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I had a few family memorials on the Find A Grave website (that I have since deleted), and Also .. I found out that some other contributor to this site had more of my family listed on their own profile page. This contributor REFUSED to transfer my own family to me. And the "administrators" REFUSED to take any action to physically transfer these memorials to me as well. Strangely, contributors can post memorials to this site without any physical connection. All you need to do is go on a cemetery site (such as Forest Lawn or Green Hills), link to the Burial Site Information, an post away your memorials .. AND CLAIM THEM AS YOUR OWN!!! Is this strange or what???
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Contributors at Find A Grave that take family members of others for their own gain, and not as a TRUE tribute to the deceased...have something wrong with their brains!!! BOB AND ANN ALVEY is another contributor that literally "run over" surviving family associated with Green Hills Memorial Park, in Rancho Palos Verdes, CA.

These high volume contributors (with literally THOUSANDS of memorials) watch the website carefully to see if other contributors are cancelled by the "administrator" or scan obituaries for local newspapers in the gain yet ANOTHER MEMORIAL to their credit. I am creating a website for my family that have passed away. This way no power hungry contributor of Find A Grave (or their BIASED administrators) can deface my families' character.



Macday and Goochy2...You are both so right!! Keep an eye on the

Find A Grave SEARCH option, if you know of deceased individuals that had a final wish NOT to have their information spread all over this website!

If ADMIN at *** won't take your departed name off, there is other recourses you can take!! DON'T BE BULLIED BY THE LUNATIC CONTRIBUTORS OF THE FIND A GRAVE WEBSITE!!

And believe me,

Find A Grave has a LOT of them! :( !


I am a Find A Grave FORMER contributor who couldn't stand the "HOARDERS" of Find A Grave memorials in the South Bay...So Cal areas. Let me name a few...DON GREEN, WARREN WEIMER, "GREEN HILLS STONES CALLING", DONNA K RAILSBACK BRALY, B.

J. WATERS. These folks will SWOOP down and use any means to get a memorial credit in their name. This is really sad.

Deceased individuals that have no relation to these "contributor" people!!

This practice keeps their lives busy, I guess, at any surviving families!! :(


This site is a money making machine. They dont transfer memorials because they want to make 5 dollars off of each memorial forever until someone will sponsor it.

If they transfer it you could possibly delete it. This is not about remembering a lost loved one its about making money. The people who wont transfer memorials are admins with fake member names. They dont want you to know its them so people think its a mean member.

Not so. Every time you are denied a transfer look and see how many memorials this person manages. They are not collecting for the numbers its for the money. Dont create a new account even with a new email because they have your computers Ip address when you registered and even if you create a new account they will know its you.

Im glad you deleted your memorials but dont be surprised if later that memorial ends up under some other managers name. They have got the data and they plan to continue to make money off of your loved one.


If you created over 20 thousand memorials and they ban you and keep your memorials f.a.g. it jim tipton stands to make 5 dollars per memorial that's 100 thousand for just 20 thousand memorials.

If a member is banned then all the memorials they created should be removed too! that f.a.g. it jim tipton is a thief when he keeps memorials that members that he has banned from the site for whatever reason.

ph.,uck f.a.g. it jim tipton


My overall experience with Find A Grave has been positive, I've found help finding relatives I couldn't have found anywhere else.

However I have noticed the overall Number of Find A Grave Memorials they claim to have, has jumped up by over Two million, from 100,000,000 to 102,000,000 in about 2 months..

It's Really obvious now that Find A Grave is indulging big time into some Huge Numbers Game.

I'm not sure how all of those token ads per memorial translate into dollars, but it's obvious Find A Grave is somehow encouraging Select Users to go the Extra Mile.

One more noteworthy item; Find A Grave is taking longer and longer to Add the Memorials I've sponsored, perhaps they're realizing a profit loss from advertisers, when people sponsor their memorials at $5.00 each?

Or maybe it just confuses their bottom line, but I'm anticipating Change in the Wind!


They are now losing a lot of ad money because Ancestry has started using many of the ads for its products. They may gain a few bucks from people signing up using those Ancestry ads, but it's nothing compared to how much they are losing from the money generated by the third party ads.

