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The volunteers that run the website are small in numbers due to the fact that the average person is not willing to take on this task for free. The small number of people who are willing to do this job for free only assist others in their free time.

Any administration position dealing with people questions and complaints typically require experience, training, and or skills in this field. Administration for this website only need to meet one requirement; that is they willing to work for free....

Proof of their lack of experience is the large number of people being banned from the website.. Volunteers have spent years contributing losing their invested time when bias bulling volunteer administrators, delete their accounts.

Product or Service Mentioned: Find A Grave Website.

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"Read the FAQ's" Your blabber makes no sense, you can't hide your inbred ignorance. Deb Dash is a f.a.g.

administrator, Julie Sullivan aka JSullivan was a administrator and she still influences the other f.a.g. lap dogs. The administration is compensated if not then what is jimmy the f.a.g. tipton doing with the hundreds of thousands of dollars he profits every year from the site.

The so called faq's have been changed as many times as you've changed you depends. Eww what's that smell time to change that depends again...seems you could at least take a dump in the toilet. Now you can pull your head out of jim the fa.g.

tiptons behind. :grin :grin :grin

@laughing@"read the faqs"

This is the most silly response I have ever heard. What a rude rude person. Sounds like an autistic child.


Why do you bring a child into the matter all the way crazey .Have you ever thought that these story's might be true


Go to your Johnson grandfather BCDC family is a fake account run by the same Michelle that flowers Dash Mom and Dads .Anonymous that's turn off . Posted on Aj , Jim Tipton , Tayna Smith post in the flower Unseen unheard miss on and on .Jim some of the story's that are posted by members Could be true think about it ,If they are true do you want the ones you trust to be taking graves or being a bully .No you do not A man that's care so much about the dead also cares about the living .

Ask your Curators if they have ever done what members are saying Clean up this *** by cleaning up the curators that fuel some of the bully members not very many are bad but the one or two that is loves the drama Dash and Chris Haywood Ca glad they took there off and on botton away Utah curators are 98 percent Better To members . Ancestry if it ever makes the new like Facebook it will be cleaned up .1880 women might bowed down to men but 2019 Not going to happen ,Just like black face Not going to happen or you will be in trouble


Yes, I'm a thief and there is nothing you can do about it. I will continue to profit from the deaths of your loved ones I will continue to violate copyrights.

How else can I get a picture of your loved ones unless I have my members steal them from the obituaries you paid to have printed in your local newspaper.

So what if you paid for the burial plot and the gravestone my website is going to profit from pictures of that gravestone. Deal with it I'm rich and greedy and nobody is going to stop me!


Hey, I wonder why "Read the FAQs" has never been made an admin? Or JSullivan or any of the others? They seem to enforce the rules of FIND-A-GRAVE but they're not trusted with having power outside of using the usual methods of harassment -- which is repeated contact via a suggest a correction.

Seriously, if "Read the FAQs" or JSullivan or some of these others do so much for this site, being self-proclaimed "watchdogs" and contributing and looking out for its "best interests", why haven't they been rewarded by Jim Tipton? They're obviously obsessed with this site.

Think they've wondered the same thing -- like, every day? Why they've been continually passed over for being "made" cyber-mafia style? Maybe they're not Sicilian?

Nah ... maybe it's because they're loose cannons who would destroy what little bit of decent reputation this site has left.

Jim Tipton is a smart man not "making" these people. Have you seen all the complaints they get on his personal message thread? People complain about them constantly. He likely views them as necessary evils and headaches at the same time.

They're just lifetime privates in the FIND-A-GRAVE army, with no potential to make lance corporal. Kind of like Gomer Pyle. They're destined for a life of minimum wage, the way FIND-A-GRAVE's powers that be are concerned.

But hey, somebody has to do the dirty work, don't they? Somebody has to clean the portapotties, don't they? And these people are willing to do it.

It sounds like a good system to me.


Hey Julie Sullivan, glad to see you like to bully people on this site too!...I'll see you on the f.a.g. forum later. Isn't it fun harassing and bullying others we are such devils aren't we...

@Deb Ratto Dash

I wish you would change your picture .They do have good people on the team So members just take a deep breath and blow d .r.d Is not as important as she was She runs after the team they do not run after her .I bet they do not vote the same . Jim votes Dem He is a winner for me


Yes, we condone bullying and we will ban members if our friends complain about you. We will steal your contributions and your photos.

We will steal copyrighted photos and post them to memorials as our own. Proof by the photos added for the victims of Sandy Hook. We are the administration and we do everything we can to help Jim Tipton make millions from members free time, work, photos, information etc.

