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Best news I've heard in a long time. They are draining the swamp over there and it is hilarious!

The Help Forum is now just that, a HELP forum. The forum thugs have been shut out now that that thread is moderated. People can ask questions without getting jumped, no more 300 hundred page threads about "Gimme Grabbers", "Ploppers", "Tree Builders" and the ever popular people "who don't want to play by the rules".

The Thugs did try to bully the guy who started Find a Grave, like if they stomped their feet enough and threatened to delete their memorials enough he would change his mind about selling it. Idiots.

The thread is now locked because the same people simply could not shut the *** up about it. You can still see the thread, it's stickied like warning along the lines of leaving heads on pikes by London Bridge. Brilliant, lol.

When you read it, you'll be stunned by the hypocrisy of the Forum thugs. The same people who spouted off nonsense like "Jim's sandbox, his rules blah,blah blah" ad nauseam were so outraged over the sale they stated calling him pet names such as LIAR, and he went back on his word etc. like a bunch of jilted brides.

Those people became unhinged over someone innocently wandering into the "Help" forum and asking why someone would not transfer great great grandma. Jim Tipton needs to look into Restraining Orders, by selling out to the man (Ancestry) he took the lives of these creepers away. They literally would park themselves on the Help thread from the time they woke up until the time they went to bed.

As they (and we all know who THEY are) loved to bark at anyone who dared question their self imposed authority or God forbid point out their hoarding tendencies, "you are welcome to start your own site"

Please do us all a favor and take down your pictures, now people can request a photo that some hoarder won't be screaming copyright over.

So for all the whining babies who are leaving Find a Grave, don't let the door hit ya!

Karma is a boomerang hahahahahaha

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Seems like a karma ran over their dogma


I love your post :grin


You keep posting the same racist, ridiculous, incoherent comment all over the place, then you high 5 yourself when you respond to your own post.

You are a very sad individual. It makes sense that you would cling to a website like it was your family :sigh