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Find A Grave owner Jim Tipton is a thief he creates a website for members to add burial information thus creating so called "memorials" he uses these memorials for ad space and charges members to sponsor these memorials. He makes hundreds of thousands of dollars a year from the deaths of others loved ones and provides no service to the survivors.

He and his administration have a set of so called "faq's" that only apply to a few. Find A Grave members constantly steals obituaries, steals photos and information from newspapers, websites and funeral homes. Information provided by the family to the various media with permission for the information to be used only in those media forms NOT Find A Grave.

Find A Grave is notorious for violating copyrights and allowing its members to violate copyrights. Members are out thousands of dollars from their free work so that Jim Tipton can make a profit.

Product or Service Mentioned: Find A Grave Website.

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This is Pissed Consumer, not Find a Grave. Do you think the admins are going to come here looking for your comment so they can address your problem?

No. Why don't you go to and read thru the FAQS and it will tell you exactly how to get a hold of should have been a huge clue that you can't REPLY to that email address, and if I were you, I wouldn't have my email address on a public site like this,


Make sure and get your family's "content" before contacting Findagrave as well. I can't imagine being a Findagrave employee and having to deal with someone like this.


Another example of why find a grave has a F rating with BBB.


BBB is a joke and doesn't mean squat. It's an individual company who attempts to convince people they are legit.


please note that the f.a.g faq's stands for frequently ask questions and the answers to those questions have been changed 3 times in the last year. people are confusing the abbreviation of frequently ask questions "faq's" as facts and that are far from FACTS!


I have seen actual newspapers obituaries posted on f.a.g., apparently the faq's only apply to some. I believe they call it copyright infringement.

I know because before we had our Mom's obituary printed in the local paper we ask about it being copied without our permission and they said everything printed in the paper is copyrighted that is each specific article is owned by the author such as a personalized obituary such as the one we wrote for mom. It's scandalous for the people sitting home and taking photos and obituaries and posting them on the f.a.g site behind anonymity.


F.A.G.'s FAQ's states no copying of copyrighted material and not to post anything you did not personally write or photograph and do not have permission from the composer or owner....yet the site is full of scanned obituaries, copied obituaries and photos. Call any newspaper and they will tell you that obituaries, photos etc..

are all copyrighted. Funeral homes will also tell you that unless you are the one that provided the photo and information. F.A.G. is full of thieves and vultures.

Family pays to have their loved ones obituary and photo in the newspaper, the family pay to have their loved ones photo and bio placed on funeral home websites. Family pays for the grave plot, family pays for the monument...NOT THE F.A.G.ITS ON F.A.G.!


oops sorry my parents are siblings and my ignorance shows its ugly head along with mine on these sites :x




since ancestry acquired f.a.g. many members are deleting all the memorials they created and deleting all the photos they posted to f.a.g.


that cultist mormonmoron is heartless!


H.A.C.K. is a bad work .. I should have it changed.


Diehard /// You may be anonymous and dissabled all your contacts and messages but you can't hide !!! Someone will find out who you are.

Someone will *** that computer base and then we will all know what a chicken *** you are.

Trick or treat !! Time is on my side, yes it is !!

@the grinder

Check various other complaints on here for Diehard's real name, contact info, and other pertinents. She is Lenora, Kansas.

@the grinder

diehard is one of the several that caused problems for me!!!


Aj is diehard. Yes. That is why the account has lasted


F.A.Grave members are just people who don't have anyone to feel sorry for them. They thrive on sympathy instaed of standing up and cowboying the *** Up .

Do you know where you come from ?? Well then why do you think I give a C.R.A.P. who your family is. Well the truth is I don't and neither do the rest of the people on this planet.

If you have this info and Pics then why do you need to show off. It is run by an elite few with the domain name being in this jeks name- nobody else. As long as your info and pics are on there they are the property of F.A. Grave.

Get back on F.A. Grave and spend the time deleting all your Pics and info now. before it is too late.

Copyrights of pictures you post are there property according to their diclaimer when it changes hands or when you are suspended for not jumping when the top 50 contributors say to jump.

@Simply ***ed

You're an ***...plain and simple. :roll


you smell like one..plain and simple. :grin


You can't steal something that isn't owned by someone. Prove to us that someone else owned something he stole and then call the cops. Otherwise *** you bored ret4rd