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I first met this Cecelia Stewart in March 2015. She was the 'creator' of my grt.

grandfather's find a grave memorial. She had a bare amount of data in his memorial so I offered to supply the family data. When I noticed she had given my grt. grandfather the wrong father I asked her to correct it.

She would not even after 3 years. I gave her the information about my Grt. Grandfather's confederate solider status....she never put it in the Bio (never in 3 years). My Grt Grandfather had eleven siblings and Cecelia's deliberate diehard refusal to correct her chosen father to this family had a hugh impact of their history.

When I realized the person in her memorial was definitely not my Grt. Grandfather I proceeded to create my Grt Grandfather a memorial with his corrected father's identity and his confederate soldier record. It happened so fast. Cecelia yelled "Duplicate Duplicate".........but it wasn't yet Find A Grave sided with Cecelia and transferred my completed informative memorial to Cecelia Stewart which they are claiming it was created 2009 by Cecelia.

I was penalized for not accepting Cecelia's wrong , half written Bio as Find A Grave/Cecelia wanted it presented. I was hurt, shocked bewildered and at a complete loss. Find a grave has not offered to pay me for my 4 years of research since I did not release my memorial to them.. Lots of emails and messages definitely show someone in an emotional stress.

Cecelia has 1,620 memorials and she was not going to transfer her hold .she claims her husband's grt. grand pappy was my grt. grandmother brother and that gave her full inter knowledge on who fathered my grt. grandfather.

She was wrong but at this time she is enjoying my Bio of correction.

Find a grave never researched my claim say 1st is owner of name memorial. This was hurtful...I am not resolve to the bully tactics and continuous threat to take my account away...No where to go and no one to help.....Nancy Solt FAG ID #4826224 2/15/18

Product or Service Mentioned: Find A Grave Genealogy Record.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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If you go to the edit tab and corrections at bottom, message to creator that you want a transfer of your g grandfather. Give your membership number.

If she won't transfer, they will automatically transfer within 30 days. Another way is to copy and paste his web address to edit@findagrave and say he is your g grandfather and the person won't transfer.


There is a $12 million dollar law suit pending in the U. S. District Court.


this memorial was not a duplicate at all........... Pissed consumer do not allow deletes....nor best advise is ti skip using pissed consumer web.


On May 24, 2009 Cecelia Stewart created memorial #37455725 for a named person and took the wife and daughter from another person then put the wife and daughter into her memorial #37455725 as part of her bio which left the rightful husband without a memorial in his name. This action injured the character of the person whom she had taken his wife and his daughter and blocked the husband from his own memorial while she continued to unload her memorial #37455725 to researchers.

Damaging the man, his wife and his daughter's true linage. For 9 years.


Is this complaint for real? You admit to creating a duplicate memorial which violates the rules.


Just to mention a few well documented grounds:Top Grounds: failure to disclose she was reserving her memorial for HKO #2..(view her memorial attached)Second Grounds: Deliberately infliction of emotion duress


Mutual solution by all means they are to expect litigation along with their agent that instigated and kept this going for 3 yrs. #47117292


The art of speech, the use of political correctness, the eloquent ability to say what's on your mind and show no emotional awareness is qualities I do not process. When things happen that you don't understand then one should be given the opportunity to question.

We live is a society that hurrahs the disrespecting of our president, our flag, our nation as we live but to verbalize discontent of entities we had no way of pre warning but got caught up in .....well . has been written I am not in the boat of such expression alone.


There is another dimension beyond that which is known to man. It is a dimension as vast as space and as timeless as infinity.

It is the middle ground between light and shadow, between science and superstition, and it lies between the pit of man's fears and the summit of his knowledge. Sometimes it lies at the bottom of a bottle of Gin. Usually it's too difficult to get at, right down there on the bottom. The only known solution is to crack open another one, begin the search again, then post here.

If Gobbledygook is your first language, you will fit right in with the unfathomable nonsense that passes for reason ...

here, in the F.A.G. Zone.

@Father McKenzie

Did i hear holier than thou spew?



grandparents to be placed into the 5 of their children....This is why Find A Grave suspended my account........ When I put the same picture in my profile picture they deleted there.Find A Grave deleted all 5 pictures of my grt. grandparents I had placed in 5 of my independent memorials plus removed a grave marker of explanation email answers to why.....This clearly shows that Find A Grave can remove any picture or document in any and all of their 3million memorials and the creator/owner can not stop them... Question is : Just how safe are your memorials with Find A Grave website ?

They get pissed with you and they retaliate by pilfering , plumaging and delete your contents at their whelm.

How great thy art ! Supporting backers keep this stuff going.


They are low class grumpy ***


Those folks do not associate normally with others, and they have deep seeded emotional problems. They cannot function in the real world, so these walking dead seek to pick on the sacred cemeteries! :(


Most insane are the flowering people . A small group of troublemakers!


i agree with you, and the disrespect for memorials and the deceased runs ramped on this website. A lot of harassment happening there. So disgusting!


that is just horrible! you should of sued them for stealing copywritten work. i hate what that site has become :(


If the Cecelia person was not, in fact, making a memorial for your great grandfather then why did you torment her for 3 years insisting that it was, and that she should make changes to whatever it was she posted? How can you now possibly reconcile the same memorial having a bio that properly belongs on your ancestor, and claim that this shoe suddenly fits? I have a suspicion that neither of you is totally fit to be posting facts.


You are she..hummmm! Hang it up partner..That is Find A Grave's standard come on rebuke for gang war...Ceccia has listed helpers and you are 1 of 6 correct!

No time to gnaw. I have beautiful graves to memorize. Try the Tristram & Susan Odom that clung to Henry's memorial until on Jan. 4, 2018 when I beat the odds and personally corrected it court documents name..

As usual you are ashame of what you are stating here without a name to push your mouth.........Crawl back under the covers of silence.

Your inexperience is showing, bubba! FYI Nancy


If you are right as you speak the tell the world why did Cecce yell "DUPLICATE- DUPLICATE" at my Jan. 4, 2018 memorial creation?

Yes, she sure did !!

You're shallow of knowledge fella.........By the way I have all correspondences between Ceecc & myself since March 2015......I was feeding her every drop of bio information that she put in the memorial she numbered #37455725...I even laid in a few false facts as well... .I was kind, polite and patient ,,,,,,,,Speak with BBBB mouthy,

@nancy solt

Given that Nancy Solt said "I even laid in a few false facts as well", is it any wonder Nancy's account is "Record Not Available"???