Longview, Texas

I know what you mean about hoarding and vultures. Here's my story.

My Father died in the Vietnam War my Mother had him buried in a family cemetery, the land was donated by my Great Great Father. My Mother had a double stone made with their names birth date, wedding date, Dads death date, names of myself and my siblings. It's a beautiful stone it was erected in the 1969. The cemetery is on private property and is locked with a combination lock.

When my Mother passed earlier this year. I heard about findagrave and thought it would be nice to make a memorial for her. Which I did, the next day I got an ugly message saying that I had made a duplicate memorial. And I thought that was odd since I only had one memorial, they told me I duplicated my Mother's memorial???

What??? I said no, I don't think so and the person calling themselves GRAVER said he had made a memorial for my Mother 10 years ago. I ask how he knew my Mother he said I DON'T HAVE TO KNOW HER!! I ask how could you make a memorial for my Mother 10 years before she died.

He said there was a stone for and he had taken a picture of the gravestone. There was not a death date for my Mother 10 years ago. I saw the picture he took and none of the flowers and crosses that are always on the stone weren't in the picture I thought that explains why many years ago when we went to the cemetery a bunch of the flower arrangements and mementos where moved to the sides of gravestones. This is what these GRAVERS do they stomp all over our families graves moving flowers to take pictures with no regard to the sanctity of their graves.

I told him that, that is MY Mother and he made a memorial for someone who was not dead. He said he would transfer I said no, you should do the right thing and delete it. First, he tresspassed on private property, jumped the fence, moved flowers and mementos to take pictures and made memorials for people that are not dead. I have contacted findagrave and got no response.

The next thing I know the memorial I made for MY MOTHER was deleted. Now I am working to get them to remove my Father & Mother's memorials. I have contacted the Better Business Bureau. My Brother, Sister and myself have all contacted findagrave and the BBB.

Findagrave is a horrible site with a bunch of meanies running it. The GRAVER man has over hundred thousand memorials, it is disgusting he is a real "VULTURE".

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