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Find a grave does not enforce the rules set up in their TOS. I requested my great grandparent transferred to me (as in their TOS) from a non relative. I was refused and when I complained the administrators refused to answer my emails.

Find a Grave is owned by which will steal and sell your information by any means available. Find a Grave is simply a tool for the collection of research to sell without cost to Ancestry or LDS.

I'm keeping my account but no longer giving information, corrections, pictures or money to Find A Grave. It is ok for research and finding cemeteries but not as a place worth participating or sharing information. Also, a lot of the members are simply there to generate numbers for recognition as a "top contributor". I found my name, birth date, and picture of joint tombstone and had a devil of a time convincing Find A Grave I was not really dead.

Poorly administered website....but being owned by Ancestry, what do you expect!

Product or Service Mentioned: Find A Grave Account.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Find A Grave Pros: Finding information in cemeteries, Photos of grave markers.

Find A Grave Cons: Unresponsive administrators.

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For the life of me, I can never understand these contributors who refuse to transfer memorials to the rightful family members. I just dont understand thier possessiveness in hanging onto the great grandparents memorials that they are not related would they feel if some total stranger REFUSED to transfer thier very own great-grandparents to them?


You cannot judge all mormons by a few corrupt ones. Just look out for those who support polygamy as they do not have good intentions.


It doesn't matter if LDS has something to do with fid-a-grave or not. It would probably be a good idea if they did as they show more respect for others. Although their are some really not so good LDS on find-a-grave who give the church a bad name, and meaner than a jumping rattle-snake!


I know that rattlesnake you speak of and it lives in South Jordan, Utah, It dwells there in *** in the ground. A graveyard deseret snake.


The church and the religion got a bad name when the charleton Joseph Smith came into the picture.



LDS has nothing to do with Ancestry.

But that doesn't fit your agenda does it?


You hit the nail on the head when you said that they will sell your information. I created an email address specifically for my genealogy research ( and find a grave) and I immediately started to receive spam in that account. Not very difficult to figure out who did it.


I have dealt with a few Larva's on this site too. A larva is a distinct juvenile form many animals undergo before metamorphosis into adults.

So give a small group of these old folks time to grow into maturity. Ancestry is doing it's best to make everyone happy :0

@slithering smithy

And I agree with your comment especially the trying to make everyone happy !!? When they achieve that please let me know the secret !

Yes as you said they work very hard to maintain this information when you have time to complain then you need to stop and think count all the people that you know that would set day in and day out and do this work . Yes it is called work.. I have spent 40+ yrs working on my gemology and it has taken that long .i researched ancestry and figured out a lot and without find a grave I wouldn't be 1/2 close to where I am.

I remember most of these yrs I spent there were no records of any kind out there anywhere to hunt a grave and graveyard. So it's my pleasure to congratulate these folks they do all they can to make my search much better


Whining about doing work for memorials is lame. If it is so dang hard then take sometime off and fly to the Caribbeans or something ;)