A morbid person named June posted memorials on my wife and my brother. Then this same person left derogatory comments about me on those same memorials.

I complained to Find a Grave and instead of removing the comments, they removed the memorials even though I am a member of Find a Grave. June sent me terse and very smart *** emails which I forwarded on to Find a Grave. I have discovered that the "field" reps (like June)who wander around cemeteries making pictures are all powerful in controlling individual memorials. Find a grave is a cruel scam site.

All driven by money.

Location: Denton, Texas

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Yep they are scammers who work in your business. our people learned this from firsthand experience.


Your complaint is just another of many complaints about Find A Grave unscrupulous administration...


Find A Grave is getting to big not to be mannaged by people who have experience Tipton uses his big numbers to show advertisers he can bring X amount of people to the site. This makes Companys like ancestry and world vital records post adds on his site he gets paid.

The numbers and competitive nature of people is cancelling out the respect to the living who feel the strangers using their child's name as a number buried in the wrong cemetery and in correct death date is disrespectful. Most of the memorials are bogus so you cant be getting that much help.


There are two different types of users on Find A Grave, or any other collaborative web site. There are people who contribute, and then there are people who use the system to feed their need for power.

I think that the leadership at Find A Grave are good people who don't earn a dime off the site. The donations and income generated by grave sponsorships help to keep the site up and running (these things just don't happen for free).

The problem starts when you get a core group of users who begin to seize an ownership stake in the site, and all others be damned.

Yes, Find A Grave will correct incorrect information. But they also allow bullies to control the Members Forum, trolls, harridans and harpies who skirt the rules on communication, and then there are the people who are effectively anti-social nerds who demand all other do as they say or face immediate and harsh punishment (and I have encountered such a harpy - and she will remain nameless) so I know of what I speak.

Find A Grave needs to make some rules of governance and start acting like a real site instead of a startup. Its past that stage.


Las...what $39.95?


I thought it was a good thing to begin with for genealogy reasons and it still is yet i have seen memorials made before the flowers wilted on a grave its all about numbers and now there is a "nasty mouthed" person who ruins personal memorials and gets away with it I say it was a good thing at first but now its time to shut it down!


I don't believe it's a scam, but some things about *** upset me. They get people to work for them for free--creating the memorials and taking photos, and they do so by playing on people's competitive nature and feelings of sympathy. In the process, the site owner makes a fortune off of the $5.00 sponsorships. It's cleverly disgusied but is all for profit. What's more *** gets the copyrights to everything submitted.

I used to contribute until I realized these things. I too have ran into some very small and petty people there, so I don't hang around there anymore.

I always wondered if someone would take offense at someone else creating listings for their family.


what is the phone number, I would like to get my 39.95 back. There is no cancellation on the website.



"SCAM" is an Understatement.

*** is nothing more than a collection of petty thieves.

If you care to send good ol' Jimmy some "fan mail": jim@***.com

@Bill Vwv

What do you get when you join findagrave? Free membership you only have to give your email address when you register.

Your email is then passed around to all the admins. They sit and wait until you have added lots of data to their site and spent money to sponsor memorials. Members are monitored by admins hiding behind fake names. No one can accuse the admin of unprofessional behavior if they wont give there real name.

Once you have provided lots of data you are bullied until you quit. They never delete your memorials and now you cant delete them either. They continue to earn money on your work.

You feel like you have been used and you dont read these complaints until its too late. A GREAT big scam.


I just filed a complaint with the Utah Better Business Bureau. We need more people to come forward and complain about what's going on at Find A Grave.

Money is being taken, accounts are being deleted/blocked, no explanations given, no emails returned. Pretty low when its now ok to claim copyrights over dead people's graves just because you take a picture of the headstone and then tell people they cannot use the picture unless you ask their permission. Even thought its not their ancestor and its yours, you still need to ask permission to use a photo of YOUR ancestor's headstone. To those having problems, make NEW requests for the headstone you are seeking and state within the request your intention of using the photo elsewhere, that way the person fulfillin this requests KNOWS upfront what you will do with the photo taken.

Very low class when telling someone they have no right to something that is related to you by blood, but is only yours to USE if you ask for it.

If there is another website that is better than F.A.G., please, someone let me know and I will go there instead. Done with being ignored.


I thought I was getting a big help in looking up gravesites for my ancestors, but it turns out that Findagrave is run by people who dont care if you're related to the deceased or not and will erase your existence from their site if you have a problem with something. Very poor service.

I would like money back for the memorials I sponsored to remove ads that were showing up to begin with.

THAT'S how Findagrave makes $$$. Not by the volunteers (slaves) who go out unknowingly working for the beast (F.A.G.), but by people donating and sponsoring memorials at $5 a pop.


A Scam First set up a free website. Second use members to upload data and sell adds on that data.

Monitor the member's progress. When lots of memorials are created or managed Bully the person. Person gets mad and quits.

Assign the memorials and backdate Created dates. Make money on that memorial forever.


I filed a complaint with the better business bureau when they banned me from the site and deleted all my memorials. Jim Tipton finally let me back in, but since has banned my account and left all my memorials intact.

So I went in and transferred all my memorials to a new account and when I went in today, he had transferred them all back to the original account!

So now I'm going on a massive campaign to report copyright violations on that website to as many places as I can, including the US Copyright Office, The US Attorney General and the FBI. I've already written letters to the LA and NY Times.


I agree completely with the Gentleman (find a grave scam) sir you are very Right and they are just heartless, I feel what you mean completely these people that disagree have never been in our shoes so that means they have no right to try to think they can tell us how to feel. I am so on your side.And that person defending Finda grave is mostlikely working for them one of their crew.


Sorry to hear someone had such a bad experience in Find A Grave. I am a ~VOLUNTEER ~ at F.A.G.

and have listed several thousand memorials over the years.

I also have donated my time and effort and never once received any more than a heart filled thank yous from others that have search for their families. All the time I have spent driving around looking for cemetery’s, photographing (rain, mud and sunshine) posting memorials makes it all worth while to help others.....again never once receiving any compensation for it.


There is NO money to be had by the VOLUNTEERS at Find A Grave. I've been a contributor for 10 years - my own time, gas money, film developing money before I went digital in 2004, my own desire to help document history before it crumbles away.

I'm sorry you had a bad experience. If you truly are a member, then you KNOW there is no money to be had.


guess your *** *** than lea1955 or can't read but the man said derogatory comments. Use a dictionary and look it up you cold hearted ingnorant ***


So let me get this straight are you ashamed that someone honored your wife and brother, It would seem to me that you'd would be thankful, and then of course those who weren't waware of their passing will now know and acknowledge it. Find a Grave memorialize that person so get off your soap box and be more appreciative or remove the post simple as that.

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