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For those unhappy about finding photos of your family members memorial monuments and considering it infringement of your privacy:

1. When someone dies, they no longer have civil or legal rights

2. Find-A-Grave preserves history and does a wonderful service for those working on heir family history and genealogy

3. Anyone can walk through a cemetery or mausoleum and view the final resting places of the deceased. The cemeteries and mausoleums are open to the public. Cemeteries and mausoleums are not your private property. Others are not doing anything illegal by taking and posting photos on line.

If you don't like what you may see on Find-A-Grave, don't go to that website to view the content.

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The contributors are opening private family cemetary gates that are locked 24 / 7 and entering without permission. How dare you.

How *** dare you. I swear to god I'm going to sue each and every person for trespassing that I can lock onto using that website that have done so. Invasion of privacy, criminal trespassing, disturbing the dead, do any of these charges sound familiar? because they will soon enough.

The whole idea escapes me that a privately owned *** PRIVATE graveyard is being entered. How do you even find it? how? and then I see my grandmothers stone on the internet for your enjoyment?

this is recreation for you? you think you are researching geneology?

you are stealing information and distributing it across the internet. i'm thinking class action to shut you and everyone like you down.


Public cemetaries may be public but guess what sunshine. Private cemetaries exist where private gates are kept locked and meant to keep the public out. you are advocating invasion of privacy and disturbing the dead as well as criminal trespassing


Its not a crime to tell your child he/she is a piece of garbage everyday so everyone should do it?.... To all of you who think the site is great thats wonderful!

my question is why do you think because you feel that way it is a universal thought. Bad news the world is full of people that have different views and do not deserve to be attacked for having different views.

They need to be respected as do you. If what you do makes someone feel violated and then not only do you make them feel violated you come on here to make them feel like they are less then you is sad and thats all you are is sad


Rella and those so ate up with hatred we can only say a prayer for that God will ease their pain.


I am in agreement with Roland.Here is a chance to do something nice. If you take a photo think of how you are keeping a memory alive.

You may help someone find family members or people in the future to do genealogy. Pat yourself on the back. Its free. Can you believe That???

Something free!!!!" Those of you complaining about emails not being answered need to volunteer your time at the site. There is one person doing this.

Its stated right on the page. Stop stamping your feet.Be thankful.


Here's what my Bio page on Find-a-Grave states about my photos, mostly of my family, but sometimes of their "neighbors for eternity" too:

"Feel free to use any of my grave marker photos any way that you want to, as none of them have any artistic value which would be covered by the intent of the Copyright clause in the Constitution."

The people who irritate me most in life are those who are MOST LIKE ME--that has been a hard Truth to accept and learn to get past. I can't change them--I can only change my attitude towards them.


Get over yourself. I know that *** jumped out of the computer and beat you to find them.

No you went looking. Just like you went looking for this site. As far as hurt, what hurts will make you stronger.

Move on or throw away your computer. It is your choice for the computer does not turn itself on.


Excuse me, all the grieving folk. Let me tell you what this site is to me.

Its a way to find my entire family tree. Its wonderful, to find everyone I love be on this memorial list I have created. I have not asked any of my family members for the rights to do this. I have created a book of everyone in orders, every person gets their own page.

Invasion of privacy....nope! Look it as a way of your loved one being known to future family member searching for them. I was excited to find old photos and gravestones of my ancestors. I added photos of my great grandmother that many of my realatives have never seen.

I tell you why, she died in 1920 when you were lucky to have a handful of photos, if not just one. She had one photo and two coies...all owned by my grandfather, her son. Now with a click of a mouse ALL my family can see a photo of her and a story. The deal is this the greatest thing ever and someone always had to complain.

CRAIG, YOUR STORY WAS RIGHT ON AND EXCELLENT.I like the way you think. These humans finally have a chance to come out and be recognized again, when they have simply been forgotten. I loved the saying about" PEOPLE LIVE ON FOREVER, AS ALONG AS YOU REMEMBER THEM." Well, I tell you all those that whine, one day you will be dead and no one will have a memory of your loved one because you stood infront of the an incredible desire to let these people continue to thrive and be apart of this moment, cause a nice volunteer kindly posted a photo. Maybe the photo is not for you, but for your desendent that one day reaches back in the past and wants to see who this person was.



You're a perfect example of the type of rude person I'm talking about.

What I know about the forums is what I've read here; I looked at them when I first joined the site but didn't post anything. I haven't read them since.

I've always been pleasant to the people I've interacted with; I don't typically announce that I've fulfilled a request unless there's a need to communicate additional information; my photos are high quality. I don't think the problem is ME, and you have no basis for assuming it is.

Further, don't assume I'm a hoarder. I've always been happy to transfer memorials on request, and have proactively transferred memorials to people I know are actively researching a particular family or cemetery without being asked and regardless of their relationship to the family. I've never filed a complaint against anyone, nor have I denied anyone use of a photograph, nor have I caused any drama.

Your hostile reaction is EXACTLY the reason I stick to photography and don't interact on the forums.

I suggest you learn some manners.


Hey "Yikes" your pants are on fire. You stated that "you couldn't pay me to hang out in the forums", it that a really big lie or just a little omission kind of lie? As in you are happy to be a bully over there for free?

If all you do is take pictures on Find a Grave how would you know if people were rude or not unless you "hung out in the forum" where they go on about that very thing every 3 or 4 days. If your statement is based on experience and half of "you" don't even say thank you then I suggest you find yourself another little hobby if all you are looking for is praise. You must be very unlucky with who you take pictures for, I have always gotten a thank you. Hmmm, maybe it's, oh I don't know...YOU?