I am a administrator and I wield my power as I see fit, I especially enjoy beating down members that have been members longer than I have. I do what I want to any member I want!

@Deb Dash

Everyone needs to delete all memorials from findagrave. Join Billion graves.

File lawsuits for photos taken if graves are located in private cemeteries. Report to BBT, Copyright office. Call the police about cyber bulling. Look at the response above.

Is the a professional organization that you want to deal with? Go to Billion graves where you and your memorials are treated with respect and honor. This is a worthy site to remember those you love. And...

most of all file personal lawsuits against these people who call themselves "Diehard" and Admins. How trashy can a site become. Just a bunch of junk. Save all of the personal messages with insults and profanity.

Document Document Document and always remember they are tracking your IP address.

What a company. Who would ever want to be a part of this trash.

@Deb Dash

Shame of your self You are nasty to people would you want someone to treat your kids that way. Haywood Ca.

it is really you. You make fun of people you really have the nerve.

Do people make fun of you . They do have good Curators Utah,Pa, Ind are the best You can tell your sail is riped

@Deb Dash

Jim is not like Debbie Dash no one is like her. Jim is just getting a bad name Look Dash protected Michelle on all levels.

flowers as anonymous on Aj Jim Tanya .Anonymous now removed. BCDC Family leaving flowers on Johnson Jim grandfather that is Michelle account too.

Look at Dash parents in 2015 Michelle lost 135000 graves If this was a real account she would begged and begged for it back. (Mdc angels closed) ( bm doc closed Harold Clark many accounts Rose York was retiring a year ago when some Question if she was still living No she has past away but the account is stronger than ever in Jan 18 mbfamily was shut down for the 4th time in 25 days she made 3 more accounts added 625 grave gave the to findagrave as soon as she created them 3 months later she is back strong than ever Working with another curator .Members did save all the accounts it was not just one 162 member follower mbfamily what does that say in 2015 left anonymous flower on Tanya family Unseen unheard thought about everyday yes that Michelle She has other Michelle accounts Her family has no clue she has a account in her husband or mothers name .She made the accounts than a year later after turn in ,she now says it's her husband .Dash even states her fire has gone out for fag on her bio page could any member have left that without there acccount being turn off .When you seen Michelle left flowers on Dash parent everyday She sent Dash a request no matter what Dash done it without questioning but Dash also does it for another Debbie Accounts too Facebook friends That's how they got what they wanted done so quick Dash has other account I think but who cares but stop mistreating members Becaues now the member you saved are leaving flower on jims family google mbfamily

@Deb Dash

Debbie Dash this is her it even had the city where she lived So Margo this was the kind of person that was working for fag. Thank God in grey hound she is gone



Julie S

How immature can a person be? She is NOT stalking people.

You are positively an angry person who was more than likely banned for being unable to act decent in a public forum.

I have no clue who you are and really don't care. :grin

@Julie S

you know you do...go play in the forum where you can get away with beating down the other members. *** you jim tipton, deb dash and aj marik you are all a bunch of f.a.g.its! :grin

@Julie S

Hey Julie Sullivan, glad to see you like to bully people on this site too!...I'll see you on the f.a.g. forum later. Isn't it fun harassing and bullying others we are such devils aren't we...

@Deb Dash

Dash your Goose is cooked you dont work for them do you but you might still be able to delete graves or have account under the name chris

@Julie S

She most certainly is stalking people. Do you call eight emails a day stalking...

and the memorials are not even related to her. Do you call researching a member on another website Stalking? If you have a family tree better keep it private on that site. Do you call stalking someone who tracks your computer's IP address.

If this is not cyber stalking I dont know what is. She has been reported to the police. We will see.... findagrave will not survive with admins...

and she is an admin pretending to be a member so you will delete your memorials and they enter them again and sell adds for ever and ever on your relative. As long as you "manage the account" you can delete them ...

they will loose money. Ive never seen a better example of stalking as Jackie Wilson Goddard who is AJ


AJ do not act like that. Why would you speak to anyone like that.

Would you like someone talking to your sister or mother or wife in that tone.What would they think about you If you do not treat family that way I am sure your family would be upset to think you would be unkind to any one .

Do not be like Debbie Ratto Dash, Its not cool to be a bully, No mater what your job title is You might need some Utah Mormon kindness Maybe that is what the Ca Curators need / Because not all the find a grave team is like that .Most are great. But when one Curators see another one do things then they follow thinking that what findagrave wants, They do not want that They want member speaking good about the site .So stop AND YOU GUYS LOVE TO SEE BULLY GETTING BY WITH THINGS BECAUSE YOU MIGHT HAVE BEEN THE ONES THAT MADE THEM.

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