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Find A Grave owner Jim Tipton is a thief he creates a website for members to add burial information thus creating so called "memorials" he uses these memorials for ad space and charges members to sponsor these memorials. He makes hundreds of thousands of dollars a year from the deaths of others loved ones and provides no service to the survivors.

He and his administration have a set of so called "faq's" that only apply to a few. Find A Grave members constantly steals obituaries, steals photos and information from newspapers, websites and funeral homes. Information provided by the family to the various media with permission for the information to be used only in those media forms NOT Find A Grave.

Find A Grave is notorious for violating copyrights and allowing its members to violate copyrights. Members are out thousands of dollars from their free work so that Jim Tipton can make a profit.

Product or Service Mentioned: Find A Grave Website.

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I knew that any time, any thing I did on Find A Grave, was free, because I love this site, I love what it does, I love connecting family together. I'm so sorry if I've ever caused pain to a family of a memorial, and I'm also so thankful to help join families together.

No harm or pain is intended to any one.

I've tried to give memorials away so family would have them. My opinion is to just stay away from the forums and moderators, give the precious gift of family as you'd like given to you.


It's only going to continue. Nothing has changes since https://www.legalgenealogist.com/2013/10/04/the-find-a-grave-sale/


You have entirely the wrong idea. Our contributing members spend long hours researching grave sites and photographing the gravestones.

Information posted on the memorials usually consists of a photograph of the headstone, The name, date and place of a persons birth, and date and place of their death. Some members comb the local newspapers and post the appropriate obituaries on the memorial. Once posted in a newspaper, and obit becomes a public record. Nearly all newspapers allow free copying of their obits, which are not covered by copyright.

Some members even write biographies for the memorials. None of this is "stolen" from anyone. I think you may be upset that someone created a memorial for your loved ones before you could. The common curtesy in this case is to ask the person who created the memorial to transfer it to you, so you can make changes.

These requests usually result in the transfer. As far as the profit thing, everywhere you go on the internet has ads, which earn small amounts of money for the owner of the page you are on.

Its the internet, get and ad blocker or get over it. Far as I am concerned, this sight more than any other provides valuable data for genealogy research not available elsewhere.

to Frederic R Ross #1454740

That is not the point. Okay, guaranteed, there are a lot of people on find a grave that do, do the research, that do go out and take a photo for the family, and that are related to the person on the memorial.

But what about these people who just stick up a memorial without even knowing "Where, How and When" did the person die. *** I had my aunts memorial posted by some guy on Find a grave that I found a couple weeks ago and she's very much "ALIVE" Just because my uncle who passed in 2005 this guy thought my aunt was dead too because her name is on my uncles headstone. On ;her memorial they had her birth but unknown for her death, of course unknown, because she's very much alive!!

When I told this to my aunt, she was upset cause she never gave permission for this stranger to post a memorial on find a grave...And I should also say this guy who posted it, has over 254,000 memorials on Find a grave. Now you tell me that he isn't out for the numbers !!!

to DecentCommonFrog #1505485

Did you ask the guy to remove your Aunts memorial or did you just gripe about it? What did he say?

Why don't you just send an email to Find A Grave and tell them she's still alive and to remove it. Voila, done. If you read the FAQ's the address to email is listed. Poof.

No hassle, no problem, no upset Aunt.Most memorials aren't going to list how or why they died, the memorial is about their life. About their job or hobbies. My Dad liked hunting and model trains. I'd rather people read that, than the fact that he gave up on life and died of a heart attack.

At least I know where he's at, people looking for him know where he's at. The fact that I included good information about him instead HOW he died, leaves people with a good feeling. I've read way too many death certificates and believe me, you wouldn't want the cause of death on a lot of them. Did the man put Where, When and How your Uncle died?

Do you want everyone to know how he died? If they aren't family, it's really none of their business.

They don't put HOW in obituaries anymore either.Because the guy has 254,000 memorials does not mean he's in it for the numbers They don't get a prize for the amount they make. It simply means that he enjoys doing this, he gets what the ultimate goal of this site is a graves registration.

to DecentCommonFrog #1572957

Are you kin to me?? LOL Same here... My aunt Erma Brooks, still alive and well...

to Frederic R Ross #1572956



Just one short visit to the website would have been enough for me to know I don't want any part of it. You should have looked first too.


Find a grave is own by Ancestry.com not Jim. So all money goes to them.

to Anonymous #1046352

Ancestry just bought Find A Grave a few years ago. Jim owned it for the first 15 years or so.

College Station, Texas, United States #929882

How do I get in contact with the website finagrave.com? Because the email that they have on their website noreply@findagrave.com does not work.

I tumbled upon their website and it had my grandmother’s information (Norma C. Jewell). I found it disturbing that I found pictures of my grandmother’s gravesite and a picture of her on your website. By people that are not even relatives.

What gives them the right to post her information on your page without the family’s content. How did they get my grandmother’s information? I would like my grandmother’s information and pictures off of their website.

If anyone could help me in contacting the person in charge of this website I would greatly appreciated. You can email me at lisakean.lk@gmail.com Thank you

to Lisa #1086375

Doesn't the "noreply" part of that email give you a hint?

to Lisa #1505487

This is Pissed Consumer, not Find a Grave. Do you think the admins are going to come here looking for your comment so they can address your problem?

No. Why don't you go to Findagrave.com and read thru the FAQS and it will tell you exactly how to get a hold of them.NOREPLY@findagrave.com should have been a huge clue that you can't REPLY to that email address, and if I were you, I wouldn't have my email address on a public site like this, lisakean.lk@gmail.com.


Another example of why find a grave has a F rating with BBB.

to findagravesux #1505488

BBB is a joke and doesn't mean squat. It's an individual company who attempts to convince people they are legit.


please note that the f.a.g faq's stands for frequently ask questions and the answers to those questions have been changed 3 times in the last year. people are confusing the abbreviation of frequently ask questions "faq's" as facts and that are far from FACTS!


I have seen actual newspapers obituaries posted on f.a.g., apparently the faq's only apply to some. I believe they call it copyright infringement.

I know because before we had our Mom's obituary printed in the local paper we ask about it being copied without our permission and they said everything printed in the paper is copyrighted that is each specific article is owned by the author such as a personalized obituary such as the one we wrote for mom. It's scandalous for the people sitting home and taking photos and obituaries and posting them on the f.a.g site behind anonymity.

Miami, Florida, United States #765203

F.A.G.'s FAQ's states no copying of copyrighted material and not to post anything you did not personally write or photograph and do not have permission from the composer or owner....yet the site is full of scanned obituaries, copied obituaries and photos. Call any newspaper and they will tell you that obituaries, photos etc..

are all copyrighted. Funeral homes will also tell you that unless you are the one that provided the photo and information. F.A.G. is full of thieves and vultures.

Family pays to have their loved ones obituary and photo in the newspaper, the family pay to have their loved ones photo and bio placed on funeral home websites. Family pays for the grave plot, family pays for the monument...NOT THE F.A.G.ITS ON F.A.G.!


oops sorry my parents are siblings and my ignorance shows its ugly head along with mine on these sites :x



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