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First the individual contributor for Find A Grave renamed our cemetery the William Dalton Cemetery. This was corrected to Reece Cemetery Dugspur Carroll County Va.

She photographed all monuments. We finally got the names and monuments off the list but they will not remove the website, map or directions to Reece Cemetery. We have also sent an email letter from the owners of the real estate requesting removal of the website but to no avail. We can only assume they plan to add information to it later.

This is private cemetery maintained by private funds and private real estate taxes. Find A Grave will not remove website.

Product or Service Mentioned: Find A Grave Website.

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Grave Photographer, As a F.A.G. member myself, I know that it's a commercial venture.

Money is made from all those ads that flash around, from the partnerships with other companies, like, and a dab from the sale of the souvenirs. Try to be understanding, empathetic, and helpful to the nice comsumer, not all huffy and judegemental. You put the rest of us in a bad light.

According to the BBB, there are between 25-100 employees. All those employees need to be paid, so Mr Tipton HAS to make money.


Find a grave does not have 25 to 100 employees all adminstrators are volunteers if they were employees they would be the ones visiting the thousands of cemeteries and entering the information rather than members doing it for FREE so jim tipton can profit from free labor. spotty dotty you and other f.a.g.

members have helped make greedy jim tipton a millionaire. you are the huffy judgmental consumer,,,,no one should profit from our loved ones deaths when we paid for the funerals, grave plots, gravestones, obituaries etc...while jim tipton profits from their deaths and what their loved ones paid for.

f.a.g. does NOT have employees!


And no one is making money off of it! The only way anyone (meaning Jim, the owner) makes any money is if you pay him the fee to remove the ads from the page for that entry. If you don't do that, then NO ONE is making any money on the entry!


The Reece cemetery is not marked private property In the Deed book s

and at any cemetery you must have permission from the owner or cemetery board to allow anyone to be buried there.

Even if the cemetery was on private property it is still public record who is buried there...Which means there is no way to prevent someone from placing it in the Find A Grave web site for the use of genealogy

Joycekay isn't the only one with family connections to the Reece cemetery...there are hundreds of people with relatives buried there

Real estate taxes are paid on the land, not the cemetery. Most cemeteries public and private have a maintenance fund set up for mowing and upkeep.

If it were a private cemetery

Virginia Cemetery code number (§57-27.1).

"Virginia law does require that landowners allow access to cemeteries on private property for the purpose of visitation by family members/descendants or plot owners, and for genealogical research. "

Tony Smit

The Reece cemetery is located in a small close knit Farm land community...

There is a Mobil home a few hundred feet away that you must drive by to get to the cemetery. I don't recall at any time has there been vandalism to any local cemetery.

There also is no copyright infringement unless a patent is filed, then pending until approved.


"no such thing as privacy for the dead. Privacy ends with death"

It isn't a privacy issue, Once you pass away it is public knowledge were you are buried, plain and simple.....Nothing personal or Private is divulged

It seems the directive here is to have others think that those that post on the Find A Grave site are maniacal evil foes of privacy...I assure you, nothing is further from the truth. It is in fact done for genealogy research and nothing more.


OH MY, SERIOUSLY? Get a grip!

If your relative is on findagrave, join, and then tell the person who made the memorial that you wish it to be transferred to you.

seriously people?



:sigh...There is a simple way to help everyone here...Private Cemetery, With Family members only...O.K...Now lets say your uncle Joe was laid to rest there 6o years ago...and his wife, who is not blood kin was laid by him 4o years her family wants to locate her they have the right to visit...common sense..."YES"...Should they contact the family and ask for permission...By All Means possible they should attempt to contact the family and ask...but if they can not reach you...then they should at least contact the local Sheriff and advise them of their intentions...especially if they are out of town and don't have much time on hand...yes there are a lot of "and" "if's" and "Buts'"...this is just a general rule of procedures...the owners can also post family contact numbers in case of such an inquire is made...please stop and think of a solution before you speak and hurt others feelings...they are family in a long distant way....


Why would your Uncles wifes family have to ask permission from the Uncles family if she is buried there unless the cemetery is on private land? Is there something I'm not understanding?


To genealogygirl:If you don't understand the problem maybe you should get a reality check.Some people still believe in privacy and respect for their loved ones that have passed away.Whether it be one year or one hundred years ago does not matter.By the way how do you get the nomenclature for your username? Seems as though you're definitely a "findagrave" minion.


No one can be buried on this private property unless they are a member of the family by blood or marriage. And it is private property.

We pay the real estate taxes and maintain it, of course. We just fill like we have been violated by the a contributor of Find A Grave going onto the property and posting of lists/monuments on its private website for profit.


The problem, GenealogyGirl, is that there are vandals who steal and attack gravesites. The less they know about the cemeteries, the less likely they will travel long distances to be mean.

Futhermore, going onto the grounds and taking photographs without permission of the property managers is trespassing and possibly privacy infrigement; publishing those pictures is possibly privacy infrigement. Due to the age of many cemetery markers and monuments, I doubt there can be any claim to copyright infrigement.

Now for the gotcha. This is in Texas, I don't know about Virginia.

If a family buries their deceased in a cemetery on private property, the public has no right to access that cemetery. So someone who trespasses and takes photographs is in a heap of big trouble.

But Texas law stipulates that in cemetaries that contain bodies from people who are not members of the family that owns the land of the cemetery, the landowners and/or managers cannot stop the public from visiting the graves.

Joycekay above is very careful to not mention who is buried in that cemetery she is talking about. I wonder if Virginia has a similar law !


There really is no such thing as privacy for the dead. Privacy ends with death. I do not understand WHAT the problem is.

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