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I have been a contributor for almost 15 years on this site ( not gonna give my info but anyway) have really enjoyed it. My mother passed 11/12/16.

I created a memorial to her soon after checking first to make sure there wasn't one already. There wasn't. So I created a beautiful memorial. Today I go in and it appears her memorial has been pirated.

Says "originally created by" @@@@@ on nov 15 2016 She wasn't even buried yet! And I checked! So I agree that obviously there is a way for these serial memorial posters on this site to steal memorials to up their numbers which is THE saddest thing in the world. I checked this persons numbers and yes she's must just sit with the obituary section and put these in.

And I think she misspelled my moms name or something so it didn't come up when i checked I emailed the site and was pretty pissed and told them I wanted the memorial back in no uncertain terms I think they need to change the posting need to wait a year to throw up a memorial unless you can link a family connection....these serial grave stalkers are ridiculous And to steal control.... Jesus people get a life!

Product or Service Mentioned: Find A Grave Website.

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I am a member of the site, but not really a contributor. I only joined to gain control over some family memorials.

I would say that 1 out of 4 people on there are doing legitimate research/data entry, the rest of them are just *** I honestly don't think it should be open to the public. It really doesn't seem like they are sincerely volunteering it's more like a twisted social network.


Especially the group who spent their entire time every single day of the year leaving flowers for the same group of knuckleheads. These folks are completely insane!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A circular ring of nut-heads who contribute nothing! Stalkers!


It is a very small circular of contributors who do this daily nonsense. They are a depraved people. So sad.


You are so very welcome my friend, it is always a pleasure to visit your loved ones my dearest friend (SUCK UP TIME) and many others! Just saying. LOL!


What are you considering "legitimate research/data entry"? If the person is buried in that cemetery and the facts are correct, they have fulfilled the mission of the site.

What do you mean by "don't think it should be open to the public"?

Should only Ancestry members be allowed to add to a free site? Or do you want it put behind the paywall of Ancestry?


I hear you my friend! It happened to me with my dads memorial.

It is heart-wrenching! It is not enough to lose a loved one, but the memorial criminals on this website are outrageously cruel and mean to the bone!

Not by any mean are they normal people! They have no empathy nor compassion for the human spices!