Update by user Jul 28, 2016

Beware of these people. They are vile, disgusting criminals who steal from of families losses for their own glory and profit!

ESPECIALLY BEWARE OF Dayna Cohen McMullen of Kingwood, Tx. Her phone number is 281-639-**** if she has vandalized your family members grave, the way she has ours.

Update by user Jul 28, 2016

Grave.Whisperer* is Dayna Cohen McMullen of Kingwood, Tx. Her phone number is 281-639-****.

With what she has caused I'm sure there are plenty of ghosts whispering in her head right now.

Update by user Jul 28, 2016

Ghost.Whisperer is Dayna Cohen McMullen of Kingwood, Tx. Her phone number is 281-639-**** should anyone else feel violated by this monster of a person!

Original review posted by user Jul 27, 2016

Very disrespectful website ran by heartless people who tresspass and post false information about historical cemeteries. Grave.Whisperer posted my fathers headstone with a map to this private cemetery and fabricated a history for the site that was of racial hate and shamed those who are resting there.

She copied and pasted my father's obituary in her post and edited the part where his wishes were for a PRIVATE BURIAL AT AN UNDISCLOSED LOCATION! When I contacted this vile person and shared our family's wishes she responded with no concern or remorse. She emailed me and said I was a nasty hateful person. She altered her postings, and slandered my family on the Find a Grave open forum and celebrated HER BOOK THAT IS ABOUT TO BE PUBLISHED based on the graves of my family, your family, all these families that she will get PAID FOR THEIR STORY ON!

She gathered this information illegally and committed criminal tresspass doing it! I had a meeting with the cemetery committee, the state historical cemetery commission, a private investigator, as well as our family attorney today.

YOU WILL NOT GET OFF CLEAN FROM THIS! It will be my life mission to disperse royalties from you and your friends book to the families they belong to!

Product or Service Mentioned: Find A Grave Funeral Forum.

Reason of review: Violated Privacy and Criminal Tresspass.

Find A Grave Cons: Altering news articles, Lack of remorse, Grave whisperer, Tresspass on private property.

Location: Kaufman, Texas

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Did your 'family attorney' explain the difference between slander and libel?


A meeting with a private investigator. Thanks for the laugh! Wish I'd come across this wackadoodle website before this week.


If you weren't a complete *** you would have simply read the website rules to find out how to get your father's memorial deleted. Would have taken you maybe 5 whole minutes to fix this instead of freaking out like a 2 year old and posting her name and number, when clearly she did nothing wrong.

If his headstone is in a cemetery, you can rest assured it will be entered on the website again eventually.

No wonder she told you to quit contacting her because clearly you are not only ignorant of how the site works, you are rude. It's obvious your very first message to her was just as crazy and ridiculous.


The federal government has stated that if your love one is buried in a cemetery, then it is public domain! So are death certificates!

If you do not want your loved ones mentioned, then do not post in a newspaper or at a funeral home. It is like someone who has a tattoo and chides you for looking!

The reason they get them is to be look at, same as obit, for folks to look at! You cannot unring that bell!


Respect might help. The world has problems enough due to lack of respect and empathy for others.

People have the right to their privacy and should have control over their family memorials.

What gives some arrogant ding-dong ding-a-ling the right to exploit other people and make some big bucks off peoples dead family members! ABSOLUTELY SICKENING!


The only "rights" any member has on Findagrave is what they (Findagrave) gives the members because it is THEIR website. If you're sickened by the site and how it does things,, don't use it. Simple.

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