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Find a grave says that membership is free and that you can sponsor a loved one's site and post pictures. They do not have a complete set of rules anywhere on the site.

They make them as they go.

Instead of helping and being understanding to other's grief they are the most rude administrators I have ever been in contact with. They have a small group of forum members that are giving preferential treatment and if you ever disagree with them your memorials and sponsorships are gone. They will delete a loved ones memorial in a second and give no consideration to your grief. Admin's will not contact you for any reason except when they want to give a rude response to you.

Not a site I would recomend to anyone. Very poor management.

Product or Service Mentioned: Find A Grave Forum.

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poor ignorant larry must be a newbie and is not aware that the faq's have changed several times over the years they are "frequently ask questions" they are NOT RULES!


Have you ever read the Find A Grave Questions & Answers? Everything you need to know including guidelines are there!!!!!!!!!!


I was amazed at all the negative comments surrounding the findagrave website. When you are the one going through it, you don't realize that others have had the same bad experiences and in some cases much worse ones. There are legions of people complaining about the website. I thought pissedconsumer.com was the main venting place but there are many others all over the web.

If there is an example of how NOT to run a website, it looks like findagrave has found it. I have been in contact with well over 100 people that experienced problems, if not out and out harassment from the members and admin of the site. There is actually a lawsuit pending regarding the lost work involved by some of the former members.

The worst part for findagrave though, is they have become a joke to the ancestry.com community. Findagrave thinks it's flexing it's muscles when it deletes accounts and removes other people's work. But what they are really doing is creating dead links that ancestry had listed as relevant information. This has made ancestry.com look bad and they do not take that lightly.

A friend of mine works at ancestry.com and they receive a multitude of complaints about dead links from findagrave all the time. It's my understanding that ancestry has to remove all the findagrave links from their site and disassociate themselves from them.

I mean when you have the largest website in the industry actually linking to your site that's a big deal. But they blew it - All because they wanted a select few to be the big fish in a little pond.

It's mind boggling! Actually, it's a shame because findagrave had an opportunity to be one of the "big" ones but instead they let their egos and troublemakers ruin their chances of ever being taken seriously. :x


I have had similar experiences. This site is a dictatorship and it hides behind the guise of helping others connect with their loved ones.

They are despicable!

I too have experienced the rudeness of the admins, the failure to respond, and the deletion of years worth of work due to preferential treatment of another member. The member's name is BB - no bio given. At the time of her attack on me, I had been a member for nearly 9 years.

The BB member was listed as having been a member for 3 years. She spammed my email box with claims of duplicate listings. I let her know that I did not have duplicates as the originals were incorrect and although I contacted the original creators I had never received an answer. Also, some of her claims of duplicates were just flat out lies.

In most cases they were two completely different people. This woman was trolling the entire site 'looking' for duplicates and her wall was filled with messages from other members that complained of her harassment and spamming, all in regards to so called dupes. I told her that I had no idea why she kept hounding me about these so called duplicates when the listings didn't even belong to her. Then one day, my account was deleted.

All my work was gone. I contacted the admins but never did get a response. That was 6 months ago and still nothing. I checked the BB profile and suddenly she's been a member for 9 years now.

She was able to change that, which tells me she IS the admin. She's one of those "numbers" submitters and couldn't care less if her info is correct or not. She has absolutely no regard for anyone's grief and after my work was deleted SHE entered MY information as her own.

Be very wary of this site. :roll


"I let her know that I did not have duplicates as the originals were incorrect . .



??? If there are originals, then the ones YOU newly create become the DUPLICATES - except in bizarro world


I was banned recently for disagreeing with some of the lifer/lurker types on the discussion board. No cursing, no personal attacks on any specific individual ... just disagreeing with them.

Beware of this site. And trust me, they read this message board. They quote it all the time and make fun of the people who post here. They know exactly who you people are, and they wish they could ban you here too -- but this is beyond their reach. And it gets to them.

Trust me -- you can get their goat here. We're not talking about a group of mature adults here, we're talking about a bunch of Mall Cops (my apologies to Mall Cops everywhere).


after my three postings I REALIZED that this maybe a wrong site to request of adding my "LOVED ONES". To all of you that take pictures and ensure that our LOVED ones are with us not only in our hearts, but pictures of their final resting place-I feel ashamed that there are thoes of you that are unhappy and make a fool of yourselves in your post. Shame on you.