Wonder how long before Tipton realizes how badly they messed him over with this deal?

He might have gained some financial concessions, but not enough to offset the losses.

Ancestry needs to remove the numbers so the hoarders can't enjoy them.


Ideally memorials should not to be "owned" by anyone but the deceased. Most decent people post memorials to honor the deceased and/or to provide info about the person. Also it is not uncommon for someone to post memorials to all the persons buried in a particular cemetery or for veterans all over whether they are related to anyone there or not. However, some people feel they are entitled to control a memorial because it belongs to a relative even if thousands of other people can make the same claim. Other people on Find-A-Grave post and get control of as many memorials they can as part of some ego trip with the memorials they control as their own little fiefdom.

Find-A-Grave should change it's format to make it less about who controls a memorial and more about honoring the dead and having good info about the person. Having changes made or adding data should not be an act of Congress. It should not be left to the whims or interest (or lack of interest) of someone who controls the memorials. I'm not saying it should be like Billion Graves where anyone can make changes, but the way Find-A-Grave is set up it encourages controlling attitudes. It encourages people who try to get others banished from Find-A-Grave so they can take over their memorials or get their memorials deleted so they can post their own. It attracts people who would rather spend their time harassing others than anything else.

Of course there can easily be the problem of people disagreeing about what should be on the memorial. I would imagine there would be situations where one person added data only to have someone else remove it or rewrite it and then the first person changing it again. But Find-A-Grave has some serious problems that its administrators don't care about or actually like no matter how unprofessional or despicable.


I think most people who contribute to Findagrave do so as a way to help others connect with, see headstone photos and add info to a family tree. I have had some great finds, thanks to findagrave volunteers.

On the other hand, while trying to add and link info of my own family, have found old contributions in which there is no link capability and also where the contributor is no longer available or non-responsive to requests to fix, add to or transfer. I think the relationship rule for transfers is totally ludicrous. Why would someone be able to transfer my great-grandma to me, but not her son, my uncle, whom I knew well, but who is a stranger to the person who "owns" that memorial. I realize that the person can actually transfer if they so choose, but I'm amazed at how many quote the rule as if they are afraid the "Find-a-Grave Police" will come for them.

Wonder what they think their punishment will be? Perhaps buried alive in an unmarked grave!?!


I get what you mean overall, Smitty, but the dead cannot "own" anything because they are dead. Memorial, being in memory of, is the sole domain of the living.

That said, what you've said is WELL said! :)

I know from my own experience and the experiences of some people I know who joined the site that there are definitely playing favourites. The whole "numbers" and "possessions" attitudes, which can be very, very good and beneficial, are sometimes abused and good people who can be fantastic contributors will either flee the site or take their good intentions and hard work elsewhere.

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The admins are able to go into any member's profile and edit it or delete it. They can and do alter, edit and transfer memorials that anyone has submitted. Whilst the owner is off resting on his piles of money, the site is left in the hands of tyrants and bullies....
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I made a find a grave profile of my cousin who passed and it was stolen. When I tried politely to ask for it back or what happened it became a big fight & I was harassed by a man who supported her & basically told me that my parents did not raise me right, I’m an *** etc etc.

This went to far and find a grave should’ve blocked him from being able to be on. Thankfully she deleted it & I was able to make my cousin a new one in my name and make sure no one was able to steal it.

My advice, don’t get on it. They don’t do crap about cyber bullying.

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Here is my letter sent to Find A Grave staff July 8th 2011. Dear "Find A Grave" Staff, The Name of your site makes it Very Clear. However, For Me, your Format was misleading. Your Format seemed to have been developed to share Family Heritage. With places for Birth &...
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Get off your soap box you should try leading by example. I sure did enjoy the work you copied from Charlene's memorials.You may not know her by her real name? you called her a toad after you participated in getting her account deleted and then you duped her families memorials.

does this refrresh your memory of who i am talking about you wrote:

A full out escalation of disgust came when I found she triplicated and plopped the Hill family in the three largest cemeteries. I knew where the Hill's where located and it really pissed me off to find them and then have to tell this *** toad

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Arlington, Virginia
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