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Find A Grave owner Jim Tipton is a thief he creates a website for members to add burial information thus creating so called "memorials" he uses these memorials for ad space and charges members to sponsor these memorials. He makes hundreds of thousands of dollars a year from the deaths of others loved ones and provides no service to the survivors.

He and his administration have a set of so called "faq's" that only apply to a few. Find A Grave members constantly steals obituaries, steals photos and information from newspapers, websites and funeral homes. Information provided by the family to the various media with permission for the information to be used only in those media forms NOT Find A Grave.

Find A Grave is notorious for violating copyrights and allowing its members to violate copyrights. Members are out thousands of dollars from their free work so that Jim Tipton can make a profit.

Product or Service Mentioned: Find A Grave Website.

Location: San Antonio, Texas

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...all of you sad little people...


jim tipton and diehard are friends and the two people posting as anonymous are the same...they say they have problems with the f.a.g. site but yet they spend their time and money supporting it.


I do not believe that Jim is friends with Diehard. He has too much class for that.


Burn in he...LL! jim tipton you are mormanmoron...you will find dog waste on your loved ones gravestones... :grin :grin :grin


I have read alot about Tipton. He is smart and had a wonderful idea.

He has made a great fortune creating a business out of his hobby. His dream came true. Ive read that he is a family man with a wife and children. He has such a wonderful site that people are willing to contribute and work for free and love doing it.

What I do not understand is how a family man, that has a wonderful life in a business that he started from scratch.. I do not understand how he can put up with how some of these members treat and abuse other members. These bullies have been reported over and over again for several years. In my office if someone was reported over and over and abused, threatened, and called other workers names my boss who also started and loves his company would not put up with it for one minute.

Why would you allow such hateful and mean people to ruin your dream and drive other members away? We are not talking about just strict and rude members. We are talking about those who actually threaten and belittle the very people who are adding so much to this man's business. You cant tell me Tipton does not care about his business because it was his dream.

Why would you want these people associated with your company ruining your name and business. It hurts me to see all these complaints.

When the site first started it was not like this at all. So many of the first timers are long gone and along with that their business.


BBB Rating C & Recent complaint to the BBB: this company published my son's headstone and grave site without permission and with incorrect information and refuses to remove it.

on june 10 2013 I was made aware that a picture of my dead son's headstone and gravesite were on a website called find a grave with the wrong information i wasn't even his mother according to this website, also my husbands parents, grandparents and his baby cousin grave sites and headstones were on there. At no time did I or any member of my family EVER give this website or anyone from it permission to post them. I contacted the company and the person who posted it and they refuse to take it off.

f.a.g. it Tipton's Response: (Not sure what Catholicism has to do with it, as we have thousands of Catholic burial locations registered. Most family members appreciate having a place to pay their respects to their loved ones.)


family members have a place to pay their respects to their loved ones its the cemetery where they are buried not a disgusting website profiting from their deaths and feeding off their deaths like the vultures they are at f.a.g.


If you created over 20 thousand memorials and they ban you and keep your memorials f.a.g. it jim tipton stands to make 5 dollars per memorial that's 100 thousand for just 20 thousand memorials.

If a member is banned then all the memorials they created should be removed too! that f.a.g. it jim tipton is a thief when he keeps memorials that members that he has banned from the site for whatever reason.

*** f.a.g. it jim tipton


I fail to understand how strangers and take pictures of gravestones that my family struggled to pay for and post them on F.A.G. and then profit with placing ads on our loved ones memorial and then ask for money to remove the ads.


did not pay for the burial plot, did not pay for the gravestone, did not pay for the publication of the obituary and picture of our loved one, but F.A.G. did use everything we paid to profit Jim Tipton...shame on you Tipton there is a special place in he,ll for the likes of you!


I believe you probably lost more money especially if you posted thousands of memorials from hundreds of cemeteries. And posted thousands of photos.

I would imagine the time, gas, batteries, camera, wear and tear on tires and auto, internet etc...it is probably more than 67 thousand dollars. There are members that have posted over a million memorials and over thirty thousand photos say it cost you an average of a dollar for each memorial posted yeah 67 thousand is probably an understatement.


ummm with the site being "Free" how can you loose that much.... ummm no :roll


ummmm site is free for f.a.g. its to add memorials and photos but it is a for profit website...There is no mention "loose" in the complaint..thanx for proving you are a "LOSER". :grin :grin

:grin :grin :grin :grin


Thanks for agreeing with me there is nothing wrong with f.a.g. members stealing obituaries that have been written and paid for to be in newspapers and funeral websites.

There is nothing wrong with f.a.g. members copying a deceased photo from obituaries or funeral home websites and there is nothing wrong with f.a.g. members taking photos of gravestones that have been paid for by family members to help make my website profitable. I do have a sponsorship option for memorials to remove the ads for a one time fee of 5 dollars though I make much more from the ads.

I am living a very comfortable life I gross over a 600 thousand dollars a year from my f.a.g.

site. People that complain are just jealous and bitter because I profit from their loved ones deaths without providing a service to the deceased like a funeral home.


Oh and perhaps people have had unpleasant experience's when dealing directly with them. But do you really think the site owner is writing these comments? It's probly a crazy person or angry person getting off on knowing ppl are that angry at this Jim guy, they aren't thinking right and do believe its him.

Oh boy...


I actually find Find A Grave site as a win, win situation . I haven't had to pay for anything ( it could be included with an ancestry site) . I have found wonderful info on that site. I can't afford to fly all over half the U.S. to take pictures of family history. If he makes money from advertising good for him, everyone else does .

I guess I'm not getting everyone's problems.

I do find being nice first instead of assuming the bad does work.


Stop calling me a thief, it isn't me the volunteers are the ones taking pictures of the graves and gravestones your family bought and paid for the volunteers are the ones stealing the obituaries and pictures of your dead family and posting them on the F.A.G. site, none of this matters as long as at the end of the day make a profit.


Jim would you remove on Dash page where she claims she is burn out so she will only check back from time to time I think she has many account too right Chris


Jim Tipton is a f.a.g. r.a.t!

He and his pinions should have be tarred and feathered. I hope everybody takes their dogs to take a big f.a.g.

S..H..I..T! on his families graves!


I have never joined the f.a.g. website as I thought is was tacky how they act like the "memorials" are in memory of a loved one when they have tacky ads and pop ups.

And they charge to have them removed. In this way it is true that the website owner Tipton is profiting from the deaths of our loved ones..tacky tacky are outright disgusting it figures he is a Mormon/***.


Yes, I'm a thief and there is nothing you can do about it. I will continue to profit from the deaths of your loved ones I will continue to violate copyrights.

How else can I get a picture of your loved ones unless I have my members steal them from the obituaries you paid to have printed in your local newspaper.

So what if you paid for the burial plot and the gravestone my website is going to profit from pictures of that gravestone. Deal with it I'm rich and greedy and nobody is going to stop me!

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