Dallas, Texas

I'm sick of the pop-ups on find a grave site.I can't do anything because of this( www.congratulations lottery) popping up and interrupting my searches. Please get them off so I can use your site to search for graves.

Product or Service Mentioned: Find A Grave Website.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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I totally agree! It drives me crazy that Find A Grave allows so many pop-up ads that the website constantly freezes!

Every single time I use Find A Grave, I find myself having to close out of the website numerous times and then go back in because of the pop-up ads causing the site to freeze. It is beyond me why Find A Grave allows all these annoying pop-up ads. In view of the kind of website Find A Grave is, I find this outrageous!

I will add here that my Pop-Up Blocker does no good! I am sure that we are far from the only Find A Grave users with this complaint!


I agree about Adblock Plus. I've been using it for over 3 years and rarely, if ever, see an ad.

It's free and works like a charm.

If you're having problems logging in, send an e-mail (from the account that you registered with Find A Grave) to support@findagrave.com.

Tell them you're sending your request from your registered e-mail account, tell them your main site name and let them know you can't log in. Ask for a reset.

Thank should fix your log in issue.


I have a similar problem - but, the pop-up has to do with "script" being loaded & I'm to click on "Continue" or "De-Bug" or "Stop Script" - and it has to do with loaaaaaaaading allllllll those darn advertisements, particularly the ones that contain videos. - - - I'm on this site now trying to find out HOW TO CONTACT *a*n*y*o*n*e* at ancestry .com about the situation.

- - - I tried to go to the Forums, where I've been before with problems - but, obviously NOT since ancestry took over Find-a-Grave in 2013 - because my sign-in will not work (one I have kept in a notebook for such occasions) - NOR will it let me Sign-Up - NOR will it contact my email address (says there is no record of it) - even though I Sign-In to Find-a-Grave Very Frequently.

- - - ancestry .com is a disturbing entity.


Why don't you both just download Adblock Plus. I downloaded it 5 years ago and haven't seen an ad on any website since.

Instead of expecting a non-profit site that you use for FREE to stop using something that generates income for them, figure out a way to fix your problem yourself. This isn't rocket science people. In case you can't even google for yourself... go to Adblockplus.org.

Download the correct version for the internet browser you use. For example I use Chrome.

The website should recognize the browser you are using when you navigate to it so just click the green button. Couldn't be any easier.


Some people expect everything handed to them. They have no clue how business works.

*** is not a nonprofit site.


I agree. Recently pop ups have made entering a new memorial a real pain.

I recently added about 200 new memorials and it took forever. When I am entering a new memorial, or updating an existing one, popups interfere with the data entry. I enter data and then it just disappears when a popup comes on, over and over again. The Findagrave webapp must have a design flaw or something.

On several occassions, I have just given up and shut down the site hoping for someone to fix it. VERY FRUSTRATING.

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