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After being a member for 6 years, 6 months, 20 days and contributing over 22, 000 memorials, over 67, 000 photos and fulfilling over 7500 photo request. I was targeted by a jealous member that had a friend that is a administrator. I sent the below email to Jim Tipton requesting a refund for the 10 memorials I sponsored. I have NEVER recieved a refund and all of my years of hard work remain on the site for Jim Tipton to profit from. DO NOT CONTRIBUTE TO THIS WEBSITE THEIR ADMINISTRATORS EVIL & HEARTLESS!

Contributions to

Find A Grave

"¢ 22,140 Memorials Added

"¢ 22,246 Memorials Managed

"¢ 65 Memorials/week

"¢ 67,206 Photos

"¢ 7 Photo Requests

"¢ 7,562 Volunteer Photos Taken

"¢ 20,152 Virtual Flowers

"¢ 58 Virtual Cemeteries

"¢ 1 Fame Rating

"¢ 10 Sponsorships

a Formal Request for a refund of my sponsorships, also delete all of MY photos and memorials. It is wrong to suspend a members account but leave their copyrighted photos, memorials and sponsorships. You are profit-ting from years of gas, time, efforts and photos we have added over the past 6 years and 6 months and 20 days. It is curious that the administrator that suspended our account is the ONLY administrator in the past 2 years to beat us down in favor of her friends, like merging memorials in favor of her friends when they were not duplicates. She also ignored forwarded SAC's from one of her friends that used my mother in laws memorials to threaten and attack us, this same member has threatened us for two years but that is okay because he has a friend that is a administrator. I have saved all the SAC's and emails in regards to all the attacks and threats by this administrators friend. Note that for four years we never had any complaints but the only complaints for the last to years come from only one administrator..

Remember that many memorials are only sponsored after a volunteer has added a photo, but when the contributor of the memorials wants the volunteer photo removed is just a waste of time and gas. You need to change the volunteer photo program to make it for only the person that maintains the memorial can request volunteer photos since they can complain and have the photos would you feel if you spent an hour and half in the heat searching for a grave only to be beat down by an administrator for not removing the volunteer, because the member that maintains the memorials wants it removed though it was a volunteer photo request, this is a MAJOR flaw in your program not to mention favoritism of certain members who have friends that are administrators.

Please refund my sponsorships and delete all my contributions to find a grave, that includes memorials and copyrighted photos.

Product or Service Mentioned: Find A Grave Website.

Monetary Loss: $20.

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Wait a minute! I didn't read your entire post b/c you mentioned you asked for a refund for "sponsoring" memorials.

This information that you've been posting is not yours to decide to post and the website doesn't "own" the information so you shouldn't be giving them money for anything.

I think people are right though the site should be sued for fraud but not for the reasons the contributors think. You've all been used.

Death records are not a matter of public record, and it is not mandatory for a public death notice to be published anywhere. And you can't just post the information anywhere you want, and if you are posting memorials for graves that are less than 75 years old than you are most likely giving fraudsters the information they want.

Think about what you use to answer security questions.

This information was not for you or anyone else on that site to decide to take and post anywhere you want. You should all be charged with crimes.

What made you believe this was appropriate.


Thousands don't have your experience because they FOLLOW the site rules. If you can't follow them, you don't need to be there.


I know you all feel abused, and you don't deserve to feel this way. I have used Find A Grave and I just wanted to say that I appreciate what you have done.

You all made the site better. You took the time out of your day to do this, and I appreciate it.


If you created over 20 thousand memorials and they ban you and keep your memorials f.a.g. it jim tipton stands to make 5 dollars per memorial that's 100 thousand for just 20 thousand memorials.

If a member is banned then all the memorials they created should be removed too! that f.a.g. it jim tipton is a thief when he keeps memorials that members that he has banned from the site for whatever reason.

ph.,uck f.a.g. it jim tipton his is a greedy heartless evil Mormon.


