I have over 200 years of pictures and historical documents and letters and etc. I have documented family history and found this site.

I found numerous relatives which I have some really neat stuff to post on their memorials for others researching. A user named PAINT has a number of the relatives gravestone pictures. I requested transfer of the memorials so I could embellish them in my own time. Apparently it is OK for people to refuse transfer of direct family members.

Why? I don't know. What does it matter to a person that simply took a picture of a gravestone to transfer the memorial to someone that has the keys to that person's entire life history, photos, letters, awards, etc. The user PAINT was extremely rude, so I made a memorial myself and embellished them with all kinds of stuff.

Findagrave deleted all the information but kept the photos and turned them over to the non-relational person called PAINT (some old *** in Bardstown Kentucky without a life.) I wrote a number of emails to findagrave on their support forum and evryting but never heard anything from anyone. They have NO respect for copyrighted material nor do they have any respect for proven relationships. So now these relatives memorials are sitting there without information AND with incorrect information because for some reason, members of findagrave can't transcribe correctly and they make assumptions about people they have absolutely no idea about! It is the craziest experience I have had besides ancestry people claiming membership in a family that they are completely mistaken about!

Beware of findagrave users and especially one ancestry user, stefanjagoe. Don't trust transcriptions from either site. Look at the gravestone and trust what it says.

Look at the ancestry records and determine proper transcriptions yourself. ALSO, NEVER MAKE YOUR TREES OR MEMORIALS PUBLIC!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Find A Grave Forum.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Find A Grave Cons: Customer service.

Location: Decatur, Alabama

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That really galls me too, that it is allowed to input erroneous information about a stranger, yet the relative, a friend or even a casual acquaintance - who at least personally knew and has knowledge on the deceased, is denied ownership. SMH!

Rights automatically should go to a relative. If one is in a hospital, they certainly don't allow strangers to have access to the patient, just on a whim.

A stranger can't claim a deceased person, only a family member or designated POA has those rights. It sure is deplorable what some get away with...


Welcome to the world of F.A.G.

I had something similar happen and I have made calls to Ancestry to fix some of these problems. I have a lawyer that I have been making payments too for a few years and will be suing F.A.G.

for what happened to me.

One of the admin's went into my account and changed my info to show my personal information. My memorials are still up to this day including my personal pictures and it shows that I own the memorials. When you click my username it shows that it does not exist.

SO they don't mind removing me for something I didn't even do, but they sure want to keep my stuff and I cant remove it. I am suing them and they deserve it!


You know the P. T.

Barnum saying about what's born every day? Your lawyer is banking on it - literally. You're paying for a lawsuit that will never make it into court. Find A Grave's TOS says if you don't like their terms, don't use the site.

You chose to continue to use the site, violating their rules, so the recourse you have is, well, there is no recourse. Plain and simple.

BTW, no contributor "owns" even one memorial. They "manage" memorials.

Ancestry, as the owner of Find A Grave, owns the memorials. You agreed to that when you participated in the site.


Beg to differ. Technically I suppose I don't "own" my memorials.

But I did create them. I added photos, I added biographies - both of which I took down two years ago. Why?

Because this is what was originally written as the answer to the question about the info we put on there.

"I don’t want to submit my information and then see it for sale here or on another site. Will Find A Grave always remain a free site?

"(A.) Find A Grave has been around for over fifteen years.

Our stated goal has always been to remain a free site for everyone. We have no plans on changing that. Additionally, we claim no copyright or ‘ownership’ of any photos that are posted to Find A Grave. They remain your property.

If we were to turn evil and start charging people to view YOUR photos against your wishes, you would have every legal right to demand that we remove them. But we’re not planning on turning evil, so it shouldn’t be an issue."

That's the way it read since the site first went online, and that's what it said at the time of the sale. Pertaining to the sale, it went on to say: "The current copyright policies of Find A Grave will remain in place. Contributors will retain copyright over any photos added to Find A Grave.

It will still be wrong for someone to ‘steal’ a photo from Find A Grave and post it other websites as if it were their own."

I'm sure Jim Tipton had no question that this promise would be honored. After all, it was ANCESTRY. It was owned by Mormons! Ah, but what Jim didn't know was that Ancestry was already in negotiations with Permira - a hedge fund in Germany that has as much interest in genealogy as they do in hog farming.

And it was within a short time after the *** sale that Ancestry itself was sold. And presumably all the agreements made between Jim Tipton and Ancestry were null and void. Because Permira's only interest in the place was in PROFITS. They knew Ancestry's MO.

Ancestry had been appropriating information off private sites for years. Whenever they got caught, they just bought the site's database (usually all volunteer submitted). But Permira also knows how to cover their backsides. So NOW here's the way the same question and answer as above reads: I don't want to submit my information and then see it for sale here or on another site.

Will Find A Grave always remain a free site? Access to photos posted on Find A Grave is provided free of charge. We claim no copyright or ownership of photos that are posted by users to Find A Grave. However, by submitting a photo to Find A Grave, you grant Find A Grave a license to host and facilitate the sharing of the photo across the Ancestry Community sites.

And presumably that stands even if those were not the terms you originally agreed to. I had a feeling it would come to this. that's why I pulled all my personal property off two years ago.

Pity though, obviously people had been stealing it already because it's all over Ancestry dot com without so much as a "would you mind if?" Barnum was right, but *** had been around for years and was always a reputable site. Those days are over.


