I agree with the statement above in reference to Mary E. Payne and BlueJay.

I am retired from the Smithsonian Institute with a Masters Degree in DNA Analysis. I am Mr. Kidd (who wrote the item above) second cousin on his fathers side. BlueJay states that my grandparents (Robert and Sarah Kidd) lived in a small town south of Louisville because she has a census that shows it.

What she is not aware of is that anyone that is at that address on April 1st and staying for a month or so (reguardless if they own a home someplace else) is counted at the residence they were at on April 1st. My grandparents were staying at my fathers home with us because my mother was gravely ill and my dad needed some extra help. Their main and permanent residency was in East Bernstadt Ky.

It is incorrect information like this that Find A Grave allows to go on that makes the sight very unreliable in its information. Other information that Mary E.

Payne had been a supposed account of one of our relatives traveling across Cumberland Gap in the mid to late1800s and seeing Daniel Boone's initials carved in a tree. Having worked for years with the Smithsonian I find this hard to believe as 1) Any such historical relic of that type would have been removed long ago and 2) It has been long told that this legend as a myth as no such carvings has ever been established. The best family research sites around are 1) Ancestory 2) MyHeritage and 3)FamilySearch. But even with these sites, it is important to double check any information you find and then, double check it again.

I can not begin to tell you how many complaints I have heard over the years concerning Find A Grave. As stated above, BEWARE!

User's recommendation: BEWARE! There are other more reliable websites.

Location: Savannah, Georgia

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