Janesville, Wisconsin
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I have been a member for 5 years. Just recently my uncle's memorial,Harold Edwin Wendorf.

has been removed several times. Seriously ticked off.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Then STOP creating duplicates. Only one memorial per person is allowed.

Deliberately duplicating is a serious offense and one that has been known to get the member banned from the site. There is alreay a memorial on F.A.G. for your uncle so you can submit additions and corrections to it.

You can ask for a transfer although the manager does not have to because uncles are not required transfers. I suggest reading the "Help with Find A Grave" section for the site's rules.


How do you know it was a duplicate? And chances are real good that the person who created the memorial isn't a relative.

And if the person isn't a relative then, yes, they have to transfer the memorial irregardless of the relationship.

The fact you need strangers' permission to take over a memorial belonging to your family is ludicrous.


I know it was a duplicate because that is about the only reason a memorial is removed. You said it was removed several times.

And now you've said "chances are real good that the person who created the memorial isn't a relative." Looks like I was right about it being a duplicate.

There is no requirement for the creator of a memorial to be a relative. The site would have a piddling few memorials if only relatives could create memorials.

I recommend reading the FAQs more thoroughly. Non-relatives do NOT have to transfer "irregardless of the relationship".

There are only certain relationships that MUST be transferred. All other transfers are up to the memorial manager.

Uncle is an optional transfer.

Instead of complaining about Find A Grave's way of doing things and calling it ludicrous, why don't you find a site that allows you to create a memorial for your uncle? here are a few:


http://www.virtual-memorials.com/ http://imorial.com/ http://never-gone.com/

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