Utah, United States

I've read their forums for a while now and any nutcase with a computer can post on their forums. Some guy from Seattle has nothing better to do than follow people from thread to thread trying to cause trouble.

He rants like a lunatic and harasses people trying to have conversations. He replies to everyone's posts by saying they are abusing him even when they are not talking to him.

There is very little oversight on the forums which is why this guy is allowed to run rampant all hours of the day. Beware of people trying to bait you over there.

Product or Service Mentioned: Find A Grave Forum.

Find A Grave Pros: Photos of grave markers.

Find A Grave Cons: Unresponsive administrators.

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Now they've changed the forum in a way that's thrown the baby out with the bathwater. Now random people can't just post, but there isn't much there worth posting about. No lounge forum, just a bunch of questions that have been answered a million times before, and a chatroom which is heavily moderated and has very little use to anyone.


Heavily moderated is better than the moderation they had before. I quit visiting the lounge for that reason but I used the rest of the forums.

If I'm on FG, I'm there to work on memorials.

I understand people like the forums to chat etc.. but that's not the reason for FG or the forums.