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Update by user Mar 11

After following their instructions to the letter, and sending my complaints to, they verified my name, and address and used all that information to remove and black ball me from the use of find a grave ; they are perhaps the most dishonest group, and sleaziest and most worthless managers I have ever had the displeasure of dealing with in my life. They have not one ounce of personal integrity in them and ZERO honor.

Original review posted by user Feb 09

I have contacted Ancestry dot com and been sent to the following e-mail to file my burgeoning complaints,, and here is my second email to them, and my comments which reflect not just the way I've been treated, but 10s of thousands of others who are throwing up their hands and leaving Find a grave, if they are not kicked off for complaining, which they do --- TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN in authority at Ancestry dot com The need for a 2nd e-mail has come about because the first one that I sent to you tonight, after speaking with FRANCES_______?in UTAH was so thick with complaints about Plagiarism and the wrong done to me by Find a Grave and Mr.

Armstrong that I have decided to add in advance of Find a Grave's response to cut short the correspondence that might ultimately result from what I believe will be their response. They will say that they warned me (warned me?) about abuse and other behavior. Let me tell you a little more about Abuse and bad behavior, I further accuse Find a Grave of the following Abuses towards me, which have been very painful to me: (1) Condesending attitude, (2) Patrinizing me, (3) Ignoring my repeated requests for help and reports of Plagiarism, (4) Stolen Grierson monuments, specifically Nelly Joy nee Cluff Grierson, which I made and found in someone elses possession and I know I made it first, obviously I checked, (5) FIND A GRAVE HAS committed the Crime or Felony of Aiding and Abetting in Plagiarism, (6) Find a Grave has mis-matched my work with inferior, sub-standard work of others, with no explanation, (7) Find a Grave has Stolen out right, in a dishororable, not ethical way, taken famous monuments from me and every else, to include my hard work on "The righteous among the nations." (8) Find a Grave has refused to turn over work to me, by their own rules for people who are closely related to me so I can get on with the work, (9) Find a grave has refused to honor my repeated requests to speed up the dozens of requests for others to edit good work that I have asked to be changed - I spend hours researching to know what is the best information - sometimes I also make change requests.

There is so much more - but the Excuse that I talked down to them, that they were called names or abused whether true of not - the Abuse was firstly and for a long time directly at me ; who has been abused here?If you wanna talk about Abuse, let's read the above again together, and imagine how we all feel who are trying to get the attention of management to resolve the poor management of Find a Grave, and this does not cover the number of people who have been simple removed from, or kicked off Find a grave for complaining to them about their unlawful practices or mistreatment of the public.

Review about: Find A Grave Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.


I liked: Directions i got from ancestry dot com in utah.

I didn't like: Took my details didnt me their last name is suspicious.

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Thanks for the good laughs, @GriersonOrigins!!I'm rolling on the floor.

Literally wiping the tears from my eyes. See, everyone who uses the site is bound by the "Terms of Use". If you don't like the terms, don't use the site.

If you don't use follow the Terms, they'll disinvite you from using the site.It's their sandbox so they decide who is or is not allowed to play there.


Years ago you could email edit at findagrave dot com and in reasonable time get a resolution to a problem.Then bought Find A Grave and the admin side has gone downhill.

If you call Ancestry (no way to call Find A Grave really) you get "it's all volunteer" or "they are eight weeks BEHIND in doing corrections!" or the like. Never used to be that way! They would fix it, email or politely explain why they could not. Now you need to join *** forums (separately) and read to figure out your problem.

I have seen duplicated records where a graver put ten plus relatives in the wrong city, wrong cemetery; any normal edit was never fixed, no reply. When *** was emailed (four times) they admitted he was deceased, amended his profile, but NEVER FIXED HIS ERRORS! So today--good luck. Read the rules and FAQs online then select other departments to email (info at findagrave dot com) or you may never get a reply.

Are all staffers unpaid there?Why can't Ancestry HQ manage it better since they own it--set up a new system to manage it?!!

to Anonymous #1344638

before Ancestry bought Find A Grave, emails to "edit at findagrave dot com" was taking over 2 months to be resolved.I don't know anyone who would call that "in reasonable time".

Ancestry purchased Find A Grave on 9/30/2013 and by January 2014, they were responding within a few days. That is a marked improvement by anyone's standards. Also, the "all volunteer" comment was regarding users not admins. Before the purchase, admins were volunteer but not after.

If a memorial created by a deceased member needs corrected, follow the process (Edit tab and follow up).It will be done, if you have patience and follow thru.


Are you David?

to Dedicated Graver #1338543


They really do need to update the * * * program. It would help get rid of some the abuse going on there with their website.

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