Tyler, Texas

All the information I have given to them and now I can not get any information without Ancestry wanting to charge me. That is the last time I will give any additional information to this site.

This doesn't seem right to me. I didn't mind giving the information but I will not pay or join Ancestry to get any more information I will find another way to get the information I need to do my research.

How does everyone else feel about this? It takes all the fun out of this site that was one time free access.

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I did not know how upset people were getting about me using different names on this website. I assumed because the site tracks the town and state people would be able to identify my posts.

In July something was wacky with the site.All my posts are listed under Madison Wisconsin from July 1, 2012 to July 27,2012 On July 28 it changes to Minneapolis, Minnesota. I will now stick to using one name to help you all out but if I forget remember all of July Madison WS and Minneapolis Minnesota to date.


I understand your frustration with the site if your confused about what is going on you can go to the help section and email someone who wont respond. You can read the FAQS and try to find the answer that way but they typically do not apply and are not enforced. You can go to the forum for help to be told you are *** and to go read the faqs.


This site does not come up on any search engine. It has been like this for sometime. What's wrong?


Find A Grave is now and will always be a free site. Ancestry is not free, but I still pay a monthly fee to access their files.

*** and Ancestry are not connected in any way.

If you don't like how either of them do business, then don't use their sites! Very simple!


Two site, not connected.


Find A Grave is still free. There are Ancestry advertisements on Find A Grave, but you don't have to use those links.


You do not have to pay Ancestry.com to access Find-A-Grave.