These are great posts and there are lots of great things that this website has done one was when a man thanked me for posting such a nice memorial for his father, please could you add the names of his sons, my brother is over fighting the war and has not been able to vist our fathers grave like the rest of us have :sigh I was like wow how wonderful. GET THIS STRAIGHT THOUGH !!!

The bad is waiting in the back wings my account was banned after five years for creating the only memorial in the maple lawn cemetery for a man named stephen jewett a *** hoarder created one 30 days before me and lobbed her memorial in a random cemetery and then told me she deleted then moved it to the correct cemetery lied to the administrator and said i intentionally duplicated. the woman 505 firefly also has a habit of this and threatens family members who get upset when she throws their grandmas name in the wrong cemetery for the purpose of increasing her number count. The administrator banned me because i asked my name not be in the memorial that has a link to her profile they are reading my name and they go to her nameless profile and read her attacking grandchildren of those she memorialized. They banned me the administrator deleted 5,000 memorials i walked cemeteries for and researched photographed edited and uploaded all because someone else broke the rules and threatened people i reported her bio 5 different times if she was not threatening family she was threatening other volunteers because they were upset she broke rules.

I was banned i think that was Julies the administrators mom who was attacking people and lobbed people with fake burial info. people as long as 10 year members have been burned by the very system mentioned in this post


I think FindAGrave is a wonderful site and it has helped me deal with the loss of my mom and also helped me with genealogy // i have had only positive communication with the *** administrators // no site is perfect and a volunteer site is only as good as the volunteers that are willing to respectfully communicate with the administratros in making the web site a great place to remember and honor those that have gone before us //


@Jim Bob: A lawsuit? Seriously? What was the loss you suffered/the grounds for your lawsuit?



Find a Grave administrators are childish acting. If they get mad at someone they will pull any memorials posted by that person.

Perhaps a lawsuit would help their attitudes a little bit. :zzz


I have been so impressed by Find A Grave and through it have been

able to advance my genealogy research as well as actually see

gravestones of several ancestors. I appreciate all of the hard work

by the volunteers who catalogued vast numbers of the interred in

many cemeteries.

For those with negative experiences, perhaps your grief is still too

raw, but understand that your descendants will be grateful for an

easy source to learn about their families.


The BBB has no power just like the Credit Bureau. Why do you think that it will do any good.

I take anything they have as like an ex-wife spouting off. Anything there will be bad. And as we all know on earth, most things are good, but you cannot please everyone.

Unless something has ruined more than my day, I would not waste my time calling any agency dealing with government or BBB. They will hoot and tell everyone about you at your expense.


Findagrave is one of the BEST free genealogy resources on the web today. I don't get this entire thread...BBB, Complaints? What on earth.

People are clueless if they dont see the value in that site...Read the FAQ and learn how to use it.

There are wonderful volunteers on findagrave and in 5 years of activity I have never had any issues.


Despite the fact that I am an historian, they continually shoot down my famous submissions! Then I see one of the list it! I guess Arnold the Pig is more important than war heroes.


I would not recommend contacting any of the site administrators. Merely disagreeing with them or questioning why they do something results in a vague threat that you will be banned. The arrogance and rudeness of the administrator I dealt with was amazing.


As an instructor in genealogy research for a local Texas Community Education Program, we have referred to Find-A-Grave in personal research for about five years. The tombstone photos have saved us many miles of travel.

We do not post memorials, but we have never had a problem of any type. In fact, we have located a few "cousins" that we did not previously know existed. There are certainly numerous and more meaningful methods for memorializing loved ones than on a website.

We all have the potential for differing experiences and expressions of emotions: some people are calm and laid-back, while others may be so self-centered as to respond with rage when things do no go just as they expect or want. Each one must make their own judgements from reading the complaints and praises, factoring in their own experience.


I've been a member of Find A Grave for over a year and a half and have never had any problems of any kind. I even received an email from a cousin I never knew I had who located a mutual relative through a memorial I created.

The subject of money has never come up. I'm sorry to hear of all these problems people have reported but, without knowing the whole story, won't even attempt to say who's right or wrong.


Please do not send me any more Find A Grave request. I can no longer walk the cemeteries looking for graves. My apologies to those who had depended upon me.


I agree with july1962, who said:

"... I don't see how pointing out their very own rules is "making waves!" *I* was the one that followed the rules and when I pointed that out, I was banned. That is ludicrous. You can't make rules and then allow your cronies to break them and punish others for following them."

Findagrave is definitely a "crony" system as you said, and one of the admins pets can get you banned for no reason other than you disagreed with them.

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