You are not the only one to get fooled into spending time and money to go photograph a grave only to have Tipton's volunteer administrators deleting it...Heck Julie Sohlberg even set up new requests to abuse another volunteer sending them back out in to the cemetery to retake my photos she deleted. She then worked with a group of findagrave cyber stalking bullies to reproduce the memorial she deleted.


Mrs May you did the right thing by removing all of your contributions before you were victimized again by a f.a.g. administrator.

Be happy that jim tipton cannot profit from your time, gas, batteries etc... In my opinion he is a thief! It is disgusting that people like you are victimized by f.a.g. everyday.

I love that you removed everything you added! Now some other poor fool can waste their time and energy and risk being victimized, better them than you!


I was a member for 2 years. I volunteered 4 times, I spent much of the day searching for 2 graves while doing so I recorded the other graves in the cemetery, (the cemetery was in a rural area, no office) I put the pictures on the website for the requester.

I claimed the requests first. I noticed someone else had added their pictures but I didn't realize until after I fulfilled the requests. Several months later I noticed my 4 volunteer photos added link only had 2 pictures. Someone had the pictures added to the request I fulfilled after spending 2hours searching for the graves removed and the other person who did not claim the request pictures were still there.

I was devasted I contacted info@findagrave and they told me they had removed them for the person that made the memorial (not the requester). I felt used and frustrated. Needless to say I removed all the memorials I made and all the pictures I added including the 2 other request pictures since they were subject to removal also. I removed over 2 thousand memorials and 3 thousand pictures.

I still have an account but I do not add anything anymore and will never make that mistake again. Whoever heads the site needs to stop victimizing volunteers.

Volunteers are being used. I agree it is more find a heartache, it has for me.


dear harry kramar you are right these people are like a cult its scary


I've had a bad experience with F.A.G too after doing a lot of work. They need to get their act together and stop the abuse by their cult members some of whom contribute very little.

I've been warning people as I come across them of the danger. They care more about harassing people and power plays than they do about honoring the dead.


I am happy I am no longer a member on that site I just think its important to warn others so they do not get scammed in to wasting their time. I am surprised at the level of abuse they have for volunteers based on the fact Tipton pay check depends on it. I promise I am grateful to not be participating on that site, i did not know the kind of bad stuff that was going on while i was on there had i known i would have left.


Be glad you are no longer being victimized by Find A Grave. It is WRONG for them to keep your contributions and money it just goes to show their character and that they are thieves.


Blue Genes just to give you a heads up my cyber stalking bully is following you believing you are me under a different name


I too had a bad experience with F.a.g. I had been a member for over 9 years and had over 1200 memorials and nearly 1500 photos.

My memorials were members of my family tree with a few for friends.

In reading your post, I can see the heartbreak you've gone through and I know that feeling all too well. It's devastating to wake up one day and have all of your heartfelt work gone. There was no warning or hint that this would happen.

I wrote three different emails trying to figure out what happened and to see why my memorials were gone but I never did get a response. That was some 8 months ago and I still have never been told why this happened.

After my experience, I found scores of people that have had the same experience. I was stunned at the level of callousness that is displayed by the administration of that website.

It's not as if that site is for exchanging recipes or concert tickets; the f.a.g. website claims to be a memorial place for the deceased. These are people's loved ones that have passed on and here we take the time and care to create a memorial for them. And to have our tributes disrespected like that is unbelievably cruel.

I still have trouble wrapping my head around the actions of the people that are responsible for the administration of the site.

Actually I don't think the word responsible should be used in connection to f.a.g. There's nothing responsible about treating people like that.


What a bummer! What happened?

Were you given a time out or banned? If so, why?


I think that was the most frustrating thing about it.They don't tell you that you are wasting your time. That they dispose of or give preferred people other peoples work.

So you did it for nothing. I felt taken advantage of and discarded. RIPPED OFF ! Doing all that for nothing.

More importantly you can go years with no trouble!

Then one person swoops in and takes you down. The admins said she did not have time to investigate lies so with in theory I can take anyone down by telling a lie.


Jim Tipton is profit-ing from others work!


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