Get over yourself. Hoarder.


The person who take the photograph holds the exclusive legal right to reproduce that photo, even if the picture is of your (and hundreds of other people's) ancestor's grave. That person can grant you the right to reproduce the image, but you need to ask. You may not like it, but photographs are covered by the same copyright laws as books, music and other creative products.

More importantly, how difficult is it to ask the photographer's permission to post his or her picture on your site, and to give credit for the work? A little courtesy goes a long way.

I've been an administrator on a large international site for more than two years, and have never seen such unfriendly, ungrateful and downright rude people as those on FindAGrave. Half of you don't even say thank you when a volunteer takes a picture for you.

You couldn't pay me to hang out in the forums.


Not 100% accurate. A simple point and shot photo with little or no creative input is not covered by copyright.

Copyright requires some creativity. If you spend time working on lighting, angles, etc., then you have creativity and a headstone photo is covered under copyright. Can you tell when a person did or did not use creativity? No and that's another reason to ask permission.

Some of my final photos were taken over days or a week with 50 takes to get one usable print. Not all grave markers are photogenic. I rarely use other people's photos and only with permission. Mainly because I have no way of verifying the photo they added was taken by them.

Many people assume I own photo = I own copyright.

Would that it were so, but it is not.


That's the problem with Findagrave. The headstones and memorials that are created are mainly by people who have NO connection to the deceased, then they turn around and say since your relatives gravemarker is on our site, you need to ASK permission to use the photo a non-relative added.

And if someone doesn't want a relative's memorial on there, they get grief for it because now that memorial is copyright Findagrave and the person who took the photo. *** Learn something about others for once. The only reason someone would want to use the photo or even LOOK on findagrave is because they are more than likely RELATED to the person who's on there.

How dare you tell people what they can and can't do with something that is/was attached to their very life. What bigots.


Why complain? Because my husband is just another number to one of these "memorial hoarders." He was a person.

The fact that some crazy lady's name is attached to him makes me sick.

Free site or not, they have no respect. Those, like you, who support it should be ashamed of yourselves.


Well, I've been a part of Findagrave for quite sometime now and a photo volunteer when possible. I have to say, that I don't see anything wrong with what the site provides and it provides it all at NO charge!

Why complain?

There are thousands of people, that would otherwise, but totally forgotten about in cemetery's everywhere, if it had not been for Findagrave, it's members, & photo volunteers. Give the site a break.


If you pay taxes on the grave property where your loved one is buried in any cemetery then you may have something to say.

But most cemeteries are open to the public and are cared for by the cemetery association or the county trustee. Records at the courthouse are also public information--so if someone has a copy of your great grandfather's will--you can not do anything about it.

Better learn the laws and rules and what is accessible to the public before you say anything.

And it does make a difference just what the use of the information is. For genealogy or family history --usually the one interested in that PRESERVES and reverances records and cemeteries---not destroys them nor would they be dishonoring the dead.


Very unusual for a person to own a grave plot. In the U.S., you only get the right to be permanently stuck in the ground, tomb, urn and not any property rights.

Different states have different rules on public.

In Oklahoma, New York, and several other states, public records aren't public. Maybe if you are family, then you can get access.


Find a Grave has caused our family many heartaches. If they were truly such a great site, they would show compassion to those of us who are grieving. What a shame that all of you can support such a horrible thing.


I\'d first like to say this is a great site. The history that\'s here is far beyond any book can give you.

I\'ve spent countless days over the past ten years looking through cemeteries in 25% of NYS trying to find ancestors. I\'ve been in cemeteriesthat are so over grown a rabbit would have a hard time getting through. Others hold the history of a town or even the history of the state and our country. I\'ve been to many that hold no ancestors but tell a history.

What I see in all of these cemeteries is loved ones forgotten. The old grave are broken grown over sunken or just lost.Many of these graves haven\'t seen a visitor in decades or hundreds of years. Then I walk through the newer section and little changes. I see graves less then ten years old being consumed by the earth.Weeds and mold have taken over.

In many cases the graves see a few visits by the present generation then they head down the path to being forgotten.Death is something we all face.We all want to be remembered but seldom are.We place monuments on our loved ones graves so they can be remembered. Then we let them vanish with time.In all my visits to every cemetery I leave it a little better then the way it was when I arrived. I\'ve spent hours straightening soldiers flags trimming bushes and weeds away from people I never knew. It saddens me that a grave only a few years old is degraded and on it\'s way to being lost.

Everyone in those cemeteries were humans.Humans that deserve to be remembered. I\'m willing to bet that the people placing the memorials on Find A grave do the same as I do and feel the same way about these souls. There\'s no money to be made turning graves on *** so It\'s people who care and believe everyone deserves to be remembered. There is nothing wrong or repulsive about giving some one the chance to be remembered .

Whats repulsive is people visiting their loved one once a year because they have a holiday for it then saying others are ghouls for letting anyone remember your loved one. Some day someone in your family is going to want to find their past. Believe me the work involved in tiring. Before you blame others you should make sure it wasn\'t your own family member that put that person here.

If there is a history about them the most likely it was. Who else would know?


For you people that are finding your loved ones recent graves on here I suggest you ask someone in your own family about it. A past history figure you can get info anywhere about.With Jane Commoner any info would only be known by YOUR FAMILY!

Look in your own yard before you go hoppin the fence and pointing fingers at others. Sue your own family

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