When you post to the internet it is no longer yours unless you legally copyright it. LEGALLY!

not by just "saying" it is copyrighted. That means NOTHING is a court of law.

Sorry but it is just a fact. Otherwise people would be suing everyone for everything.


Find A Grave has become much better since Ancestry.com has taken over. Some of the BIG BULLIES on there with senseless memorials are being found out.

There are lots of new and good things happening with Find A Grave. Never fear the mean spirited BULLIES as they are now showing themselves for who they truly are.

Stick with the program and just be considerate of others on Find A grave and you will enjoy their exceptional site immensely ! Cheers!


I have come across 3 whack jobs on F.A.G.. I am so sorry for those who do come across the lower forms of life working on this nice website.

Find a grave would be wonderful it they would let family have first say on a family memorials.

I am all for some of the hillbillies from the backwoods on their site bring banned! All they do is trample on the dead and look for self gratification for their worthless and heartless site.


How in the world could they verify each and every family member of a grave? That would cost millions per week to do.


Sad dog have you ever meet a silly hillbilly Opra lived as a sillyhillbilly worked in Nashville Tenn new ch 5 with Chris Clark hillbilly world ,no be a smart szzz lLA sad dog don't judge


You need to read the rules of ***. Duplicating is a no no and unless you are in the lineage they do not have to transfer to you just because you want it!

*** is for graves not genealogy and most things can be added without your managing the memorial! You should be ashamed of your alpha dog wants!


You need to read the "frequently ask questions" there are NO RULES ON FIND A GRAVE!!!! all these f.a.g. it members are nothing but grave vampires and vultures!!!!


Most of the people on *** who are posting and grabbing obituary's off the internet for *** have never once stepped away from their rocking-chair or their laptop to look for a grave. I am quite certain these folks who are bullies already have one foot in the grave themselves, and have absolutely nothing better to do with their time then to cause problems for the active group of people who are actually posting memorials for their loved ones that have passed on. Honesty, *** would do much better without these old bitter, angry, pucker-faced-bullies!


"Most of the people on *** who are posting and grabbing obituary's off the internet for *** have never once stepped away from their rocking-chair or their laptop to look for a grave."

I am completely offended by you and I hope I never have to deal with you. People like you, don't belong on FG.

Some people actually appreciate the hard work that people have done to get the information for that memorial. Are you happy that some person entered your long lost relative so now you know where they are? No, you probably give them grief for entering them. I happen to be one of those people who CAN'T get out and go to cemeteries and take pictures and get info that way.

I CAN'T get out and go to a library for information. So I sit here in my wheelchair with my legs propped up and an oxygen tank next to me and I scour old newspapers dated around the 1900s and I send people updates to memorials after I type the whole obituary into an email to them, and I correct birth and death places, or I look up marriage records or death certificates and pass along the information. I call cemeteries to get more information for those memorials I am trying to improve. When I find obituaries on those old newspapers, I enter them.

What do you do? You whine and complain because someone cant get out there to get information.

That makes them a bad person? I pity you, and I think you are the old bitter, angry, pucker-faced bully!


Very well stated Anonymous. Just because you can't get out and about doesn't mean you should not be able to contribute. Cheers for your work.


Thank you


Even if you are immediate family some off the rocker grump wont let you have your family member even if you did sponsored them. I am not allowed to even have my own father because some old UT polygamist wont let me have it.

It is all about control! Distant relatives???? wont even let you have immediate family. I have a problem with pushy bigots who like to control everyone.

However, I love find a grave. It is a great site!


Humm, if you are having trouble getting your "own father's" memorial transferred to you, then contact F.A.G. through their contact sites found on the FAQ page and they will take care of it for you.

All of my family that I have requested a transfer on has been graciously transferred to me without question and I do the same. Some of the the things that I have seen written about F.A.G are incredible and I would wager a small bet that the reason some people have problems is the method they use to get what they want. Any request for a transfer that I make is followed with the details of the relationship of that person to me and why I am requesting a transfer, and I do it very respectfully. Should I have a lot of data on a very distant relative, that does not fall within the guidelines for a transfer as outlined in the FAQ section of F.A.G., I will post the data I have through the edit tab.

Very frequently I receive the transfer even though I did not request it. F.A.G.

is a great site, but like any organization, they have those that try to tear it down instead of trying to make it better. Lastly, let me say, if a relative currently has management of a memorial, it does not matter whether it is your relative also, they can keep the memorial, which I say is very fair.


I have since had my father, sister and brother all transferred over to me. Find a grave is doing much better with their site since Ancestry-com has taken over .

Although find a grave has improved greatly they still need to work on stopping a few cyber-bullies who hangout there, and who absolutely drool from their mouth to steal a memorial.

These people are deliberate troublemakers and call themselves contributors and give *** a bad name. Seriously I was stalked by a cyber-bully , a very angry old woman who I believe as others do that she belongs in a padded cell with no windows and no internet,, This person is very immature with big emotional issues.


June 24

And you are so high and mighty! NOT!!!!!

I hope none of us ever come across you on this website, because I really dislike bigots and juvenile mentality like yours to work with. Grow up!


Who is NONE OF US that you speak of???? speak for yourself and not everyone else.

Someone must have touched a spoiled spot on you LOL! :(

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