back to this page: www.pissedconsumer.com/reviews-by-company/find-a-grave/fed-up-with-jim-tipton-and-his-findagrave-201103****5162.html


Be aware if you close your account be sure and delete all of the memorials you created otherwise tipton will continue to profit from your "slave labor". Emory Schnuriger is saving a seat in he..LL for tipton, lkat, cync, deb dash & Trudy.


Since Find A Grave is owned by Ancestry, everything is moot. I will no longer post anything on the site.

They profess that it will remain free. Guess again, it is too many visitors to remain free. I knew this would happen around 100,000,000 memorials they would be sold.I was correct for there are now 118,000,000 and it takes time to set up a sale. For those folks who wish to continue post for slave labor and their names, not for me though.

I am finished and I am also closing my Ancestry account too. Need to get another life!


I TOTALLY agree with you. All that work and he makes millions off of the labor and soon we will have to pay to see our own memorials that we worked so hard to create.

My only joy in this is that the bullies like Diehard that were so mean to other members and protected by the admin wont have any more power. I hope ancestry fires all the admins especially AJ he is the biggest liar of them all.


Aj does takes grave away. And deletes account.

Margo is the new face of ancestry I am sure she does not know this. He does not like the sweet peace flowers on his family so He flips the switch off on two accounts. hey i think he should have he screams at members not to delete the flowrrs he does not want them nor does Katrina on her family thanks michell for telling every one what name they are under now. To keep members from looking them up why would shelly do that she thinks she will not get in trouble Dash mother flowers was being left by the same michelle.

In 2015 to get dash to turn off account Michelle was Anonymous on Aj family .Jim grandfather flowers left by michelle under bcdc family account. bm doc account turn off was used by michelle. MDC ~Angels account used by michelle turn off RoseYork Account Retied a year ago but still being use by michelle.

Harold Clark use by michelle. Michelle Howard used by michelle mbfamily.


There are many people that are fed up with Jim Tipton and the FindAGrave website. There is continued violations of copyrights, trespassing not to mention the heartless why he allows members and administrators to attack and abuse the dead as well as the living.


everybody hates jim tipton and what he and that f.a.g. git website does to defile the dead and living.


To "Good Luck":

That would do no good. Those people to which you refer are sad, lonely individuals with no meaningful life.

They're pathetic who have nothing else to make them feel important. Actually, they are to be pitied.

They don't have enough basic, common sense to discern that not only is the display of their cherished Loved Ones' memories on that site a desecration to those very same memories but also that Jimmy Tilton is using/exploiting them as pawns on the road to his own, greedy fortune.

Feel sorry for those people - it's too late for them. Concentrate instead on educating potential new victims of the fiasco which is The ***.

@Bill Vwv

Well said !


Email every member on the site that has an email listed. The members with their free work keep the site alive.

Ask them to read all of these complaints.

Cut off the head that feeds the monster. If they choose to be members after reading this then they are just as guilty of abuse of the Dead as this company.


after seeing pics of jim tipton it is clear he is light in the loafers if you know what I mean....hehe

what a morman/***.


Hi you "pissed consumers" feel free to show my family the same inconsideration I show yours on my F.A.G. website.

Tipton Family Find A Grave Memorial# 555****

F.A.G. Memorial# 501****

F.A.G. Memorial# 1801****

F.A.G. Memorial# 4870****

F.A.G. Memorial# 2907****

F.A.G. Memorial# 2907****

F.A.G. Memorial# 2907****

F.A.G. Memorial# 2907****

F.A.G. Memorial# 2907****

F.A.G. Memorial# 2907****

Jim Tipton (#1)

Nancy Tipton Davis (#4703****)

Jennifer Tipton (#50913)


Well there you have it -

Jimmy Tipton's own Aunt confirms that he is a slimy, creeping, crawling scud-bucket of a thief and a ***.

What more could anyone need to know?

I hope Jimmy Tipton drowns in his own vomit.

He's trash.


"trash" ??

Please don't give him the DIGNITY of calling him trash.

He's LESS than trash.

There are no words in English that accurately describe what he is.

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