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I am member of the Find A Grave forums, but probably not for much longer.

On September 26, 2009, under the thread: Subject line reaction was the following joke: "Subject: How do I grave Thought: Find a eager, but not too bright of an assistant. A hunchback would be perfect, and . . . "

When a new member pointed out that the joke was not funny (she stated she had Scoliosis) some of the forum members got very rude with her. She tried to get an Administrator to "pull" the joke, but two Administrators thought the joke was funny and no one did anything about the joke.

Please if you think this type of joke was truly inappropriate, please email them at: info@findagrave.com.

Thank you.

Product or Service Mentioned: Find A Grave Forum.

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You people have a problem with free speech?

Then heres mine, you're all pathetic.


It is sad that Maryalice expected the administration of Findagrave to be moral, upright considerate humans.

Most who have visited the site including Maryalice have not dealt with these Admin folks nor the owner Tipton (yes I disrespect him greatly so no Mr.), some of whom are down right disrespectful to the dead and insulting to the living, at the very least.


The *** admin has taken a noble concept and corrupted it by "select" treatment of members. If you disagree, you're not dignified with an explanation or response to your inquiries.

I quickly terminated my membership and rid myself of these clowns. :grin


Generally, I like Find A Grave. However, they do ban people without any prior communication. That is fine if someone is outrageous, but for the most part it can be brutally swift without explanation


I agree with the original post. Altough I didn't see the "joke" she mentioned, the attitude of the forum members and administrators on the discussion forum at Findagrave are, to put it nicely, very offputting. There are nice features to the site in general, but I've come to believe that the folks in charge are just plain evil and I'm not going to associate myself with that mess any more.

Grave M

Hey just wanted to chime in and let you all know that I have had the same horrid experiences out there on the Find a Grave site and have been just searching around. I found a site that I think is the same its called Find A Grave Marker though.

I subscribed and it has limited marker pictures at the moment only a few states uploaded but they are looking for other states. I don't think they have any survey or data (not as far as I see) but the pictures are clear and consise. I sent them an email and asked how to upload my pictures and they wrote back saying that they uploade the images themselves after you send them in but they give the credit to the photo taker and even offer free advertising for the submitter on that respective cemetery page.

They don't have any ads on the subcriber site only on the main site. Anyhow just wanted to let you all know that I had issues also with Find A Grave

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