The admins are able to go into any member's profile and edit it or delete it. They can and do alter, edit and transfer memorials that anyone has submitted.

Whilst the owner is off resting on his piles of money, the site is left in the hands of tyrants and bullies.

Gooogle findagrave + scam or + complaints. You will find horror stories about this unscrupulous website.

I've one of my own as I was a member for many years.

The harassing emails I've received from a certain admin since being blocked from findagrave have been sent on to their I.S.P.

The memorials I uploaded have been given to others and my name removed. Now, it's as though I was never there.

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Find A Grave is pure evil.For the most part is nothing more than a play site for bored women who compete with each other as to whom can make the most memorials if they know the deceased or not, Browsing over the site one woman has over 18,000 memorials she has made in a period of 3 years.

That boils down to roughly 6000 memorials a year. Because of the numbers this person is considered a top contributor & has all sorts of stars by her name. This kind of behavior isn't honoring the dead. It's a morbid game to see who can make more memorials.

In most instances the info and dates are wrong & when family members tell the contributor so they are banned from the site, Also Find A Grave, now part of ancestry,com. swipes personal family photos and sells them to 3rd party vendors like Pinerest and Getty Images.

Find a grave's hierarchy is Mormon.Just like crazy Mormons spend hours on end searching names of departed to see who can out do each other in rebaptising the dead Find A Grave is all about numbers too - to see who can out do the other, Now that's plain tacky & crude.


Very similar experience. My departed brother 's tribute page given 2 a non family member while I am blocked. When trying to access the site I get a blank screen with Forbidden in large black letters


Totally agreed.One of find a grave's volunteers had all the data concerning my family wong.

When I corrected her she had me kicked off find a grave.

Then took control of a sponsored memorial I did for a deceased brother.That's pretty warped/


Find A Grave Sucks!!! Diehard and Forever Searching SUCK!!!!


Folks lets come together and have the *** business publicly investigated, especially now that Ancestry has ownership, using the same (Tipton People) as their employees.We can all ask our local newspapers to do a Fact based INSIDE *** story on how admins steal memorials, reassign them, delete &/or change them.

Tipton told me by email (which I saved), he would gladly delete anyones memorials, all they had to do was ask. So I ask several times all to NO avail, after a W.Va., Raleigh Co. admin, closed my account. She did so while I was online within ***, and I was shocked to see my flowers and notes disappear before my eyes.

After a period of time I realized what had happened. What that NASTY admin, did-not-know was that since I was already logged into *** when she pushed her button, I could still move around, so I began deleting al my personal direct family writings, when in a bit the web-site stopped allowing me to delete from my 692 memorials. Keeping the PC *** link open I tried and tried to reach Tipton, but of course he or his staff never picked up the phone or returned my phone calls and/or reply by email. Of the almost 700 memorials with my well researched data *** still has ownership of many of them, which breaks my heart because my writings all had legal documentations that would help other researchers and genealogists, but now from those still online I can't update or add to them...

they are just sitting out in space, being reassigned in...

Right now I'm ill and thus cannot organize a group to proceed in asking like, (the crime newspaper reporter), to do a *** story, but I will assist anyone who has the time and capabilities to do so, just let me know.

Lets work together to put a stop to the crime the *** admins do to the public - - You and I.Thank You.

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I'm emailing everyone that has a posted email address and suggesting that they read the complaints on this site.And..

notice that the admins do respond here even if it is in a simple simon way.You can tell the admins by the insults and name calling.


This is why cemeteries are no longer allowing non family members to get grave locations and to take pictures of gravestones.They not only abuse f.a.g.

members they abuse the family, the cemetery, and the gravestones. F.a.g. and its members are nothing but a bunch of gravestone vampires and vultures feeding off of the deaths of our loved ones.

Stop f.a.g.report their activities to your cemetery association and cemetery offices.

to Anonymous #821440

Sad but true. Talked to a few cemeteries and they are no photos allowed because of the sins of these findagravers.


yeah all you f.a.g. members keep working to help jim tipton make millions you s...uc.....kers!

Find A Grave and its members are grave vampires!


Company Name Find A Grave Inc

Headquarter PO Box 522107

Salt Lake City, UT, 84152-2107

Tipton, Jim Marketing Executive Marketing Manager-Level


Phone Number +1.801.671.4677

Industry Business Services

Employees 25 - 100

Revenue $1 - 10M

Ownership Privately Held

Dallas, Texas, United States #647208

"The admins are able to go into any member's profile and edit it or delete it. They can and do alter, edit and transfer memorials that anyone has submitted."

I would certainly hope so. The owner has invested in the business, and his designated agents are responsible for its conduct in his best interests.

It is a business. You may or may not choose to support that business.

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