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I recently added a memorial for the honorable former first lady Nancy Reagan, and i noticed that there was another memorial for her ,but that one is added in 2003, she just died march 6,2016. And people were dumb enough to leave her flowers...

thats not what this website is about, PEOPLE ADDING FAKE MEMORIALS FOR PEOPLE WHO ARENT DEAD YET... here's the number for the find a grave contributor...46583062

Product or Service Mentioned: Find A Grave Website.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Hmm, guess you broke the #1 rule: Before creating a memorial, SEARCH.


I know this review is old but I need to vent someplace so I hope you understand. I discovered find a grave over three years ago through doing some family research.

I was excited about it and joined only to create memorials for family and created two and got six more which were already on there transferred over to me and those were the only ones on there at the time. I hadn’t been to the site for a couple of years b/c my mother died and had discussed when to add her memorial with her. This week doing research again lead me to find a grave and just out of curiosity did a search for my mother. Her memorial had been added 3 months after her death and of course I got it transferred over to me but there was a lot more to it than that which I won’t get into.

But I would think if these people really wanted to pay respect they would be taking pictures of graves decades old. And on top of that the first year or two after a person’s death is a highly emotional and vulnerable time for families. So I don’t care what their FAQ says, anyone other than a family member should not be creating a memorial for someone they don’t know within the first two years of death. When I saw that I couldn’t help but think of well the monetary things people have to deal with within the first couple of years of death.

They are treading in some pretty murky water there. Here are a couple of links you might be interested in.


Just because you don't know the rules doesn't mean you can insult others. Her memorial was perfectly legitimate; your memorial was a duplicate and you should have looked for one prior to creating one.


Find A Grave has different requirements for famous and non-famous. Plus, the rules have changed over the years so bear that in mind.

Find A Grave allows for "pre-need" memorials to be created as long as the burial place is known and a headstone/marker is in place (the headstone requirement is for non-famous folks only).

Since it was known before her husband (Pres. Reagan) died where they would be buried, both memorials were created before either of them died.

Just as an FYI - Famous memorials are required have their bios written in a strict style (this is outlined in the FAQ's - which too many members don't read). Most who create memorials for famous people usually don't know about the requirements or cannot write a bio that meets its' standards then get upset when their memorial is merged into the one that was written (and updated) over the years by members who specialize in writing these type bios.

No rules have been broken; nothing to get upset about.

It's always good to read the rules first - to make sure you understand what's required as well as what's allowed.

Then remember - there's probably a memorial with a bio already written already waiting for a very famous person. You may have better luck with the less famous who still deserve a memorial with a well written bio.


Only one thing to add to what was said above: Pre-needs are now ONLY allowed in certain situations, such as: famous people who have already been entered (like Nancy Reagan) and for yourself IF you have a marker installed in a cemetery.


You are dealing with lying cheats for memorials. It is sick and criminal for people to up a memorial for ANYONE who has not died or have been buried yet,

Sick and twisted and deranged! You need report this liarr!