I did the complete family tree thing on ancestry.com. I had hundreds of old family photos I restored and hand coloured.

I made a couple of memorials on find a grave, The next thing I knew this *** "Debbie" popped out of the woodwork who was no relation and started creating memorials on find a grave for my family members, Since Debbie didn't know all the specifics of my family she got the dates all wrong. Because she simply found someone with the same name and used their information for my relatives. When I corrected her & told her to stop I was banned from find a grave. If I try accessing the site all I get is a blank screen.

If I use the cell phone and am out of range of the router where a different isp is implemented I could access the site only 2 find out this Debbie is now given credit for all my family photos. Writing find a grave was a waste. I received a response and told I was forever banned for breaking the rules for telling Debbie to mhofb and leave my family alone.

Find a grave does not honour the dead. It is a site where warped people into necrophilia hang out and see who can make the most mememorials

Product or Service Mentioned: Find A Grave Account.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

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I agree


MAGA Sue Ancestry!


The new FAG site is awful. Not user friendly at all, it's all about the money now, with advertising all over it, it looks more like billboard for advertisers




Yes, telling someone to "mhofb" will get you banned on a collaborative website.


I just figured it meant, "Mind Your Own Facebook"... Oops.


I feel you pain. Someone named Michelle keeps messing up the info on my ancestors in the Grandview Cemetery in Johnstown, Pa.

Bizarre. I am stayin clear of site.


There are some people there on *** who destroy family history and genealogy purposely! It is sad that they have so much wasted time on their hands just to sit around proving they are losers :(


I hear ya! Sadly there are some people there who do this stuff deliberately! Unfortunately, this site has some very emotionally disturbed people who hang out there day in and day out.


She has 4 Accounts


report her please

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