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I am member of the Find A Grave forums, but probably not for much longer.

On September 26, 2009, under the thread: Subject line reaction was the following joke: "Subject: How do I grave Thought: Find a eager, but not too bright of an assistant. A hunchback would be perfect, and . . . "

When a new member pointed out that the joke was not funny (she stated she had Scoliosis) some of the forum members got very rude with her. She tried to get an Administrator to "pull" the joke, but two Administrators thought the joke was funny and no one did anything about the joke.

Please if you think this type of joke was truly inappropriate, please email them at: info@findagrave.com.

Thank you.

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Find A Grave was sold to Ancestry a year ago or more.Now they delete you're account...even though you have been with the site since the beginning.

They also delete you're memorials you set up for you're family at their whim. They steal you're records because when they delete you're account they keep you're family memorials and lock you out.

I believe this is illegal.Getting someone to do work for you where you profit and they don't is called slavery and that is illegal in the United States.

to Anonymous #1105809

Hey, you're is a contraction for "you are" not "your" as in the possessive "Your family".

just saying

to Anonymous #1107048

They only banned you for not following the rules.They remove doubles and if you have burial unknown and it is added to a cemetery the unknown gets removed.

When you join you agree to follow their rules.Do as you want gets you kiked off as it should be.


Looks like that person was in the Lounge, and in there, almost anything goes.I too have Scoliosis but can have fun with it to keep from being depressed over it.

You dont like it, dont go there.

Too many other places to go and things to do on there.Maybe the admins should have deleted it when she asked but like I said, I can make a joke out of it instead of focusing my life on a disability.


Find-a-grave sucks....in SO many ways. Move on because you are better than those losers.

Hondo, Texas, United States #637305

this site is not worth your attention move on before they suck the life out of you they are vampires

Naples, Florida, United States #599255

Yes I am a f.a.g.hag and the devil and I love to torment others.

I am soo sorry that I have become such a hateful fool and have nothing better to do than attack and make fun of others but what else am I to do...be nice or no not me.The only virus I found on my computer was herpes & syphilis...I have been a bad hag!

Naples, Florida, United States #598795

So sorry about my previous response...I do agree it was NOT a joke and the website if full of people like me and the author of the joke that careless about people and we like to use our freedom of speech to attack others...I know I am just a hateful hag please forgive me I know I am going to hades since I have more in common with satan.

to LadyScot #599100

Indeed my friend.I learned the hard way not to haggle with an old bag-hag on FDG.

Hags are not cool.

Truly The evils advocates.:sigh :cry

to LadyScot Minden, Louisiana, United States #599128


I've been thinking here just a bit, and I think I will forgive you for being an old nag on ***. It is not every day that we can get an apology from a real live HAG.

Thank you soooooooo much!

Best wishes :roll

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